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  1. I really thought Cantwell would step into Buendia's vacant position this season and establish a Grealish-type status at his home club. His creativity and ability to feed Pukki has been sorely missed. I genuinely hope he's OK - his cryptic IG messages are a bit bizarre...
  2. Even Pukki hit the side netting instead of scoring in that game! Given his nicely deflected opening goal against Bournemouth, Tzolis appears to possess a fortuitous finishing touch. When you have a golden player like that, surely you play him? I doubt he'd fail to get the ball over the line in a wide-open goal like Sargent did. Probably do it blindfolded... PS: Thinking ahead, when Tzolis scores, will we hear the kitchen staff celebrating by smashing plates in Delias Restaurant?
  3. Totally agree with Petriix - so far we've looked devoid of any creative play or unexpected moves! Let's be honest, we've been pretty dull. There's a Buendia-shaped hole for Cantwell to step into this season providing he wants it. Unlike the new recruits, he knows exactly how Pukki likes to be fed. Hopefully we'll see him make a creative impact tomorrow...
  4. Apart from experience in the Bundesliga, I fail to see what Sargent offers above Idah - an unnecessary and expensive piece of recruitment in my opinion.
  5. Sargent looks an average utility player to me - we already had plenty of those. Doesn't appear to offer any more than Idah who is bigger, stronger and already here! The USA guy doesn't have quick feet, he's not a fast winger, and his goal to game ratio is pretty awful, so he can hardly be described as a striker either. There's precious little time in this league to establish his identity or purpose; my gut feeling is DF may well be screwing-up the effectiveness of the whole team by trying to accommodate Sargent every week. I'd like to see him dropped in favour of Dowell who at least has a goal in him.
  6. The article clearly says: Webber and Adams share a positive relationship and the decision * isn't * viewed as a step up in contingency planning for when the Welshman elects to depart the club!
  7. Maintaining faith is more beneficial than relying on short-term beliefs; when our beliefs are temporarily challenged, faith carries us through... #otbc
  8. It's my youngest son's 16th birthday today. He's a long-term NCFC ST holder & despises the whole gambling thing in football. Multiple ads promoting betting were shown during the Norwich vs Liverpool Carabao Cup game & it's clear how overloaded it's become. Even at his age, he cites the misery these products can create - as a father I'm pretty grateful he has formed this view tbh...
  9. £700m *isn't* stinking rich? Wow, some people are hard to please! If any of us were to win £111m on this friday's Euromillions there's little point in sending any of it NCFC's way then?
  10. No need to knee-jerk - calm heads are required right now! After all he has achieved, Daniel Farke deserves our full support. Providing there are 10 points+ on the board before we play Brentford on Nov 6th, there will be justifiable optimism. Totally different matter if not though...
  11. A double-stamped vaccination card will be OK won't it?
  12. A modern-day Chippy Crook would cause mayhem picking out Rachica & Tzolis with well-weighted diagonals! Apart from Gilmour, do we have anyone in our current squad who can play a through-ball that doesn't run out of play?
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