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  1. I'd love to see Jordan Rhodes back here...
  2. Looks quick, let's hope he can make the step up to the Premier League!
  3. Cracking band! I saw AC/DC 3 times during the Bon Scott days. So glad I did...
  4. Sheffield Utd have just levelled it to 2-2 at Chelsea. Shows what's possible...
  5. I fell asleep at HT; woke up to discover it's 0-2. Youngest son tells me Norwich are the first team to concede 10 goals in the 2019/20 Premier League. Chris Goreham just said this is probably the most disappointing Norwich performance we've seen so far. It's not sounding good...
  6. I certainly remember Norwich's start to last season - hence my preference not to see it repeated. The Premier League is much less forgiving than The Championship; beat WHU & Norwich (imo) are likely to fly at a higher altitude for the rest of the season. This is win-able game...
  7. Psychologically the WHU away game is very important; lose and Norwich are on a slippery slope - win and things look much brighter. A top, top performance is needed!
  8. I doubt Josh or Jacob would get into the current NCFC first team; we sold both at their peak £ value.
  9. Just took a look at that incident; ruthless & very stupid. A player who can't control himself is a huge liability...
  10. This is a wonderful time for Norwich to play Liverpool; post-European Champions blues, a tiring pre-season schedule & they're playing a competent team they're unfamiliar with. My hunch is 1-1.
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