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  1. [quote user="Vanwink"]Lucky to get a draw today at home against a Swansea team that have nothing to play for. First half was a continuation of the Wigan game, not surprising since apart from Bunn it was the same team, why do you reward the players that lost with an uninspiring performance last time out, the squad is big enough to be able to make a few changes to freshen things up, Tetty, Fox, Whittaker to name but a few. Great period of play in the second half after we scored the goal, really looked like we could move up a gear, but too little and not enough confidence or ability to keep it going. Overall Swansea looked a far better side, we looked nothing more than a Championship outfit, which with one or two exceptions is what we are. We lack an inspirational manager who is unable to get our players to raise their game in the way they did last season and if we carry on playing like this we are in with a very good chance of going down.[/quote] Do you really think Fox and Whittaker a fit enough to play as there is minimal reserve team football and they haven''t played in the first team for weeks/months?
  2. [quote user="ncfcstar"]He will only lose my support if we play similar football next season, as long as we stay up this season I don''t give a damn how we play. Only 6 games left.[/quote] I agree.
  3. Brilliant post.  I agree wholeheartedly.I think McNally is our genius and in him I trust.
  4. Well said. Keep the faith. Things will change next season. It''s a needs must season this year.
  5. I know from when we played them last few times that their centre half''s don''t like a physical game so I think it calls for Holt and KK up front, with Holt playing slightly withdrawn role when defending. This is at the expense of Wes I''m afraid. Bunn comes in for Camp if he''s available. Bennet on right, Snoddy on left, Tettey in the middle for Howson. Apart from that same as last time. We need to pepper their goal with crosses and shot''s IMO. We need to start closing down high up the pitch so when we do win the ball we haven''t so far to go to score. OTBC!
  6. I think he''ll be part of a Hooper swap. Although Holt one the contract battle I feel NcNally won the war.
  7. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/norwich-transfer-news-grant-holt-1794160? If he''s going to leave, please could he do it in a more dignified manner than Lamberts exit. Holt, you''re a long time retired and you might want to come back to NCFC as an ambassador or something one day. See what reception Hucks and Ewan gets even now. Holt, you''ve done good for Norwich and Norwich has done good for you. Don''t blow it.
  8. Bearing in mind we didn''t really spend in January I would expect another 5 or 6 quality players coming in during the close season. And to answer the general point, yes I back Hughton.
  9. I think we''ll win but it won''t be easy.  I think Puncheon is their unsung hero, he seems to be quite tricky.
  10. I thought the new TV deal next season means 4 years of parachute payments rather than the 3 seasons they get now, so that''s where the advantage will be for us should the worst happen. However with McNasty at the helm I don''t see us leaving the PL for the foreseeable.
  11. Sorry I should have added 7 PL goals at least per season consistently to be considered a great.
  12. [quote user="singupcarrowroad"]So he has to score 7 goals next season to become a legend? Pretty sure that the history books won''t use that as a criteria for inclusion. And besides, he currently averages 6.8 goals per season over five seasons (including this one). So if he scores 1 more goal this season, in the next 11 games, he will average 7 a season. So I assume that upon scoring his next goal this season he will qualify for legend status under Jersey Canary criteria?[/quote] I don''t think Wes has scored 6 league goals this season. He needs to score regularly to be considered a great.
  13. [quote user="Highland Canary"]The most influential player since Huckerby and, in my opinion, the most influential leader since Forbes.[/quote] What Adrian Forbes? Lol
  14. Not until he scores 7 league goals plus as season playing from the No.2 striker position. A tough ask I know but I feel he doesn''t add a direct goal threat as a proper deep striker would.
  15. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Actually a tad unfair to say Wes was bad today, he was out of position.[/quote] Wes had a shocker. Regardless of what position you play it does not excuse the inability to pass to a player in a yellow shirt.
  16. [quote user="priceyrice"]His signings cannot be faulted at all. I am excited to see who else he brings in this summer. Some will argue he only got it right at Newcastle because of the Jimmy Carr''s dad, but surely a manager still has to check a player out and approve it himself before bringing them in[/quote] Alan Carr''s dad, not Jimmy. Jimmy and Alan are not related. Lol
  17. [quote user="nutty nigel"]I think the arrogant "weaker teams" descriptions should be left to the simpletons who attach themselves to the so called big clubs. I take great satisfation in the fact that Man. Utd, Arsenal and Everton fans have been turned over by their so called weaker rivals. But I wouldn''t like to think fans of teams that happen to be below us taking that sort of satisfaction at our expense. We have no right to beat anybody. Every team we play is an opportunity and every point we pick up is worth the same.     [/quote]So would you say that Man Utd are "stronger" than us?  is that being arrogant or just realistic? Arrogance is more of your dismissive response.
  18. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Jersey Canary"]At home we have beaten, Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton of the top six. If we used the Lambert philosophy last season for playing against the weaker teams,just think where we might have been in the table? Just a thought![/quote] Remind me what the Lambert philosophy got us at home last season against those four teams?  Just a reminder.Mind you, just imagine where we could have been if we''d won all our home games this season and drawn or won all our away games.Sigh.Hughton out.[:''(] [/quote]Well if you read my post correctly I said attack the weaker teams not the top teams.  So which of those teams you copied in on your post are the weak teams then?!!
  19. [quote user="Webbo118"][quote user="Jersey Canary"]At home we have beaten, Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton of the top six. If we used the Lambert philosophy last season for playing against the weaker teams,just think where we might have been in the table? Just a thought![/quote] I''m sorry but that is just a stupid and simplistic statement which illustrates that you know absolutely nothing about the game. [/quote]I think you''re wrong.  Had we have attacked QPR, WHU, Newcastle and Fulham at home in a similar vien as last year we would have ended up with more than 4 points.  When we play Man Utd, Arsenal and the other top teams then sure play defensively.  It is nieve of you to think that a team can ONLY play defensive or attacking during one season.So I think you have a one dimentional view.I am not slating Hughton, I think overall he has done well.  What I am saying is we could have realistically done better had we attacked the weaker teams at home.
  20. Indeed that''s what makes the season so frustrating.  I also think not having Ruddy for long periods was an issue as well as I am sure he would have saved a few that Bunn let in.  Just through better commanding of the area and the fact that he is bigger so is more likely to reach some of the shots in the far corners.  I am not sure how many points I could pin on this but I am sure it''s a decent number to throw into the mix.
  21. At home we have beaten, Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton of the top six. If we used the Lambert philosophy last season for playing against the weaker teams,just think where we might have been in the table? Just a thought!
  22. Let''s wait and see. Remember Marc Libbra? We signed him up on £10k p/w apparently and he was crap ever since that one good game against Man City.
  23. Once Turner got fit he has been turning in some class performances.
  24. Howson was good today he looks like the only central midfielder with vision.
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