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  1. Oh for the days of Farke ball. Can’t see hoofing the ball and then running (slowly) after it will prove to be effective. At least it’s warm in Sunderland.
  2. It is an interesting to debate whether the members of this forum, and perhaps Norwich supporters more generally, have a different (higher?) ethical standard than supporters of other football clubs. It would seem supporters of clubs (lucky enough?) to receive considerable investment are pleased when it increases the likelihood of their club winning football matches. I suspect the reality would be that if our club received new investment such that we were more likely to win football matches and the club progressed as a result, our supporters, the vast majority at least, would not be unhappy with that prospect regardless of the capital source.
  3. Of course, without new investment another year in the championship - once again - will increase the risk of being a Madison away from administration again.
  4. Ownership wealth which is sufficient to give the premier league a go on the one hand but with the financial capability to manage relegation if the worst happens. Hopefully, one day we’ll have a similar level of new investment.
  5. Undoubtedly, only new investment will break our cycle of failure.
  6. Forest illustrates what we all know - without new investment we will continue to decline. Good luck to them - they seem to value the opportunity to compete in the premier league as compared to our recent embarrassments.
  7. Sadly, only new investment will break our cycle of failure.
  8. Given the hand dealt to him by Webber, it is difficult not to identify with Farke’s apparent relative frustration.
  9. The defeat at Swansea will undoubtedly herald the return of Russell.
  10. Sadly, the recruitment was poor last season. We are left to carry that burden as these players presumably will not be easy to shift. Of course Webber had an impossible task as we headed back to the PL but that legacy hangs large upon us. Only new investment can break our cycle of failure.
  11. Would seem to imply the need for ownership investment becomes increasingly important.
  12. Simply, goes to our failure. Inability to secure players that aid promotion - and are capable to perform at a higher level - has been completely lacking. It’s our lack of investment which means we have to buy lower quality players. Our business model lacks efficacy if is the idea is to be competitive in tier two let alone tier one.
  13. Sadly, much like in ability to secure Ajer only new investment can break our cycle of failure.
  14. Investment has permitted Forest to have a decent go at staying up with their owners having sufficient wealth to manage relegation to the championship should the worst happen. That’s the material difference between us and Forest. Only new investment will help break our cycle of failure.
  15. Pukki is arguably the most important player at the club in terms of where we finish in the league. That tends to suggest a value to us of £100m should we win promotion (assuming that is our objective). To others I suspect he’s valued at £5m or less.
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