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  1. A modern-day Chippy Crook would cause mayhem picking out Rachica & Tzolis with well-weighted diagonals! Apart from Gilmour, do we have anyone in our current squad who can play a through-ball that doesn't run out of play?
  2. We needed players with a bit more bite; not red-card stuff, but applied strength backed by a good dollop of high-quality self belief. Looking at video clips, Normann plays fairly within the rules and in a way that others simply bounce off him. Otherwise they chop him with spectacular results. He looks feisty & I think that's great. His presence in the side may well up level some of the existing players too.
  3. Rashica swinging-in high crosses was less-than-helpful - that's not how Pukki likes to receive the ball is it? Thought that would've been worked on in training; when Pukki starts to get proper weighted through-balls from the new midfielders, normal service will be resumed. It'll take Teemu a few games to achieve full fitness, so other options need to be made in the meantime. Idah & Sargent looked lively & bright...
  4. Doesn't look a Premier League footballer to me. Far from it! Can't believe the reported fee - perfectly good money that could be used to fund proper talent elsewhere. I'd rather we buy no-one and save the cash. Even if he was available on a free, I'd say no.
  5. I see 'Boro have just signed an Argentinian - guess he's one Warnock's been tracking for years? 🙂 https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/martin-payero-becomes-middlesbroughs-new-21234989
  6. Pretty sure I read something about him potentially going to Boro several weeks ago? If so, he's probably been working out his notice period...
  7. Should Stuart Webber leave in a years time, Daniel Farke could take over as DOF & recruit a new Head Coach to maintain continuity?
  8. Love Nick's 'attitude of gratitude' - superb stuff!
  9. Facing Liverpool without Pukki doesn't sound an attractive proposition! Maybe Rashica has been recruited to deputise?
  10. BBC every time for me - no contest whatsoever.
  11. Offloading Hugill would make quite a statement; Nottingham Forest are said to be eying the 'lofty talisman'... https://www.nottinghamforest.news/2021/07/08/nottingham-forest-transfer-reds-eye-norwich-ace-jordan-hugill/
  12. I have a signed pair of Joe Hart's boots from his England days. One bottle of shampoo would be worth more nowadays...
  13. I relate; it's hard to resist a Boots '3 for 2' deal!...
  14. I'm with Parma; a player exchange would enable both clubs to gain something they value & benefit from...
  15. As a qualified trainer and coach registered with the British Psychological Society to provide Psychometric Assessments, I have rather different views! You're correct that we are constantly changing, so an assessment represents a snapshot in time rather like a vehicle MOT certificate. I note you use words like 'rubbish' and 'nonsense' to describe your thoughts - fair enough, however there is an amazing amount of highly accurate information from psychometric assessments on which to base key decisions.
  16. I doubt Ben is leaving solely because of an inappropriate sponsorship deal. Looking at his facial expression in that BK8 launch pic (the one with Darren Eadie on the left, Ben on the right), he did appear to be less-than-relaxed. Seemed a very decent guy to me - saw him at a key fan's funeral once, so huge respect for turning up for that...
  17. Given Emi's high-profile transfer, most clubs are likely to add a premium to their asking prices when Norwich come calling for their best players! The kind of negotiation challenge Stuart Webber relishes...
  18. No, not 'only' LDC - you can include me too. Having a high-quality back-up keeper is imperative. It's all-to-easy to be distracted by shiny-object syndrome for the next outfield player; preventing a goal against is as important as scoring one at the other end.
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