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  1. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Ref was unsighted for #penalty#

    Clearly not a pen in super slow-mo, but can understand the ref giving it in real time.
  2. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Team Vs Wednesday

    Srbeny did score in the away fixture as I recall.
  3. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Does Krul have Sky ?

    This one in the lower leagues was even worse...
  4. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Luton Town Academy

    I wonder if Akin Famewo will have the same impact in a year or two.
  5. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Team Vs Wednesday

    If this team doesn't win it will be Cantwell's fault.
  6. Fr. Chewy Louie

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    Sure the OP will be delighted at racking up a 4-pager with this. As ever people are entitled to express their opinions, but don't try and pretend it's anything other than detrimental to the player, team and club.
  7. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Birmingham City.... - 12 points?

    Nine point deduction followed by WBA, Leeds and Sheff Utd - tough few weeks for the blues.
  8. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Leeds v Sheff Utd

    Any of the 3 results has its positives, but Leeds win defo the best. Assuming we win ourselves.
  9. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Premier League Team

    A GK upgrade and a ball-winning midfielder the top priorities for me. Worry for me is that our style of play has allowed us to win/dominate most games, but in the PL we may need to resort to a Plan B / C. Not sure we have the options to allow that. Not that we're promoted yet by any means anyway.
  10. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Player of the Season - advice required

    I wondered if he's played enough games to be in contention, but he has played a fair few. Great contribution and lovely player to watch.
  11. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Player of the Season - advice required

    Has to be Pukki, but no shortage of contenders. Still a fair bit of season to go!
  12. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Tonight's games

    Any points dropped by WBA would be lovely. Might be nice if Bristol City's run is stopped before we play them.
  13. Fr. Chewy Louie

    Ipswich going to complain

    Presumably this is all about showing the Ipswich fans how much he's "one of them" now. Otherwise I doubt there's much to gain from it.
  14. Fr. Chewy Louie

    FA to investigate ref's report

    I re Have the rules changed since the Ben Thatcher elbow incident? Vaguely remember he was punished additionally to the referee's response at the time.