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  1. I do wonder wether all these newly promoted clubs use NCFC as a yardstick not aspire too , and set their stalls out accordingly…. Don’t copy the Norwich way !
  2. You will not be doing a Bolton away day unless your a binner ! …….
  3. To be fair on the whole it is quite a balanced view , some are ripping it apart but majority are saying it the right way for us to go , nothing to wet our pants over in my opinion ….. time will tell for both our clubs under American investment !
  4. The biggest and most important similarity of course is $$$ The Dollar $$$
  5. And there’s us laughing at the Binners for going down this road a year ago …….. !
  6. We have , but how many will want away and who will the club want to cash in on , if Smith wants to spend a few bob ?
  7. It was before the start of our match , at the final whistle she had a face like rotten trout …… trust me as I was watched the game on my fire stick ….. really glum , like she normally looks after watching us for 90 minutes.
  8. I know he has to be seen as positive but ……… Total delusion I’m afraid
  9. The happy clappers troupe ……….. all together now
  10. These refs get the chants every week at every game up and down the country , do they care or take any conscious notice … NO water off a ducks back !
  11. A welcome win , but a definite Chumps fixture next season, at least we showed some **** today .
  12. Chalk and cheese my friend , currently if we played those same 3 teams we would not record 3 wins ….. how many sugars in your coffee would you like before you wake up and smell it !
  13. 4 wins in 30 and now you expect us to win 4/5 out of last eight …….. give your head a wobble Mello.
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