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  1. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Player of the Season - advice required

    I wondered if he's played enough games to be in contention, but he has played a fair few. Great contribution and lovely player to watch.
  2. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Player of the Season - advice required

    Has to be Pukki, but no shortage of contenders. Still a fair bit of season to go!
  3. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Tonight's games

    Any points dropped by WBA would be lovely. Might be nice if Bristol City's run is stopped before we play them.
  4. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Ipswich going to complain

    Presumably this is all about showing the Ipswich fans how much he's "one of them" now. Otherwise I doubt there's much to gain from it.
  5. Fr. Chewy Louie

    FA to investigate ref's report

    I re Have the rules changed since the Ben Thatcher elbow incident? Vaguely remember he was punished additionally to the referee's response at the time.
  6. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Team for Preston

    If Farke's managing to keep all the players outside the first team happy, fair play to him. I'm sure Hanley and Maclean in particular would have expected to get more playing time that they have.
  7. Fr. Chewy Louie

    OT - EU straw poll...

    The bill was intended to make it practically easier to protect girls at risk of this vile crime, not sure how that's "virtue signalling". Although quite happy to play the man as well, as he's repeatedly demonstrated himself to be the most appalling caricature of a Tory MP (along with fellow **** Philip Davies).
  8. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Points needed for automatic promotion

    I think and hope you're right Ricardo, but I wasn't your patented formula predicting years of Championship mediocrity not all that long ago?
  9. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Max Aarons

    Can't see us being at the top of the table if we'd had Husband and Pinto as our full-backs all season!
  10. Fr. Chewy Louie

    “That was the boss… Google her”

    Pretty depressing to read some of the stuff on this thread in 2019. For some reason the expression "from a position of privilege, equality seems like oppression" is floating around my mind.
  11. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Can we Play Vrancic and Leitner in the Same Team?

    Barring injuries, would be pretty surprised to see any change to the starting 11, especially with over a week since the last game. Would be nice to try and integrate Mo if we get to a comfortable position, but would be just as keen to see Maclean getting some minutes too.
  12. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Leeds, so it's all going to kick off then

    Well I think the argument is that they're "box office", so the EFL will do anything to keep them here. I assume they have good attendances and TV audiences, but the victim complex is a bit OTT.
  13. Fr. Chewy Louie

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Surprise surprise it's the Remainers' fault. Handy get-out clause for the Brexiteers when Brexit isn't delivered exactly according to their non-existent specifications.
  14. Devastating for both if correct.