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  1. New manager may want a look at him.......will Wagner be here long? Should he still go? Lots of questions
  2. In all seriousness.......not a bad shout, could do worse
  3. I don't think so.......the board haven't got the stones for it. Just roll from one disaster to the next. Whole club needs a rebuild but Wagner has a stay of execution unfortunately
  4. It's not out of realms of fantasy.......if he wants to work, sees a building process etc. why wouldn't he think if asked. Yes his lifestyle is probably not on a level we could afford, but, money isn't the end all in life. I took a 75% pay cut to do what I'm doing now - never been happier!
  5. I know he wouldn't but I still think with a new SD, poss new majority shareholder soon (hopefully)...kk would be worth an open cheque book punt. Start fresh......new ideas from the top down (almost like farke). Yes we are a 'small' club but that shouldn't detract from what we can/could achieve (1993/94)
  6. Why was he grinning and joking about the result.......yup, your to blame!
  7. Hopefully until the club feels like one again......new manager, new ethos. No Webber!
  8. You can't help but like/feel an infinity for a person who engaged the fans. Made the club feel like a whole again. Was he a great manager? No, but a nice guy? Probably.....
  9. Awful.......just awful! Be gone you pathetic excuse for a coach! Take ya mate with ya! Weigman, kk, carsley......any of them!!!
  10. Record breakers did a thing on hardest shots. He was one....can't recall the others.... penalty at almost 90mph if my brain works?
  11. Injuries (whatever age) are unlucky, but, maybe this will help us. Sarge is mobile and gets about up front. Barnes, not so much but finds good areas.... Now - Rowe, faasnacht, hwang, sainz, (young city guy) and idah will have to step up.....this maybe the few games they need. As pukki injury last season meant sarge up top and looked a different player...... opportunities have gotta be grasped
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