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  1. How many of Jamal, Max, Emi, Todd and Ben will be here next season?
  2. I suspect an analysis of the financial statements of relegated clubs would reveal that parachute payments in no way cover the scale of losses on relegation. That when only (say) £20m of external debt leaves the club on the brink of administration is why new investment is needed. This is why Bournemouth, Watford etc are much stronger financially than we are on relegation.
  3. Championship clubs generally make operating losses. This season’s firesale will be used to subsidise player wages over the next couple of years. Of course, if the club had access to new investment the necessity to dispose of our key assets would be mitigated.
  4. This simply suggests that our defence was ineffective. A problem which, of course, has been cruelly exposed this season.
  5. Bournemouth are in a materially stronger financial position than we are. Let’s not forget we’re no more than a £20m external debt from administration. Bournemouth’s owners could comfortably live with debts of ten times that. Hence, the need for new investment into the club.
  6. Bournemouth’s owners can provide the necessary investment for the club to compete for an extended period in the PL. Equally, they will be able to comfortably manage the transition between leagues rather than having to dispose of key playing assets to generate sufficient cash to pay player wages. Sadly, we look set to become Leeds’ feeder club.
  7. That we have a weak ownership covenant cash needs will dictate the sale of key playing assets.
  8. Why would Bilic seek to emulate the strategy underpinning, arguably, one of the most abject, embarrassing seasons in premier league history?
  9. The total lack of ambition, as evidenced by the majority of posters on this message board, demonstrates why the club’s strategy is subject to such little scrutiny.
  10. I think the ambition of the majority of our supporters is entirely aligned with the club’s board.
  11. Villa invested in making the challenging transition from chump to PL - and succeeded. Without investment we failed as spectacularly as any other club has in the history of the PL. Let’s hope the board reflect - and act - on this embarrassment as we prepare for next season.
  12. The OP is correct. Without further investment we are but a hopeless case in the PL.
  13. If, and until, we have sufficient investment in the club to ‘give it a go’ in the PL the cycle of underachievement will continue. Sadly, lack of ambition seems the predominant view of the majority on this site. That lack of ambition means there is no challenge to the board’s strategy but I suspect the clappers are entirely content with that.
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