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  1. Vrancic should start he’s only one with quality on the bell and looks like making something happen
  2. Has he actually had a good game for us?? Serious question
  3. Too many average players starting. Plachetta, McLean and Rupp to kick it off. Vrancic oozes class and Onel should be starting over Plachetta. We could play all not and not score. Pukki out of form but everyone else is rubbish and not good enough. Idah needs to go on loan
  4. We had to sign a striker typical Norwich too much caution and not enough calculated risk. We need a signing to give us the wow factor
  5. Get subs in for ffs this is crying out for some clever creativity in these tight pockets, cue Vrancic
  6. Placheta and Rupp off and Vrancic and Hernandez on please
  7. Struggled and gave possession away but he will need time to adapt. Literally thrown in and was surprised. Sorenson didn’t deserve to be dropped
  8. Rumoured £8m buy-out clause. This is an absolute bargain. We are sitting top of the league in a comfortable position but we should not get complacent and should be strengthening for next season. Yes we are pandemic environment with limited finances but we have to measure caution and the risk of not going up versus ambition and of working the odds in our favour to guarantee ourselves best possible chance of going up. Buy now and bed him this season ready for next year. Olise, Buendia, Aaron’s - some players for the Prem then!
  9. If we go up which is looking increasingly likely? For me another centre back is a must. Last year we struggled defensively and Gibson has been a great addition and partnered with Hanley very well this year. However feel we need added depth and even last season we got exposed with four recognised centre backs. We need a striker and for me maybe our priority. Too much reliance on Pukki and pressure will be enormous. We need someone young with pace and power. We could do with a gem from overseas. Then it depends on Skipp. Amazing this season and maybe Tottenham will give us one more season but that’s from a certainty given he’s been one of our best players.
  10. How is this being a troll, starting a thread about increasing ground capacity. Not adding to the discussion and accusing of being a troll is surely ironic in itself? Bill - another keyboard warrior I just think the outstanding ground issue has been going on for years. Even in League One we could sell out the ground and clearly like our training round had been left to become dated and put the players off. I can't help but feel that our ground is becoming increasingly unfit for the Premier League and especially with big money corporate sponsorship. Yes it would cost money but the business interruption and lack of gate receipts means this is the perfect time and as I say it is not like we do not have the funds to cover with collateral in player assets and another year of parachute payments. We are in a great position to go up.
  11. Ok these are uncertain times for sure with Covid-19 but surely the pandemic gives rise to opportunity. We are a relatively secure club with a very good prospect of going up. Even if we do not go up we have pretty good collateral in Max Aarons, Todd Cantwell and Emi Buendia. Surely with no fans this past year would of been the perfect time to increase ground capacity. I really feel its an opportunity missed for something we have been long in need for.
  12. Cant seem to see it being on anywhere, is it just IFollow as the only option which is horrendous and 10 mins behind?
  13. He’s not going to be happy staying here. He needs to work hard and find some form if he wants to go up a level
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