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  1. Highland Canary

    Warnock on his way to Portman Road

    Another managerial genius
  2. Highland Canary

    WE SHOULD BE 16TH!!!

    ...which goes to Newcastle’s relative defensive quality! It’s not that Newcastle are lucky and we’re not, it’s that we lack the relative quality to convert the chances created.
  3. Highland Canary

    WE SHOULD BE 16TH!!!

    Presumably, that we have not taken our chances goes to a lack of PL quality in the team which goes to lack of investment in the playing squad. But at least we’ve got a cash pile of broadcasting income.
  4. Simply a lack of quality. That’s nothing to do with Farke. If you want a competitive team you need ownership with the financial capability of matching that ambition.
  5. To achieve what he has with the playing assets available to him is simply genius. He is in no danger whatsoever. Quite the best worst team we’re ever likely to see.
  6. Highland Canary

    Strikers next season

    The cashflows from Pukki’s disposal will help to grow further our broadcasting income cash pile.
  7. Highland Canary

    Top 26

    It is not our natural place. In modern football this is crucially determined by the ambition and resources of clubs’ owners. Would many regard Bournemouth’s natural position as a tier one club? I think not. But its owners have made it so.
  8. Highland Canary

    European Team Of The Month

    Fabulous player and a genius manager. Neither of them provided with the assets they needed to succeed in the PL. Suspect our broadcasting cash pile will grow yet further come the Summer.
  9. Highland Canary

    Genuinely hate to say it

    What Farke has managed to extract from his players assets is simply genius.
  10. Highland Canary

    Sheffield United

    With the board’s strategic objective of finishing in the top 26, presumably, finishing but failing in the playoffs fully meets the board’s strategic objective. Our broadcasting cash pile will soon evaporate in such circumstances. It is the lack of further investment that never gave Farke a chance this season.
  11. Highland Canary

    Amadou off?

    60k a week saving hugely helpful in further enhancing our burgeoning broadcasting income cash pile
  12. Highland Canary

    Sheffield United

    A shiny ground in the chumps or competing in the prem. I suspect the former is the predominant ambition of our fans.
  13. Highland Canary

    Sheffield United

    Purple, with a timing difference presumably any corporation tax payable in the Prem will be recovered by offsetting future trading losses following relegation in the chumps (assuming we don’t have taxable trading losses brought forward at the moment which I suspect we have). The broadcasting income cash pile (not being invested in players) presumably will be used to offset the net cash outflow on player wages, beyond that supported by the two years of parachute payments in the chumps. Without external investment we simply cannot compete. Farke should be given a medal for what he has achieved with the assets at his disposal.
  14. Highland Canary

    Sheffield United

    We use our broadcasting cash pile to subsidise player wages in the chumps. Sheffield Utd’s broadcasting cash pile is used to pay player wages in the prem. You couldn’t make it up.
  15. Highland Canary

    Amadou off?

    In the absence of external investment if we can augment the broadcasting income cash pile by saving on players’ wages and/or transfer receipts, the longer we can subsidise our operating model back in the chumps.