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  1. Although I'm from Norwich, I grew up mostly in York, and lived on the next road to the ground. Probably watched them live more than Norwich in my teens. Lovely club with a great history, and sad to see them leaving Bootham Crescent: https://twitter.com/Dan_Simmonite/status/1351983034409607170
  2. Certainly not writing him off, but I'd like to see Dowell imposing himself on the game a bit more.
  3. Seems to diminish the whole thing as you might decide it's not worth the bother of winning if you get an unappealing next round tie.
  4. My research tells me that, no, he was not. Nevertheless.
  5. I thought he was good for us generally. Wasn't he top scorer one season?
  6. Actually yes, I largely agree with your first paragraph. I don't think anyone claims that the gesture is going to solve racism on its own though.
  7. Fair enough, don't recall Stiepi ever playing CM though (may be wrong)!
  8. Would assume Marco and Mario the other way round. The only other fully- fit first-teamer is Tettey I think? Not a lot of room for manoeuvre!
  9. I too like to get get my opinions from Russia Today.
  10. In a way Zim's not a bad back up option, but he hasn't looked at his best when coming off the bench lately. Hopefully with proper preparation for a start he'll be more solid. Think he and Hanley both prefer RCB, so will be interesting to see which way round they go.
  11. Definite Along Come Norwich vibes about this one. Late Pukki equaliser for a 1-1.
  12. Petriix isn't a Luton fan is he? Anyway, the previous thread that was moved was started by a Norwich fan, so that can't be it.
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