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  1. If hugill isn't what we think is needed next season......how's about a keiffer Moore type??
  2. Just ordered a case of local stuff for me to!! No judgement here!! On we go!
  3. Why Animosity to a new poster who has an opinion? Just my wandering mind
  4. I do think IF the four stated do go. Squad will be short for a concerted or push. So, it was an ask of do we think that any of the loanees could fill a buendia sized gap or..... trust in the webber darker transfer of a player(s) to come in. Or stick with squad. They baffle me in as such, we've outlayed for these players. Surely gotta give them a try??
  5. New poster! Does anyone think/believe/hope that possibly a sitti, sinani, sotto could be the link IF we get promoted and the players who maybe off do go (aarons, cantwells, skipp, buendia). Or are thier transfers a bit baffling......
  6. (First time poster, be kind!!) Stick!! But does anyone think anyone of our loanees could be a gem we just haven't given time to (yet), eg sorenson, sinani, sotto........?
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