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    Jonny Howson

    [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Actually a tad unfair to say Wes was bad today, he was out of position.[/quote]

    Wes had a shocker. Regardless of what position you play it does not excuse the inability to pass to a player in a yellow shirt.
  2. Jersey Canary

    Has Hughton made a bad signing yet?

    [quote user="priceyrice"]His signings cannot be faulted at all. I am excited to see who else he brings in this summer. 
    Some will argue he only got it right at Newcastle because of the Jimmy Carr''s dad, but surely a manager still has to check a player out and approve it himself before bringing them in

    Alan Carr''s dad, not Jimmy. Jimmy and Alan are not related. Lol
  3. Jersey Canary

    Just Think....

    [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    I think the arrogant "weaker teams" descriptions should be left to the simpletons who attach themselves to the so called big clubs. I take great satisfation in the fact that Man. Utd, Arsenal and Everton fans have been turned over by their so called weaker rivals. But I wouldn''t like to think fans of teams that happen to be below us taking that sort of satisfaction at our expense. We have no right to beat anybody. Every team we play is an opportunity and every point we pick up is worth the same.



    [/quote]So would you say that Man Utd are "stronger" than us?  is that being arrogant or just realistic? Arrogance is more of your dismissive response.
  4. Jersey Canary

    Just Think....

    [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Jersey Canary"]At home we have beaten, Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton of the top six. If we used the Lambert philosophy last season for playing against the weaker teams,just think where we might have been in the table?

    Just a thought![/quote]

    Remind me what the Lambert philosophy got us at home last season against those four teams?  Just a reminder.Mind you, just imagine where we could have been if we''d won all our home games this season and drawn or won all our away games.Sigh.Hughton out.[:''(]

    [/quote]Well if you read my post correctly I said attack the weaker teams not the top teams.  So which of those teams you copied in on your post are the weak teams then?!!
  5. Jersey Canary

    Just Think....

    [quote user="Webbo118"]

    [quote user="Jersey Canary"]At home we have beaten, Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton of the top six. If we used the Lambert philosophy last season for playing against the weaker teams,just think where we might have been in the table? Just a thought![/quote]

    I''m sorry but that is just a stupid and simplistic statement which illustrates that you know absolutely nothing about the game.

    [/quote]I think you''re wrong.  Had we have attacked QPR, WHU, Newcastle and Fulham at home in a similar vien as last year we would have ended up with more than 4 points.  When we play Man Utd, Arsenal and the other top teams then sure play defensively.  It is nieve of you to think that a team can ONLY play defensive or attacking during one season.So I think you have a one dimentional view.I am not slating Hughton, I think overall he has done well.  What I am saying is we could have realistically done better had we attacked the weaker teams at home.
  6. Jersey Canary

    Just Think....

    Indeed that''s what makes the season so frustrating.  I also think not having Ruddy for long periods was an issue as well as I am sure he would have saved a few that Bunn let in.  Just through better commanding of the area and the fact that he is bigger so is more likely to reach some of the shots in the far corners.  I am not sure how many points I could pin on this but I am sure it''s a decent number to throw into the mix.
  7. Jersey Canary

    Just Think....

    At home we have beaten, Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton of the top six. If we used the Lambert philosophy last season for playing against the weaker teams,just think where we might have been in the table?

    Just a thought!
  8. Jersey Canary

    Sign Kamara

    Let''s wait and see. Remember Marc Libbra? We signed him up on £10k p/w apparently and he was crap ever since that one good game against Man City.
  9. Jersey Canary

    Michael Turner

    Once Turner got fit he has been turning in some class performances.
  10. I don''t think Everton had 3 chances let alone win 3-0.
  11. Jersey Canary

    Oh no not Howson

    Howson was good today he looks like the only central midfielder with vision.
  12. Jersey Canary

    Moyes not happy

    I would like to dedicate our winner to Everton''s ''professionalism'' when they were 1-0 up!
  13. Jersey Canary

    Interesting capacity statistics....

    I would be really ambitious and go for 40,000 stadium as we could lower ticket prices across the board.  This means lower ticket prices for away fans which means that they will bring more fans.  The one away game per season may well be Carrow Road instead of Wigan perhaps.For the home fans the benefits will be that the waiting list will be gone and hopefully attract more families which is the lifeblood of this club going forward.Norwich is an expanding city and with imaginative marketing I feel 40,000 is achievable.
  14. Jersey Canary

    Time to change Captain?

    [quote user="Dibs"]I have been wondering recently if Snoddy would make a good Captain instead of Holt as I feel we need to change the captaincy.Snoddy is my preferred choice.Who do you think should be Captain?[/quote]

    What is this the knock Holt forum? He''s taking one for the team this year.
  15. Jersey Canary

    Becchio must start ahead of Holt

    Holt''s doing fine considering he doesn''t get many chances. Becchio will play instead of Holt on the odd occasion to give him a breather rather than dropping him full time.
  16. Jersey Canary

    New Striker? An idea!!

    He scored again yesterday. Hughton, sign him up in the summer!
  17. Jersey Canary

    Holt is the problem

    [quote user="Mungo Bumpkin"]

    The transfer window has shut amid much wringing of hands - why didn''t we spend then national debt of a small country on a bloke who has scored lots of goals in a joke league. If that''s all you wanted, I''m sure there are plenty to choose from any Saturday afternoon at Sloughbottom Park who have done the same.

    Our biggest problem is a lack of goals, thats clear for all to see. The reason for this is that our former hero, Grant Aloysius Holt, hasn''t bothered to turn up this season. At the start of last season he was getting a lot of bench time, Moro was first choice and scoring. Holt had to win his place back and prove the doubters wrong. Which, to his credit, he did. Then he began to believe the glowing newspaper reviews and suggestions of England call ups. Come the summer, with the help of his odious agent, he uses a transfer request to engineer a contract extension. I don''t blame CH in the slightest - this was all happening just as he arrived. But what about DM? Usually the consumate businessman, did he for once lack the kahunas to do the right thing? Will Holty be up to Premiership football in two years time? It''s arguable he''s not up to it this season. DM just didn''t want to be the man whon sold the club''s talisman.

    And now we''re stuck with a player who is a shadow of his former self who simply doesn''t put a shift in. Why should he? He knows that if he''s fit (all things are relative) he plays. There is zero competition for the centre forward berth. And we also have the increasingly annoying dying swan act at the slightest nudge - Holt has become a parody of what opposition fans hate about him.

    I really hope that Becchio (or Kamara) is able to seize the opportunity and eclipse Holty or at the very least give him the kick up his over-sized @rse that he desperately needs to remind him what it is he is paid so much to do.

    Fingers crossed!



    Holt hasn''t had the service or the chances this season so it is unfair to blame Holt. It seems strange that when Bassong and Holt are out if the team we get pasted so this doesn''t tell me Holt is the problem.
  18. [quote user="crabbycanary"]

    I am particularly interested to find out how many people on here, who have been moaning about McNally etc, actually run their own business, and have an understanding on how the dynamics of a successful business are run?

    Serious question, take the rip if you want, but I am also interested to see if the moaners can back their case with something substansive, that NCFC could take on board and move onwards and upwards.


    I have my own business. But I appreciate McNallly and what an asset he is to Norwich.
  19. Jersey Canary

    Wes Hoolahan

    [quote user="RenegadeSnare"]There is much discussion that it''s not possible for Wes to play while we''re playing two strikers.

    I agree in the center, but what''s stopping him from playing on the left?

    He''s not the paciest, but he''s certainly not slow. We see him beat players for fun when he''s on his game, often a couple of players at once. He''s arguably one of our best deliverer''s of the ball.....

    Okay perhaps he doesn''t track back enough, but is that the reason?

    I have a feeling he may have played there before, but I''m unsure?[/quote]

    Hoolahan can only play as a second striker or at the tip of a diamond behind two strikers.
  20. Jersey Canary


    1 Bassong

    2 Ruddy

    3 Snoddy

    I would have had Ruddy as No.1 but the time out due to injury will go against him.
  21. Jersey Canary


    Apart from a couple of glimpses I don''t see what all the fuss was about regarding Pacheco. Had he been that good Lambert would have snapped him up for us or or Villa.
  22. Jersey Canary

    When Whittaker Signed....

    [quote user="Splendid Rush"]There was a fair amount of negativity on here and people saying how underwhelmed they were, yet he has turned out to be a decent signing.

    Whoever, if anyone, signs before tomorrow''s deadline. Let''s give them a fair chance before passing judgement on here. We''d all love big, exciting signings, but whoever we buy, get behind them, make them feel welcome, and let''s see what they''ve got.


    I agree!
  23. [quote user="IncH HigH"]Has Mcnally been reading the Neil Doncaster book of tranfer windows where he advocates his policy of low bid,slow bid. First you offer too low then offer again as the window closes and when you get nothing say "at least we tried".[/quote]

    That''s got to be the biggest insult to McNasty ever! For me McNasty is the most important individual at our club and I credit him for our upsurge over the last few years more than Lambert.

    So yes, a big insult.