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  1. That pesky 20% I suspect. From the South Stand it seemed that most of the 20% must be in the Barclay. Has the ground ever been so quiet after a 4-2 win? Maybe the management team at the club should ponder that paradox.
  2. Adult 28. Wagner has little, if any, support in the away supporters. But our numbers are so low now we can’t even comprise the entire 20%.
  3. It was the lowest in the championship yesterday. There’s just resignation in the away crowd and most are simply waiting for Wagner’s removal. But our away following has been in decline since Lambert - many never recovered from the Hughton era. It will take a Lambertesc revitalisation of the fanbase to close the disconnect with the football club.
  4. There is no toxicity only apathy among the fan base. The disconnect will take years to correct. Of course he’s staying - only the backlash following the December humiliation might change matters by which time we’ll likely be in the relegation positions.
  5. Given how placid the crowd was today expect he’s safe until the December humiliation. Still think we’ve just about enough to avoid relegation, this season at least, but it’s going to be tight.
  6. Little passion in the crowd, simply resignation. We won’t win another match with Wagner in charge. Sadly, we’ll have to wait to the December humiliation before managerial change is enacted.Thanks goodness for the likes of Wednesday - should mean we retain tier two status, just.
  7. We won’t win any more games with Wagner so our points total is dependent on managerial change. So zero points with no change.
  8. Can’t see us winning another game with Wagner in charge. If Webber is a blocker to managerial change that just increases the chances of relegation. What a fiasco.
  9. Warnock will go to QPR and move them up the table. This creates a problem in that it is unclear if there is a third worse team than us in tier two.
  10. Just like at FCR against Boro I don’t anyone in the crowd thought we’d win. There was resignation in the crowd today at Sunderland and a few Wagner out chants at the end. Can’t see us winning another game under his leadership - the players look completely lost. Change is needed and preferably before the inevitable December 16 humiliation. At least the bottom three look particularly weak and, hopefully, the new manager bounce should see us retain our tier two status.
  11. No energy in the team. No energy in the crowd. Noone expected us to win. The outcome inevitable. We won’t win another game with Wagner in charge. Let’s hope the change is made before we slip into a relegation scrap.
  12. Relegation form and to think we’ll have to wait until post December 16 before the inevitable change is made. What a fiasco.
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