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  1. Agree with Bobloz, its so lazy and oversimplistic to group players together based on the league they came from as it has no standing on how well they''ve achieved. Zimmerman and Franke both came from German Leagues yet their performances this season are miles apart, in fact Franke came from a division higher. As well, Stiepermann has flattered to deceive, yet Vrancic has more than proven his ability. Some of our best players (e.g. Zimmerman, Trybull, Leitner) are either German or come from that league so the only conclusion to take from this is that grouping them together as "others" is meant as an insult as they are certainly not poor players and some have contributed more than the likes of Husband, and some less. But sure, crying "anti-PC" is a reallllly effective method of deflection.
  2. This is shameful OP, its attitudes like yours that hold the club back. Imagine singling out a new signing after 3 games and saying he isn''t good enough. In future if you have these stupid opinions just keep them to yourself, okay dear?
  3. Michael Bailey alluding to a potential second signing too. If that''s the case then I imagine our dealings are close to being done
  4. Iwan''s Big Toe there showing he''s more offended by someone arguing he should be offended and calling them SJW''s in a lazyattempt to discredit than focussing on the actual issue and having an intelligent conversation.
  5. Apparently argued with our other old boy Vaughn over who should take a penalty in a friendly today. Vaughn then goes on to miss not once but twice...
  6. Perhaps Zimmerman has impressed more than expected in pre-season and will play a bigger role than first thought. Would rather spend more money up top and through the middle.
  7. Is goalkeeper sorted? Will Gunn be our number one as I''m not sure any of the others are up to task. Matthews is inexperienced, Jones may be strong enough but is too much of an unknown and McGovern has had ample time to prove he is not good enough. Feels like we''re putting too much reliance on Gunn when and experienced back up (and moving on McGovern) is likely to be what is needed.
  8. Fair enough the club need to get rid of a few to balance the books but the club KNOW not replacing Murphy and Oliveira with strong replacements would spell disaster and would ruin any hope of us getting promoted in the foreseeable future. Have more faith in Webber et al. The only way Daryl Murphy would come in is if he was to replace Jerome too.
  9. Realistically the only players that would be worth keeping are the Murphy''s, Oliveira, Pritchard maybe Jerome and Howson so losing anyone else'' is no real burden. Even Howson wasn''t all that the last two seasons
  10. This tenuous comparison to Klopp needs to be put to bed quickly or people will be disappointed. Farke himself stated that his style of play is much closer to Tuchel''s than Klopp''s.
  11. Webber said he and Farke will be discussing the remaining out of contract & loan players and whether or not they should be kept. Of course, Djiks falls under this but who else? I was under the impression that everyone out of contract either had a years option exercised or were released?
  12. norfolkngood Farke has stated that his playing style is unlike Klopps & Wagners and is not highpressing but rather one based on possession and domination so that shouldn''t be a factor as to whether Jerome and Oliveira fit the playing style.
  13. Falling into the habit of thinking our players are good enough to push for promotion is one of the main reasons Neil failed last season. With the assumption that Watkins is signing, we 100% need 2 CBs, 1 LB, 1 GK, 1 DM and preferably a pacey striker and a second left back.
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