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  1. Highland Canary

    Lukas Rupp

    Not obviously a signing that will dent the cash pile.
  2. Highland Canary

    Delia simply never ever learns

    Farke is a managerial genius. The failure at Old Trafford is simply down to an unwillingness to invest in the playing squad. That decision sits squarely with the board. But at least we have a massive pile of broadcasting cash.
  3. Highland Canary

    We failed because....

    Our huge cash pile, courtesy of the broadcasters, is continuing to expand in the bank rather than being converted into premier league quality centre backs.
  4. Highland Canary

    Max Aarons

    The savings on player wages will be helpful in growing the cash pile.
  5. Highland Canary

    Srbeny off?

    The savings on player wages will be helpful in growing the cash pile.
  6. Highland Canary

    Learning lessons

    Farke is a managerial genius. That he has coached the level of performance out of this squad is nothing short of miraculous. The reason for our failure lies firmly in the boardroom where the strategy simply appears to be to watch cash accumulate. Presumably, this is to mitigate the cost of player wages back in the chumps.
  7. Rhodes would have done a job as number two to Pukki but, presumably, we either lacked the ambition to sign him and/or couldn’t afford his wages in the Prem.
  8. Farke is a managerial genius. The responsibility for our failure today rests firmly in the boardroom. Our cash stockpile should at least stave off administration for a while.
  9. Highland Canary

    January window.

    Keep the cash in the bank. Dispose of any realisable player assets. That may help stave off administration by a season or two. Alternatively, seek new owners with sufficient capital to facilitate a vaguely competitive PL team.
  10. Highland Canary

    Is Tim Krul our best keeper - EVER?

    Too young for Nethercott but I would put Woods in front of Keelan.
  11. Highland Canary

    Simon Hooper

    Hooper was not the reason we lost the match.
  12. Highland Canary

    ****Official match thread vs The Blades****

    Farke is a managerial genius getting us out of the championship with that squad. The defeat quite simply sits in the boardroom not with Webber or Farke or, indeed, any of our players.
  13. Highland Canary

    Self-sustaining model

    The model complements the level of ambition of our supporters perfectly.