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  1. Not one player wants to or can't run at a player or fecking well cross a football
  2. That hit me hard. Ive tried to write a piece from what I (the male) point of view was when my wife and I went through IVF - from being told we can't have kids to where we are now. Your clarity of words hits home. Very eloquent, very warm. Thank you
  3. If 'playing out from the back' is in his ethos.....I'm ok with Kenny being a centre half! We know he can do it, just need someone decent with him. I don't feel round peg square hole either. He showed when he played there he's more than capable at champ level....I'm happy
  4. I'm quite optimistic about the rumours.......seems to be a very definite way of thinking and playing. Quietly happy! Been a while since that
  5. Absolutely abject!! Players and coaching staff should be held totally accountable!!!!
  6. Leicester (if Dewsbury hall goes), wet spam (if benrahma goes)
  7. Personally I think we missed something with rvw but.... We'll never know, plus it ended up with pukki so nothing to bad
  8. It cripples me, but, I think Wagner will be here next season . The takeover seems way off, the club is treading water. Needs a shake up from the top down, but, how long will it take? I for one don't know but I feel this will rumble on for some time
  9. Have we seen a glimpse into the future?? Sara (10), sarg up top. Or am I getting excited to early?
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