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  1. Barnsley closing in on the playoffs. What an immense job Valerian Ismael is doing there. Both them and Cardiff are the in form teams at the minute, along with us. Definitely glad to have played Cardiff twice!
  2. after having a ref from yorkshire for saturdays game against rotherham, today we have a ref from the midlands... eagerly awaiting another class refereeing performance
  3. Ref was from Yorkshire. Surely that should be looked at. Utterly ridiculous performance.
  4. We going for winkles this time. Up the trawlers!!! Great set of results so far
  5. Feel a bit miffed by these figures given that Wan-bisaka went for 50 mill and he is awful. Max is young and full of potential, would have thought 40 minimum would be fairer seeing as how many big teams are interested. Looks as though Bayern are building a new backline for next season so not sure we'll see Max again in the prem
  6. Good that we've played them twice and taken 6 points, might have been a different situation had he been in charge. Hopefully they can do us a favour and take points off the rest of the top 6.
  7. Just voted No about 5 times using incognito and different browsers Will try it with my VPN to get a few more on there. Agent Lambert is doing a fantastic job, he needs our vote of confidence.
  8. oh dear toney with the equaliser
  9. 2-0 swans, can't see us getting anything from this without emi. placheta isn't doing enough at the minute, in fact he looks clueless, would be nice to see onel get the start. swans look dangerous with the addition of hourihane now, plus he normally scores against us
  10. dear oh dear. someones paying attention... only 6 months behind.
  11. MOM performance by Wessi. 1-0 down with 20 minutes go play and he turns the game on it's head. What a goal to win it as well.
  12. Anyone concerned our form may taper off throughout January with all the unwelcome distractions that may bring, mainly regarding Emi and Todd? Could be a testing period. Brentford seem to be finding a bit of form at the moment, and they looked to have a settled squad now.
  13. bournemouth should be 2 up already. really good game. hoping for a draw
  14. Looks like either there isn't one or it was done straight after the Watford game which seems a bit odd.
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