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  1. We thought that Delia had turned off 20 percent of the screen to punish the whingers!
  2. Given the weather conditions, a very scrappy game and City just coming out on top. 2-1 with Sara and Idah scoring.
  3. Every time that he opens his mouth! Why should today be any different?
  4. I am pleased for Idah who gets a lot of unfair criticism I still like Wagner as a man but I am not sure that he is the right man to be our long term manager.
  5. A pint of cider and half a bottle of red wine so far. Not a great performance but a win is a win.
  6. Sad, but not unexpected news. I will raise a glass to him when I am watching Skinny Lister at the Art Centre tonight. Rest in Peace, Shane
  7. After reflecting on the game overnight and watching the video highlight(!), the best I can say is that it was better than the Blackburn and Middlesbrough games. I would not want to see us playing like that every week but it was at least a small step forward from a very low base. OTBC
  8. David Squires is an excellent cartoonist and illustrator. I have his book, The Illustrated History of Football which is really funny and entertaining.
  9. As reserve keeper, Long is fine at this level. Most of the goals that he has conceded have been down to awful defending (or a complete lack thereof). We have been blessed with many excellent keepers and some not so good and from what I have seen so far, Long would be towards the middle of the list.
  10. My late father always said he hated Billy Bingham after the semi-final defeat in 1959. I feel much the same about Jimmy Case!
  11. I was on one of the 3 Football Special trains to Brighton for the FA Cup game many years ago. For some reason the police sent the first two trains back to Norwich after the game half empty and the rest of us were packed onto the final train. Standing all the way back to Norwich was not fun, especially after Jimmy Case had scored an offside goal to knock us out.
  12. I am fairly ambivalent about the kit but I do remember fondly the team that played in it. A good time to support City.
  13. Celebrate the victory now, Drink the wine from the rich man's cask, This revolution won't be the last. Viva la revolution
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