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  1. I don't think lungi is the problem. 433 is the problem or at least Kenny doesn't help him. I do think if lungi and Sara could have some time together it may look better
  2. It's the problem of Norwich as a club recently. To sustain the ethos the club has. We'll struggle to have a squad that could handle the prem, so 'decent squad players' are what we have to settle for
  3. Wouldn't be unhappy with that...... depends on injuries but.......think Nunez and Sara are gonna be good at this level
  4. He wanted to score. Should have passed to Nunez in first half. Had shot superbly saved....ran himself into the ground. Yes he may have lost a yard but writing him off is a bit silly
  5. Sargent 'fluffed' his chance? Great cover tackle taking it off his toe. Not saying he's good. I would have put hugill on earlier too if honest. I still don't think smith knows his best team yet which really doesn't help
  6. If 433 is gonna be the way smith wants...... Aarons Andy O. Hanley Dimi(McCallum) Sara. Nunez. Hayden Cantwell. Pukki. Rashica
  7. The mayor will play a lot of games for us still......I think him and Hayden will be first choice 'screeners' letting Sara, Nunez and cantwell/rashica play behind /off pukki
  8. Didn't rashica play a striker role at previous club? Just thought going through head. May work when/if Sara, Hayden and Nunez here and fit (4231)?
  9. I actually think rashica could be a decent 'pukki style' striker. It wouldn't surprise me if he started up top at Wigan if pukki is injured.
  10. Pukkis whole game is off the shoulder. He's never a hugill/idah type player. Which is ok. It's not so much the fact of we needs a striker. It's the midfield. No one who played sat has the head for the type of pass pukki needs. Dowell, Nunez and poss Sara are the ones who can unlock a defense like this. Let's hold fire for a few games to see how it works with these guys in the team. I still don't think 433 suits pukki either. 4231is a better fit, but, with Hayden injured, Hanley banned and injuries in other parts.....433 will happen for a few weeks I think
  11. All good, bad day in general lol. The result just about capped it off. 🫣
  12. Wtf is it with gingers. I married a red head. It's not funny anymore.
  13. Injuries and suspension have/will force our hand. Is hugill better than pukki, no! Will hugill fill a place in the team, yes. Will the team suit him better....quite possibly. But is hugill our only fill in? No! Rashica, Sargent, hugill even Todd. We're not up **** creek yet. Maybe today will help us??
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