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  1. Farke is not the problem. The simple issue is that we lack the quality of players needed to compete in the PL. That goes to the wealth of the owners. If and until new investment comes into the club we will remain nothing more than an embarrassment to the PL.
  2. All the so-called ‘project’ can tell us is that a ‘self-funding’ club is fundamentally incompatible with competing in the PL. However, our failure to be anything other than whipping boys for the likes of Watford seems to have the majority support of our supporters. The boos at the end of the game were few in number or volume. Sadly, if and until, new investment comes into the club we will retain our growing reputation as being little more than an embarrassment to the PL. At least whatever the outcome at Everton no result can be as abject as losing at home to a newly promoted side which finished below us last season.
  3. Farke isn’t the problem. He is a genius to have achieved so much with so little. It is simply the quality of the players which is being found out again. That goes to the board. Our so-called model is fundamentally incompatible with running a competitive PL team.
  4. Of course we can’t be Brentford because the owner’s wealth is materially greater hence facilitating a more efficacious strategy towards PL survival.
  5. Let’s hope he picks our best players. We missed a rare opportunity to give Arsenal a game last week. Three points behind par already, no goals from open play, and an absolute must win tomorrow, let’s hope the players still believe.
  6. That some consider our spending to be ‘ambitious’ demonstrates, fundamentally, the incompatibility with the owners’ wealth and maintaining our premier league status.
  7. Do vaguely remember a song about the ‘mental stein army’ and think it was often sung in the small corner terrace between the new River End and old south stand.
  8. Arsenal looked exceptionally poor on Saturday yet they battered us (for once there was even some noise from the Arsenal fans). It was a poor Leicester team that beat us. Happy to discount results against Liverpool and Cittty (although that was a rabbits in the headline performance). Par from the first four games was 3 points (H win v Leicester). Par from the first seven games is 6 points (so that’s a win v Watford, and a win against either Burnley or Everton) to recover the poor Leicester result. Anything above 6 points is a bonus. And even that’s still less than a point a game. But that’s if the ambition is to stay up. Certainly that doesn’t appear to be the ambition of this board. Let’s hope Farke still believes.
  9. Jedi, if there was a bright, or at least less dark, point it was, arguably, Raschica who at least looked ‘lively’. Agree that Pukki looked leggy but in no sense was yesterday’s failure his - with an absent midfield Pukki could have run all day without touching the ball. Beating Leicester is essential.
  10. I think Hurricane has summed it well. The team appeared to lack belief they could compete and that’s only going to end one way. However, if and until the quality of our midfield improves, notably Rupp and Lees Melou, both of whom were effectively absent yesterday, we look set to become an embarrassment to the PL once again.
  11. The disposals will continue until we have owners with the necessary wealth to enable us to at least have a go at trying to stay up. Selling all of our best players doesn’t seem the most efficacious strategy for PL survival.
  12. Let’s not have the ambition to compete at the top level - how about a kick around Eaton park instead?
  13. As we continue to dispose of our key assets, necessary if we’re a so called ‘self-funded’ club apparently, I’m sure most on this board will again be happy with another 20th finish. We waved the white flag in August two years ago - sell Cantwell too and feels very much like deja vu. You couldn’t make it up.
  14. Keeping our best playing assets and enhancing the squad from that point.
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