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  1. Looking more and more likely now that we're going to have to do our talking on the pitch. Just hoping for a boost with an almost full fit squad, and possible weakened squads in watford and brighton, if indeed some of their players are staying away.
  2. Why should they give Leeds and WBA promotion? They've not won a thing yet. Void it start over I say.
  3. Brilliant. Going to get down there and give them some support. Hopefully they can make it over the line with their games in hand.
  4. So lets say the season is unable to finish, will they relegate the teams currently occupying the bottom 3 or play the current season again meaning we're not relegated and Leeds are not promoted? Any delays or postponements will otherwise surely overlap onto the Euros. What a massive ball ache.
  5. Today was the last chance I feel we were able to turn this around. Gutted.
  6. Barely getting out of our own half, sideways, sideways, backwards, backwards. So frustrating
  7. Get Rupp and stiepermann on. Cantwell and Duda off please
  8. Need to make it to half time without conceding another. Getting mugged at the minute
  9. the amount of times we've played sheff utd now you'd think Farke would have learnt how to set up against them.
  10. Championship and a European season in one would be a ridiculous amount of games to play
  11. this is hard work. watching through my hands
  12. How can Farke not see the same things we can? Buendia and Vrancic on. We need to start attacking games. Tired of this BS
  13. like watching a training session this, wolves barely look like theyre trying.
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