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  1. Farke is a managerial genius given the assets as his disposal. Imagine the outcome had we decided to engage with the premier league season instead of conceding in August.
  2. Sadly, our supporters lack the ambition to be anything other than little ‘ole Norwich.
  3. Villa gave it a go last season - they reap the rewards. We conceded in August 2019 and appear set on a Huddersfieldesc trajectory. But, I’m sure ‘we’ll come back stronger‘. Let’s hope it’s not from tier 3, again.
  4. That feedthewolf is the question. Presumably, the cash will defray player wages for a couple of years so we can proclaim how well the business is run. At the same time, once again, from a footballing perspective we move backwards. It is certainly not obvious how the sale of our best players helps us ‘come back stronger’ (which has been widely debated on another thread). Then the cash runs low again and we revisit financial crisis. Of course, there are alternatives to continually revisiting our cycle of fire sale/mediocrity/financial crisis. Perhaps, we might have had a go at staying up in the PL - look how Sheffield Utd and Villa have kicked on? Perhaps, we could have sought external investment to boost the club’s financial muscle? But, ultimately, the board’s ambition seems perfectly aligned with the predominant view of our supporters. So, the strategy is an entirely valid one to keep the customer base content. From a business perspective I guess that’s all that matters.
  5. As a self-funding club I assume we have no cash available to effect change.
  6. Selling all the players is a great strategy ‘to come back stronger’.
  7. I would suggest that op’s view is the predominant view of FCR supporters. In that sense our apparent level of ambition is entirely consistent with that perspective.
  8. Until we have new investment in the club we will continue to oscillate between financial crisis on the one hand or mediocrity on the other. Sadly.
  9. That Sheffield United and Villa invested last season - stayed up - and both now are cracking on with a record 23.5m signing at Utd and Grealish in the case of Villa is somewhat of a contrast to waving the white flag last August. The consequence for us is the sale of our key assets missing the opportunity to try and kick on to the next level. And it will be Groundhog Day should we promoted again. A team of championship+ players without the backing to even try and stay up. The lack of ambition for growth at the club is staggering.
  10. If that is the case, this coupled with what appears to be somewhat of an unwillingness to seek external investment in the club, it seems all the more tragic that we didn’t even give it a go in the premier league last season.
  11. It seems you do need to be careful if you advocate ambition for the football club, possibly, involving the need for external investment.
  12. I suspect an analysis of the financial statements of relegated clubs would reveal that parachute payments in no way cover the scale of losses on relegation. That when only (say) £20m of external debt leaves the club on the brink of administration is why new investment is needed. This is why Bournemouth, Watford etc are much stronger financially than we are on relegation.
  13. Championship clubs generally make operating losses. This season’s firesale will be used to subsidise player wages over the next couple of years. Of course, if the club had access to new investment the necessity to dispose of our key assets would be mitigated.
  14. This simply suggests that our defence was ineffective. A problem which, of course, has been cruelly exposed this season.
  15. Bournemouth are in a materially stronger financial position than we are. Let’s not forget we’re no more than a £20m external debt from administration. Bournemouth’s owners could comfortably live with debts of ten times that. Hence, the need for new investment into the club.
  16. Bournemouth’s owners can provide the necessary investment for the club to compete for an extended period in the PL. Equally, they will be able to comfortably manage the transition between leagues rather than having to dispose of key playing assets to generate sufficient cash to pay player wages. Sadly, we look set to become Leeds’ feeder club.
  17. That we have a weak ownership covenant cash needs will dictate the sale of key playing assets.
  18. Why would Bilic seek to emulate the strategy underpinning, arguably, one of the most abject, embarrassing seasons in premier league history?
  19. The total lack of ambition, as evidenced by the majority of posters on this message board, demonstrates why the club’s strategy is subject to such little scrutiny.
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