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    Draw for the 5th round of the FA Cup

    It’s gotta be Oxford or a lower league team at home. We can still send the reserves out, get a result without impacting on PL survival hopes.
  2. Jersey Canary

    Canary Call

    For me it’s just Rob Butler and his mates show rather than a fan phone in.
  3. Jersey Canary

    Buendia's Transfer fee

    Buendia is rapidly becoming the most influential player we have and could potentially be our first world class player in years to come IMO.
  4. Jersey Canary

    Max Aarons?

    Any news on whether he’s fit for Saturday anyone? It’s all got a bit quiet over the last few days.
  5. Jersey Canary

    Team for Man City (h)

    I agree Stiepermann hasn’t been that effective so far. We seem to be missing his slaloming runs that pulls the team from defence to attack. So on the basis that his form will return plus he’s one of the few players we have that are 6ft plus to counter any set pieces we might encounter I would stick with him for the time being. Therefore, I would have the same team as against WHU. If Zimmerman’s is fit I’d go with him if not Amadou apart from that as you were.
  6. I see that Man Utd are reportedly looking to spend £80m on Maddison and I was wondering if we have a sell on clause?
  7. I agree. Hanley would have been sold had Klose and Zimmermann been fit IMO as he knows he’s 4th choice. With Amadou arriving you could argue he’s 5th choice once he’s fit. Hanley tries hard but is a top half Championship defender at best. Newcastle got rid as soon as they got promoted as soon as they found a buyer, Norwich should do the same and re-invest the funds elsewhere.
  8. Jersey Canary

    Team for Crawley

    Amadou might not be a CB however it’s a match where he can have a run out as well as letting others have a turn too. The other alternative is to play Hanley again but for me I would be inclined to get as many players who can play CB match fit ASAP so we can quietly remove Hanley. Norwich’s defensive fortunes should improve once this happens whoever takes over.
  9. Jersey Canary

    Team for Crawley

    I don’t see Buendia playing. I see it something like this: Fahrmann Byrom, Klose, Amadou, Heise Roberts, Tettey, Vrancic, McLean Srbeny Drmic (Assuming he’s fit) If Drmic isn’t fit I’d play Idah.
  10. Jersey Canary

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    I don’t see the team changing baring injury. It won’t do a lot for the players confidence if they are dropped after one match against the European Champions. If there was one change to be made it would be Leitner for Kenny. I don’t see Klose coming in as I doubt he’s fit. Ditto Amadou. As much as I criticised Cantwell last season he had a half decent game last night and has improved greatly. Still a way to go but a big improvement. Hernandez looked sharp which bodes well. Krul who most were concerned about preseason had a blinder I though. Ultimately Farke doesn’t make too many changes and I wouldn’t expect any uninforced changes.
  11. Jersey Canary

    So Then - time to nail your colours to the mast

    14th for me. I see VAR being more of a leveller as more decisions will go against the bigger teams. We’ve got to hope our Defence learns quickly and Krul doesn’t drop too many clangers costing valuable points.
  12. Hi, Does anyone know when the second & third kit launch will be please? Thanks
  13. Jersey Canary

    Move Ground to move forward.

    We could easily increase the capacity to 40k and fill it and it’s all down to ticketing. If you charged £30 or £20 a ticket Norwich will become the default place for away fans to travel to if it was the one away game to go to a season. Give Man Utd 7,500 tickets they’ll sell them no problem. That would leave us with the problem of selling 3-5k seats and at £20 per go which bearing in mind the teams we will be playing will be easy. Yes we’ll lose some revenue via ticket sales compared to what could be charged but I’d rather have a full ground in the Premier League rather than half empty soulless stadium in The Championship. The sale of Max Aarons next season will pay for the upgrade. Job done. We don’t need to worry about it for 50 years.
  14. We must be saving a bucket load on wages with the following out of contract at the end of season: Naismith £30k pw approx. Jarvis £22.5k p/w “ Klose £30k pw “ Rhodes £20k pw Loan Passlack £5k pw (a guess) Pinto £20k pw approx. Franke £15k pw (guess) Husband £10k pw (guess) I don’t understand keeping McGovern on and hopefully Oliveira will be gone as well. That’s nearly £8m pa off our wage bill at Championship levels and gives us a bit more wiggle room when we’re trying to manage a small PL budget next season.
  15. Jersey Canary

    Timm Klose?

    Does anyone know if Timmy is going to sign a new contract or whether Norwich have/are going to offer a new contract? For me it’s a yes at the right price. We need experience around our Defence and plenty of games to play next season especially if Farke takes the cup’s seriously like he said he would. What do you think?
  16. Jersey Canary

    Timm Klose?

    Thanks, Very Interesting. It seems like we’re being linked with CB’s already and I’m wondering if Hanley will be sacrificed if we need to upgrade (if Timmy signs) or whether the player links are to replace Timmy?
  17. Jersey Canary

    Just think....

    How many points we’d have won the Championship by if we had a half decent penalty taker and VAR was available? Makes you wonder!
  18. Jersey Canary

    Starting XI v Stoke

    Oh yes I forgot about Emi! Lol Emi in for Kenny! Emi on right and Leitner in the middle.
  19. Jersey Canary

    Starting XI v Stoke

    What I think will happen is we’ll play the same team as against Sheff Weds but play Leitner in his usual position, Kenny on the left and Hernandez on the right. Have Vrancic on as first sub after 60 mins for Kenny probably. However, if it was down to me I’d play Vrancic in the left instead of Kenny. Kenny, for me gets caught on the ball too much and is too weak in the challenge funny enough is very similar to the criticism of Vrancic and Leitner when they first came and we all know how well they’ve adapted. So I’m not condemning Kenny, he good and will get better.
  20. Jersey Canary


    Any news on when Leitner is back please?
  21. Jersey Canary

    Victor Anichibe

    I know he doesn''t sound the most inspiring of signings however I feel if we did get him he''d rip up The Chamionship if we got relegated. So he''d be what I''d call a defensive signing a signing which will drastically put promotion odds in our favour. Him and Jerome would have a field day in The. CHampionship.

    A leftfield idea I know and if he says injury free he may even do it for us in the PL as well. I think he''s a better option than Grabban, Lafferty and RvW IMO.
  22. Jersey Canary

    David Marshall

    Does anyone know if we agreed a sell on clause when we sold him to Cardiff as it seems like he''s going to WBA for £5m?
  23. Jersey Canary

    Hoolahan transfer request rejected!

    I cannot see what all the fuss is about. Wes can only play in one position in PL and that is behind the striker. Wes is a liability in both attacking and defending thirds of the field and whilst I would admit he does have a nuisance value doing his turns in the centre of the pitch. Wes has no end product.

    Wes has a nasty habit of trying tricks in his defensive third and giving the ball away badly which has cost us previously. He seldomly creates chances, he has a shot that is reminicient of a gentle back pass and he doesn''t score enough goals to justify the off the striker role.

    Add in the fact that he is probably on £20k p/w and he is 32 years old (or thereabouts). I would prefer that Wes was sold in the summer to be honest but if we could get a better younger model and £2.5m I would bite their hands off.

    Goodbye Wes, you have been good for us in League 1, The Championship and but the PL has evolved for clubs in the bottom half and we cannot afford to have no end product for such a vital position.

    Over to you Hughton, lets see you wave your transfer wand again. May it be more Fer/Hooper than RvW.
  24. Jersey Canary

    Hull ticket for sale

    The ticket has been sold.
  25. Jersey Canary

    Hull ticket for sale

    [quote user="Indy_Bones"]I think you need to work on your marketing Jersey, try this:"Ticket

    for sale to watch the final game of current Norwich manager Chris

    Hughton - Don''t miss the chance to have your own ''Green Mile'' experience

    and see the ''dead man walking'' in this blockbusting fixture against

    Hull - all for the bargain price of £25, that''s right, just £25""Call now or have regrets forever"insert mobile numberDone[/quote]

    Brilliant! Lol