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  1. Looks a real player. Getting better all the time. He was a constant nuisance yesterday. Ok second half everyone started to fizzle out but he is a real threat. Brandon Williams also getting better as he’s starting to settle.
  2. Seems like our scouting based on stats has been the making of our undoing. Probably so obsessed with the likes of Buendia being a success we have lost sight of traditional scouting methods. Signings like Placheta who is amazingly quick but has no end product and Josh Sargeant who covers lots of ground yet delivers very little else. I am not sure what the thinking was behind these signings and where the assessment about ability to score goals would from. In Hugill, Idah, and Sargeant we have three strikers with very underwhelming goal statistics. The soccerbot as well? I mean come on, players will not improve this way. It’s a waste of money. Accept we are going down as without any signings let’s face it that’s the reality, blood players like Rowe and get us prepared for the Championship with squad hungry to take us forward.
  3. If both confirmed and they come in at £15m (£10m for Ajer with £5m for Gunn) that's two very solid and young signings to add and so far you would have to say money well spent. Both areas we need to strengthen. If we can get a loan in this season also, rumours of Brandon Williams who can pay right or left-back and provide cover if not strength to those positions.
  4. Tell you what we should ignore, naive fans thinking this is in anyway positive. The term cloud cuckoo land comes to mind. In today’s world this is absolutely bonkers and undervalues his true worth. Covid or no Covid money is still in the game. We have just raised the white flag.
  5. Glad some people are happy with no ambition. Typical mentality of so many at the club. We are relegated already and those who think we have a chance are deluded. Dont worry lads we still got Hugill!
  6. Firesale is selling assets off cheaply to avoid bankruptcy so ok poetic licence with last bit come on let’s wake up and smell the coffee. Name another club who get promoted and sell the crown Jewell’s. Also imagine us replacing the talent? People’s costs have just gone up when we come knocking on the door? Mattheus Perreira for £15m now we got £33m - no chance!!
  7. Can’t be great after this sale of Emi. A team who should be on a high, won the league and back in the promise land. If the fans are feeling put out and deflated by Emi’s departure to a team who less face it were almost relegated last season then imagine the players left. Do they even question their own ability and talent that they haven’t left either? We have now lost our two best players from last year in Skipp and Buendia with Aaron’s almost certain to leave. The team begins to look very ordinary to say the least. Emi was a real talisman and creative spark involved in most of our goals. It surely makes other players with any talent and ambition to jump ship like Aaron’s and Cantwell and not a good omen to attract talent. What other team has come up and started the season with a firesale?? Emi at £33m was sold cheap and under value. How does Webber justify and say this was too good to turn down. He was the best player we have ever had.
  8. So Getafe pick up £6m from the sale leaving us £27m for him. God help us next season we have undersold minimum 40m
  9. Would love us to sign him from Orlando Pirates if Barnsley don’t go up. Reported £15m tag looks a snip. Prolific and very physical. If we want to stay up we are going to be need spending this calibre of player. I am also assuming Aaron’s maybe off for £30m also. Two places like Dike would look like great business. Danjuma at Bournemouth at say £20m-£25m also and two great players for Aaron’s and a bit of cash on top.
  10. Is there anyway they will stay next year or do we think this final run in is the last we will see them in a yellow shirt. If they do leave what is the minimum we should accept? For me minimum is Buendia at £35m but realistically he should be £40M and at least £30m for Aarons.
  11. Ok he was quiet yesterday but Gibson and Hanley were solid. I am slightly envious of the Brentford scouting system and repeated gems they pick up, granted ours is also very special. Clearly more fire power needed next season and for me maybe the next Ivan Toney is Mallik Wilks at Hull. Young, scores goals and only just turned 22 which for a striker is when they started hitting their stride.
  12. Deserves his own thread tonight. Wow, apart from goal his passing and work rate. Unreal - most talented player we have ever had. Enjoy him whilst he is here.
  13. Vrancic should start he’s only one with quality on the bell and looks like making something happen
  14. Has he actually had a good game for us?? Serious question
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