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  1. Not sure why tax-fraud (4m Euros worth) gets a pass compared to other forms of crime? He's obviously an amazing footballer, probably the best ever, and wonderful to watch. Does that mean he gets to do a free crime or two? The point was that it's not entirely correct to portray him as an absolute model of what a footballer or human should be. Pointing out that he committed a major financial crime isn't finding a stick to beat him with, it's a fact, and relevant to the context. Incidentally it's not an allegation, he and his father were found guilty and convicted.
  2. It's true, the only stick to beat him with is the multi-million euro fraud he committed.
  3. He's definitely one who can be bullied in the air if you have the players to do it, but pretty solid on the ground IMO (and rapid obviously).
  4. It's obvious that the club will try to put a positive spin on all this and make it as palatable as possible to fans, but they seem to be pretty open about the strategy.
  5. He also played a lovely through-ball to Idah didn't he?
  6. Thomas and Adshead maybe in the first-team picture as they were both on the bench? Or maybe just a bit of an experience for them.
  7. If it meant keeping the rest, then I'd let Cantwell and Lewis go, but can't see Emi / Max staying. Need to keep at least one of Emi / Todd IMO. Big decision over whether there's more to come from Pukki or if he's shot.
  8. Presumably a lot of whether we need / get a new striker is down to whether the club feel they can get Teemu's head right, as his confidence and movement is way off currently. A shortened off-season might not be to our benefit in getting a fresh start.
  9. Bizarre he's still with us now, can't see him ever getting a game in yellow. That FA Youth Cup win feels a loooong time ago.
  10. Weird that they bother doing it then.
  11. Yeah, mirroring a Donald Trump quote (intentionally or not) really helps your argument. This whole thing is a stunning false equivalence.
  12. I have to declare my bias as a natural lefty, but trying to be even-handed, what is it about the job they're doing now that you think is pretty good?
  13. Bernie Winters said I was a cute baby.
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