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  1. crab man

    Jordan Rhodes

    he's been banging them in for wednesday in pre season, worth a go although not sure he'll get a game with our front line now....
  2. crab man

    Player diets

    Interesting film / documentary coming out on this subject featuring arnie and many other athletes. Think this will shed more light on the debate. Definitely all for veganisn and plant based nutrition myself.
  3. crab man

    New home kit...

    Awful kit. Looks like a naff Aussie top, far too dark a green, not enough yellow and whats with the odd ensemble on the collar. After last years kit i don't know how they've messed this up so badly
  4. crab man


    He moved to Blackburn on a free which is a great bit of business even at 32. Looks like Elliott Bennett is pleased
  5. crab man


    this one below is working https://www.viprow.net/aston-villa-vs-norwich-city-1-online-stream
  6. crab man

    Last game on TV?

    Anyone know if anywhere in the city will be showing the game?
  7. crab man

    Max Aarons

    if you right click the link and open in incognito you can vote as many times as you like. can't help but think we may be shooting ourselves in the foot if he wins though!
  8. https://www.mokoshalb.com/2017/04/8-blogging-habits-of-good-blogger.html?m&fbclid=IwAR3nlE0-ASiLWYSY1MeWjjz9lFDkEyCy4dD9XOphFDDi54hJjrP8ETcPZNY
  9. crab man

    Villa v Sheffield Utd

    Someone's happy at full time. Haha. If we can win this weekend and results go our way, then I genuinely think we've got this
  10. crab man

    OT: Mings and Oliveira

    pretty sure this was identical to Mings' previous face stamp on Ibrahimovic. filthy filthy binner
  11. crab man

    OT: Mings and Oliveira

    pretty sure this was identical to Mings' previous face stamp on Ibrahimovic. filthy filthy binner
  12. crab man

    Versus Dirty Leeds.

    If you join Norwich City FC Fan Club on Facebook, some guy streams every match from iFollow.
  13. crab man

    Leeds "must pay £5m for Jonny Howson"

    Deal agreed confirmed on sky sports just now. Utterly ridiculous decision selling one of our best players to a promotion rival for peanuts. What does 5 mill get you nower days, surely been better off hanging onto him with our improved management structure. Reminds me of the shocking decision selling BJ to Derby
  14. crab man

    Ruddy to Aston Villa ?

    Christ... Villa are like our feeder club for keepers. Steer, Bunn now Ruddy. I''m sure there were more...
  15. crab man


    A lot of money on Heckingbottom in the last 48 hours. Way ahead in the running now... Have to say would be competely underwhelmed with this appointment. We need someone with experience, someone who can come in and ruffle a few feathers.