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  1. crab man

    Team for Bournemouth

    Cantwell just hasn't been good enough off the ball, constantly losing his man and not tracking back enough. Its all well and good doing the attacking but we need to make sure we're solid against Bournemouth.
  2. crab man

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    shocking goalkeeping. game over. not even bothered turning up today.
  3. crab man

    Srbeny off?

    Srbeny never really put a foot wrong, some pretty harsh comments for a player coming from the lower german divisions. Felt he did well when he was given the opportunity. Late sub showings didn't exactly give him chance to do a lot. But with Drmic coming back maybe he feels he'll have better opportunities elsewhere now.
  4. crab man

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    It's proper spare underpants time
  5. crab man

    Norwich v Wolves

    here we go again. game over. should have made subs about 65th min
  6. crab man

    Norwich v Wolves

    should have been a corner from Buendia's shot before the build up to their goal. joke yet again.
  7. crab man

    Norwich v Wolves

  8. crab man

    Team for Arsenal?

    Still no sign of Leitner hmmmm
  9. crab man

    Jordan Rhodes

    he's been banging them in for wednesday in pre season, worth a go although not sure he'll get a game with our front line now....
  10. crab man

    Player diets

    Interesting film / documentary coming out on this subject featuring arnie and many other athletes. Think this will shed more light on the debate. Definitely all for veganisn and plant based nutrition myself.
  11. crab man

    New home kit...

    Awful kit. Looks like a naff Aussie top, far too dark a green, not enough yellow and whats with the odd ensemble on the collar. After last years kit i don't know how they've messed this up so badly
  12. crab man


    He moved to Blackburn on a free which is a great bit of business even at 32. Looks like Elliott Bennett is pleased
  13. crab man


    this one below is working https://www.viprow.net/aston-villa-vs-norwich-city-1-online-stream
  14. crab man

    Last game on TV?

    Anyone know if anywhere in the city will be showing the game?
  15. crab man

    Max Aarons

    if you right click the link and open in incognito you can vote as many times as you like. can't help but think we may be shooting ourselves in the foot if he wins though!