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  1. Looked a bit like watching Scottish fooball on ALBA. One camera , poor football and commentary in a foreign language.
  2. Definitely need someone sold . There will be a lot of wages to pay otherwise plus some unhappy players who can't get a game . We don't want to blow the parachute payments on wages for lots players who are not playing.
  3. Definitely overloaded with midfielders.
  4. Having a year out with knee ligaments can't have done him any good. I think league 1 or squad player in the championship is about his level.
  5. I don't really think so , there were plenty that didn't
  6. One thing which Idah has over Pukki is height . He would be more useful at set pieces both in offence and defence and we certainly need to be better at set pieces.
  7. They rate him at Portsmouth, His distribution with the ball may not be up the the standard Farke is looking for but at 6 5" he is better able to get the ball than most at set pieces so I think he could be worth keeping. Set pieces are one area where we have been very poor this season and with Tim Klose not looking the player he once was and also being injury prone we will need cover at central defence. There is a one year option on his contract.
  8. I wonder if Raggett at 6'5 had been on the post at Watford if Dawson would have been able to easily out jump him to score. I know that he is not a Farke type player but he is highly rated at Portsmouth who want to keep him and they could well be in the championship next year. If ( when) Godfrey goes we will need at least one additional central defender. I think he could be worth keeping.
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