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  1. Bristol City won 1-3 at Boro tonight yet the table shows 5 losses?
  2. Psychology has always played a part in sporting performance - same applies to every other area of life. Our thinking drives our emotions which drives our actions to produce our outcomes. It'll be interesting how the chasing pack behave now. The biggest advantage of a 10-point gap will be the psychological effect it is likely to have on the opposition before & during our next game(s). They won't take the field expecting to win will they?
  3. I'm expecting to see lots of Steipermann as soon as he's available. He's very effective.
  4. Mind you, Kevin Keegan did OK at Hamburg! https://www.theguardian.com/football/these-football-times/2014/dec/03/kevin-keegan-hamburg-liverpool-ballon-dor-bundesliga
  5. I think Max Aarons would be a good fit at Manchester United; like Gary Neville with more skill...
  6. I had glandular fever aged 10 & missed huge chunks of school that entire year; I picked up endless viruses, one after the other. Spent weeks shivering & shaking in bed with occasional visits from my hard-as-nails grandad openly declaring to my mother: "there's nothing wrong with him - give him a spoonful of honey every day!". Got my strength back after 12 months & never looked back - debilitating time though - certainly wouldn't wish it on a professional sportsman...
  7. If iFollow see a rearranged weekend fixture as a short-term sales opportunity, (instead creating the goodwill necessary to create higher sales in the long term), it tells me all I need to know about their thinking. Clearly their values are different to mine, so in true Duncan Bannatyne style "I'm oot.."
  8. I was at both games. Neither were particularly memorable. Villa were fortunate with their penalty & I still struggle to understand why we seemed paralysed against Sunderland that day...
  9. Last time I was there coaching an u-11 side, there was an almighty domestic after the game between an opposition player's mother and the father's new partner. About 20 people scuffling in the centre circle as we coolly departed with all 3 points. Very unsavoury incident...
  10. Looks like we're also in for 18 y/o Regan Riley from Bolton... https://lionofviennasuite.sbnation.com/2021/1/28/22253983/transfer-gossip-norwich-agree-250k-fee-for-wanderers-youngster-regan-riley
  11. Should Emi depart (and even if he doesn't!), Dennis Man would be a pretty iconic signing. Would represent a huge statement of intent...
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