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  1. He’s never going to win much in the air or do anyone for pace, but he didn’t deliver a lot when he had the ball at his feet either.
  2. That's interesting, does the "chance" start from when the player first gets the ball? If he gets the ball in his own half, then at that point the xG is presumably miniscule, but if he then dribbles himself into a one on one it would be fairly high. Messi scores more of that type of goal than tap ins, so would that account for it?
  3. If we're looking odds-on in January, maybe we should be looking to bring a couple in then with an eye to the next season. This might be time for a bit of ruthlessness with exits, as we probably have too many in-betweeners (like those you mention).
  4. I think that's a but harsh - see his cracking ball for the last goal against Cov - but definitely would like to see him a bit more involved at the top end. No goals or assists since the last promotion season I think?
  5. Not sure if this is the case here, but one eye-catching mis-placed pass quite often equals "he gave the ball away all night"
  6. Only 2 new players in the 11 (and 1 on the bench), so not sure that's should be a major factor. A couple in less familiar positions I suppose.
  7. Agreed, and there seemed to be a number of instances where the ball broke in a 50:50 area and we were really slow to react. Can't argue with the results obviously, but I hope Smith can actually get us playing to our potential.
  8. Regardless of whether it was a foul or not (it was), we had fairly comfortable possession and fecked it up.
  9. Slightly before my time, but I have a feeling Andy Townsend wasn't massively appreciated here?
  10. I don't think he'll start both Sarge and Pukki, but it looks good to me (although probably not as a 4-4-2). Want to see Sara getting a start at some point, maybe this could be the chance.
  11. Nope, just complete pause for the division. League 1 and below carry on as normal though. Ridiculous to have it in Qatar for logistical reasons, before you even get into the human right abuses and dodgy bidding process, but there you go.
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