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  1. Weird that they bother doing it then.
  2. Yeah, mirroring a Donald Trump quote (intentionally or not) really helps your argument. This whole thing is a stunning false equivalence.
  3. I have to declare my bias as a natural lefty, but trying to be even-handed, what is it about the job they're doing now that you think is pretty good?
  4. Bernie Winters said I was a cute baby.
  5. Remember Tevez getting a lot of abuse when he was looking to leave Man City, then replying with a hat-trick.
  6. People seem to prefer Johnson telling lies to Corbyn telling the truth.
  7. Not sure he's being over-hyped, just seems to fit what we need a bit more currently.
  8. I know we weren't great, but Man U looked sharp and confident from the off, not quite the wounded animal we might have hoped for. They're not a vintage Man U team by any means, but I thought they turned in a good performance yesterday.
  9. Isn't there some double-jeopardy thing which says you only get a yellow if a pen is given? Or something. Presumably except for serious foul play. Anyway, it's gobsmacking that anyone whose actual job it is could watch that video replay and give a pen against Godfrey.
  10. Not sure why anyone gives the slightest toss about this. Fair enough if you went to a piano recital and the pianist was wearing oven gloves, but hands are pretty irrelevant in football.
  11. Wasn't it Cantwell doing the dithering? But yeah, once the opposition have the measure of him, he's easy to target.
  12. Mo is obviously a very talented player, but I wonder if his strengths are not really relevant for us at the moment. Playing in a confident team which has the majority of possession, he will look classy and metronomic, but that's just not us right now. He's never offered us a massive goal or assist threat, and I'm just not sure what he does bring at the moment. Even last season I wanted him to have a bigger direct impact on games, rather than "keeping us ticking over". If Mario was fit, I'd want to see him in there, as he can add a bit more attacking momentum.
  13. I want to be positive, but I think our title chance may have slipped away.
  14. Fair enough, don't remember it. We were pretty unlucky that night on balance. I wonder if Eddie Nketiah has scored any more senior goals since those two?
  15. Pretty much. But meant more as a general point than about any particular individual.
  16. Wasn't the penalty incident Husband? Think Nelson was fouled by last defender leading only to a yellow.
  17. Bit of revisionism around Stieperman, he didn't have too many in his corner after his first season with us.
  18. Love what these guys are doing with this and the match-day atmosphere stuff. Haven't got my copy yet, but it looks great.
  19. I like him, but he's clearly not going to displace Teemu or Drmic (and may even be behind Idah). If he's happy with some late sub appearances, then don't see any issue.
  20. Yeah, I thought he played pretty well in that game, and was amazed he played on into Extra time.
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