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  1. If Leicester go down, Maddison will definitely leave which should mean some windfall for us, with Newcastle interested. Prefer to see Everton go down with Leeds, but the money would be good.
  2. Bunch of pant wetting snow flakes on here, taking offense to everything he says. Happy to dish out the abuse but can't take it. How about let him get on with the job. He's never going to get every decision 100%. The alternative is far worse. Neil Adams as sporting director? No thank you.
  3. Pretty sure you don't add time whilst the keeper is holding the ball, this is considered in play.
  4. Bottle jobs!! Sitting back and defending they are asking for it
  5. Pukki surely has to bag a goal before he leaves... his form his dropped off a cliff. Lets hope for a good response today from both team and crowd
  6. It was a tap in from close range, against a pub team. Big deal. Move on
  7. Still early on but a few matches going in our favour so far... Boro 1-0 down at Swansea. Watford losing to QPR - so much for the new manager bounce. Sheff Utd and Luton 0 - 0 - would take a draw there. Burnley winning but they are out of sight now.
  8. Huge. Massive for the confidence. Great that Sunderland took a thumping as well
  9. One long punt up the pitch, both CBs end up tackling each other and he's through on goal. Sunday league stuff
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