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  1. Highland Canary

    London Stadium

    Decent view from the lower tier to be fair. In terms of atmosphere no worse than many other premier league grounds. And with 60k leaving the ground at the same time organisation for those using Stratford was good. That we escaped with less than an 8-0 drubbing - which it might easily have been - is something to be thankful for. Let’s hope Farke can get more out of our midfield before Burnley.
  2. Highland Canary

    Burnley Tickets

    As a postscript I saw no evidence of dissent among the fans last night. It was a disaster because of the injury to Klose but not the result.
  3. Highland Canary

    Burnley Tickets

    We don’t typically sell out at Burnley and suspect that pattern will be maintained. There will only ever be pressure on London games plus Bournemouth. Liverpool was exceptional this season based on first game back syndrome. Let’s not forget that the club didn’t even take the full allocation for Utd away last time we were in the PL! There will be plenty of opportunities to travel away if you wish to over the course of the season.
  4. Highland Canary

    Standard Home and Away memberships still on sale

    Crawley now on sale to Standard Away Members - so the Premier group has not taken advantage of this away opportunity. Will be interesting how many we take to Burnley but I don’t recall being in a sold out away section in previous years. It seems unlikely that there will quite the pressure on tickets as was the case for Liverpool and WHU.
  5. Highland Canary

    Burnley tickets

    If previous seasons are anything to go by we won’t sell out for this fixture
  6. Highland Canary

    So Then - time to nail your colours to the mast

    Above Sheffield Utd
  7. Few of the away games sold out when we were in the PL beyond the obvious London games and Bournemouth. Utd also sold out but we didn’t take the full allocation from memory. I suspect we’ll take the max allocation to less than half the games next season. So, those of the Away Premier memberships will get plenty of opportunities based on previous years.
  8. Highland Canary

    New membership scheme

    I’m not sure that the points system was so broken that it needed complete replacement. In respect of charging for membership aren’t the club subsidising the cost above £30 so it is only those attending very infrequently that are adversely affected? The cliff edge of 10 games or more for the away guarantee does seem unfair to me, however, especially if you’ve attended say nine matches last season. A graded approach seems fairer. For those of us in the 750 I guess we have to assume that attending 10+ or more will keep us in the group for 2020/21 but knowing the rules of that game would be helpful to know now. But, it’s important to remember, in our last PL season there were very few matches where we sold our away allocation - beyond Bournemouth, Watford (small allocations) and the obvious London hot spots I suspect that will be the same this season. Indeed, few away matches were sold out this season excepting during the run in.
  9. Highland Canary

    Our away support

    Relatively few of our away games sold out last season and even fewer reflecting on our last season in the PL. Whatever system the club has in place demand will exceed supply at West Ham and Spurs next season.
  10. Presumably you do what needs to be done to win a football match. For those of us at Sheffield Utd away last season it was hugely entertaining to see a Norwich side do what Preston did to us last night. Preston did a job on us - good luck to them. What’s important is ensuring the win on Saturday now.
  11. Highland Canary

    Max, now interest shown by Arsenal.

    Demonstrates the fundamental problem with the ‘self-supporting’ nature of our club. It would be nice to have a boost upwards rather than selling key assets to look downwards.
  12. Highland Canary

    Under 10,000 at Bournemouth tonight .

    Owners with wealth essential to support competitive football at PL or chump level
  13. Highland Canary

    Score V Boro and Att .

    0-1 early Boro goal. Pulls game mgmt. Boro challenging for tier one, us tier three.
  14. Highland Canary

    In a nutshell

    We finished below 1p5wich last season H. We’re performing st relegation level this season. Hardly a ringing endorsement of the coach’s tactics thus far. Indeed, if he really is that easily swayed by the incredibly gentle FCR crowd he’s probably not in the right place!
  15. Highland Canary


    I suspect the crowd will politely clap a thrashing by Boro. Apparently, results are no longer important so long as we have five minutes ‘entertainment’ by the likes of Onel during a match.