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  1. Sorenson's versatility is probably useful as a bench option too. I like Dowell, but he's going to have to work really hard to get into the first team.
  2. Tzolis can only replace Rashica or Cantwell in the current system, that's the sort of competition we need!
  3. The players brought in mean we have genuine competition for every position, so even if some of them don't get straight in to the team they'll push their team-mates harder to keep their places. Must be good!
  4. Laughable, he's only just got started.
  5. Will be interesting to see which partnerships spark as well, you'd expect Sargent and Rashica to gel having played together before, but it sounds like Sargent and Tzolis are hitting it off too.
  6. I make it six players with a realistic claim for the front three spots, hopefully the competition will push the levels up.
  7. I vaguely remember he was a junior at Notts County, but may be wrong
  8. Haven't heard Sargent's name much on the radio, hope he gets some shots in.
  9. Presumably they were optimistic about Skipp returning, so didn't want to commit elsewhere while that was still a possibility. We'll find out soon how damaging that will turn out.
  10. The Valencia one with no sponsor looks just about ok. Hope the bat appears on it somewhere though.
  11. You probably have Top Tweets instead of Latest Tweets. Click the stars icon near the top of the twitter page to change it.
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