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  1. My favourite ever player for Norwich and a true joy to watch. His signing for me was one of the biggest ever for this club and at such a pivotal moment. Happy Birthday
  2. Completely agree with original posters comments. A person with values and principles and we should respect his decision. Forget these teenage keyboard warriors with pent up anger, why be so bitter about another persons actions? Does it impact or affect your life? Lake District Canary can have his views which I don’t agree with. We are using the tax payers money to fund non playing staff when we are still paying people £30-40k a week which have not taken pay cuts. Absolute naviety to think we aren’t paying those kind of wages. It does not sit right and the charitable donations are just a tax dodge. We should never of furloughed our staff and we should reverse the decision. How can we do that and then announce a signing? Anyone who furloughs staff should not be allowed to spend any money until the tax payer has completely been reimbursed. It’s shameful and sickening of the silence from the club.
  3. Do the right thing - This isn’t right on any level. Furloughing the rest of the staff and getting the government to bail them out. I’m embarrassed by the actions of Norwich and the silence on players not taking paying cuts like in Spain and Italy is deafening. Premier League needs to have a hard long look at themselves.
  4. Wow - absolutely shocked and appalled any Premier League is taking advantage of this scheme, especially Norwich. Agree with above poster that the silence from the Premier League footballers is deafening. After this is all over there should be player salary caps because clearly the way Premier League clubs operate is unsustainable if they cannot last more than a few months. End of the mega pay deals and vastly inflated transfer fees. Let’s get real. If they want help, anyone using it should be facing an automatic transfer ban for one window or only spend what they generate in sales. This is morally wrong.
  5. Just on way back from game. Duda and Rupp looked poor especially the latter who looked out of his depth. We played well and thought Pukki whilst he should of scored more his movement was excellent. Farke should of bought Hernandez on a lot earlier at 1-1. Game was crying out for his pace and should of been on at 60 mins. Our bench looked devoid of options and alternative. We missed Buendia but Stiepermann ain’t good enough and Drmic looks slow. We desperately need another striker and Hanley just isn’t good enough either. amazed chap above thought Byram looked poor he seemed solid again. Really rate him and would sell Aaron’s for £30m to be honest if he goes to right back and Lewis comes back who I feel has been harshly done by as at beginning of the season he was better than Aaron’s who I felt took ages to really get going.
  6. I am not one to leave early but if people leave and miss goals or anything else it’s their loss. I don’t think you can really judge someone for leaving the odd few minutes early. Some may not be repeat offenders and have a genuine reason to go early. To kick someone accidentally @ CanaryKing is just pathetic quite honestly and sounds like you have bigger issues yourself. Sounds like you took a personal view on his appearance and resulted to kick him based on that. Would you of done that to an old man or lady? Doubtful. Club could do without people like you. Then to post a thread whinging and boasting about. What an absolute coward
  7. Ultimately will our level of investment cost us our involvement and break up of one of our best young teams? For me to be cautious and sensible was the right approach, ie not go the Aston Villa £120m approach but surely £30m-£40m was more prudent given we could always offset relegation with player sales which sounds inevitable anyway now. Our failure to improve our defence and buy a quality back up to Pukki is what will cost us.
  8. Ok so say we do get relegated which is a big if and I don’t mean to speak negatively and assume but just putting a prospect out there. For arguments sake we come down and are financially stable given the lack of investment this year and parachute payments over the next two years. We also have young stars breaking through like Idah. Question is - would you sell someone like Max Aaron’s and say receive £30m to help finance regeneration of the ground and increase the capacity to over 30,000 by creating a double tier City Stand. Financially we have never quite been there due to the yo-yo effect but going down may create perfect opportunity to finally increase an already at capacity ground.
  9. For me this is one of the best and most talented teams we have put together in generations. Lady Lucky has of course been against us but it’s never over until it’s over. With the transfer window open and the rumour mill starting what is people’s fair value of the below? 1. Max Aarons 2. Ben Godfrey 3. Emi Buendia 4. Jamal Lewis 5. Teemu Pukki 6. Todd Cantwell
  10. No I agree he has improved massively this year and as I say this year maybe our best and most consistent performer but a long way off our best ever keeper. As you said not on top 5
  11. If and big if we go down and no one wants that clearly but what do people view the position for next year. How many would go and in the current climate how much would they go for? I would imagine Godfrey, Pukki, Aarons and Buendia will be top of most people’s lists. Cantwell must be earning some admirers also and then if Jamal can come back into the frame and impress then he will be unfortunate not to see a big money move. Question being with the riches in the game and transfers forever increasing what is a fair and reasonable price. Maybe the sales combined will allow players like Adam Idah and Josh Martin to flourish. We have to be aiming for £30m for Godfrey and £20m for Pukki. Even Cantwell for me could fetch £15m+ easily and even then it may seem soft and too cheap.
  12. This must be a joke thread?? Is this for real? I think Krul has been our best player this season but that said we have left him exposed and therefore he is always going to make many more saves. For all his fantastic displays has he really played so well this season that has kept a number of clean sheets by a sole effort himself - the answer is no. We have two clean sheets all season which is deeply concerning. Last year he was a liability and mistake prone beyond the average and cost us more points than he saved us. Conceding penalties, terrible with the ball at his feet. The reason we went up is due to our ability to outscore teams, not due to defensive stability. I would take Henderson from Sheff Utd any day over Krul. I don’t think Krul would get in many other Prem teams, less than five for sure. Every time the opposition attack we look likely to concede and we have conceded the second most goals from corners - again a top keeper would be on top of this even with zonal marking. How can our best ever keeper have so many few clean sheets? I suppose it’s defences fault - yet Godfrey and Aarons linked to Big Four - whose been linked with Krul. It’s a shame as at Newcastle he looked destined for world greatness but injury and form finished him at the top level. That’s the reality. This thread is an embarrassment quite frankly of opinions forged from Radio Norfolk listeners.
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