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  1. Not sure what we are going to be served up today at CR but the cook is going to know about it if it isn''t hot and tasty! OTBC
  2. He was at the game today, travelled back into central London on the same tube train
  3. The website only allows season ticket holders and priority members to purchase one ticket each at the moment. I think you will have to wait till 6pm on Wednesday to buy any additional tickets but then it looks like it''s one extra ticket per season ticket or membership number. So it doesn''t look like you will be able to buy tickets against solely a customer number unfortunately 😔
  4. I can''t see where Watford or Bournemouth are going to slip up so unless we can rack some goals up against Boro I think it will be the playoffs for us. Then I hope we finish 4th as Ipswich look like they will sneak into 6th and we don''t want to meet them until the final. So two legs against Derby and Chris Martin in the semis, then the biggest final of all time. And if at any stage we fail to meet the challenge of any part of this script we can philosophically placate our feelings of disappointment with the fact that we just weren''t good enough and the impending excitement of doing this all again in the Championship next season. Watch this space!
  5. I heard on a recent away trip to Brighton that some Brighton fans thought that Bennett had been their best player this season during his short loan back there. I really don''t think that he is likely to be even a second choice with Alex''s system at the moment. His strength is his ability to move the ball at speed going past players down the right side and his interplay with the fullback and right sided midfield. But this comes to the fore after a good run in the team. With Redmond and Whittaker getting down that right side and putting good crosses in and Howson now starting on that side he seems to be well down the pecking order. I personally don''t see him as a temporary replacement for BJ either, despite my wish to see him feature again in the side.
  6. With potentially 2000 + away fans and visitors to the city every home game it''s a no brainer! Treat them with the respect that they deserve and they will stay longer, spend more money and importantly come back again and benefit other businesses. Stop fleecing the away support just because you can NCFC!
  7. Best away trip in ages and I wish Brighton all the very best for their future success. Friendly fans and stewards and what a great way to finish the day with a music event which gave us an opportunity to mingle and have a few drinks with our hosts. We should do this at CR! Are you listening David McNally!
  8. The Antigallician which at the junction of the Woolwich Rd and Charlton Church Lane is always good for away supporters.
  9. I live outside the county now and often listen to local radio stations as I travel home from away games so I hear the quality of debates that other supporters have, which are consistently way above what is heard on CC. Do the directors of CC deliberately filter their callers for their amusement or to irritate their listeners? Everyone has a right to be heard but come Rob Butler et al! Do you have to send the Norfolk people up so regularly with all the Barrys of the county.
  10. This is the game we must put the ghost of Christmas past behind us or Holty will haunt this message board for at least the rest of this season. I loved Holty and have great memories as he led us from League 1 to Premier League status, but... Nostalgia is fine but our current form is the main concern and putting away Huddersfield in a clinical and confident fashion without any interference from GH is my hope. I wish he had hung his boots up when he left us, as like the earlier poster, I see an analogy in Holty''s return like having to watch your Mrs getting rogered by your best mate!
  11. Being a one team city and county lets the Board take liberties, knowing that we will support the club in our numbers through thick and thin.
  12. Very short sighted of the Board. Neil deserved a caretaker role at the end of last season but should never have been appointed at the beginning of this season.
  13. In the PL we played some good football even though we couldn''t score enough and margins were quite slim between getting something out of a game and coming away empty handed...the squad still contains most of those PL players, so what has happened? I went to the recent Hillsborough game, and what I saw in the first half there I believe were the seeds of what we have seen since. Some players just aren''t performing, they are coasting and just going through the motions. Whittaker and Johnson have consistently been disappointing, amongst others....how does happen overnight? The coaching team may be nice guys but they''re just not getting the best out of the squad. I''m disappointed with the Board and Chief Executive who for the second time in recent history have appointed a cosy inexpensive manager, who will now be vilified by a certain section of our support and will never regain his standing, like Gunny. The time has come for someone to help Neil out... a technical director of football of some standing. This is no place for romantic sentimentalism...or blind faith and penny pinching.. The fans and the club''s expectation after three years in the PL is more than Championship survival. The stats of today''s game speak volumes in terms of shots on goal. Help Adams out, McNally! either with someone who has some credentials who can add something of substance to the existing coaching team, or else someone to carry his bags on his way out of the club, who can then come back for yours and the rest of the Board!
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