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  1. I have just been watching the 1984 replay of Norwich against Watford where we won 6-1. Two of the first 3 goals were as a result of a long ball from the goalkeeper. The first was just one bounce and then headed in by John Deehan over their advancing goalie. I am not saying that we go exclusively long ball but it is an option to playing out from the back the whole time and sometimes it works .
  2. If it were to be a choice i would rather have a Skipp replacement than another central defender.
  3. They would not be interested at £40M. Buendia is a better player and he cost them £33M. admittedly that could rise but not to £40M
  4. its only weekends that it doesn't work
  5. I couldn't access it between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.
  6. Weaker at the moment. The main transfer target should be a replacement for Skip
  7. Ajer has been playing in Scotland where the standard of opposition is pretty poor. A number of star players from Scottish clubs have been underwelming when they have moved south of the border. I think that Tosin from Fulham could be a better option.
  8. Bit of revisionism here. Pritchard was excellent for us, with a superb eye for a through ball. We are used to it now with Emi, though it is quite a rare ability. Alex Neil’s defence in not playing Maddison was that he ‘had Pritchard’ and Farke genuinely liked him and was disappointed to see him go. Something has happened - quite possibly beyond football - though Alex Pritchard had valuable and uncommon abilities. Parma Ditto (more or less)
  9. The trouble would be that these days refereeing is Stricker so Trevor Hockey would get sent off too often.
  10. It's been poor for a while. I think we all know this. Without bigger players we need to be more creative with set pieces.
  11. When he was with Norwich he was on a par with Maddison. I don't know why their development went in such different directions. It's a big if but if he could get back on track I would have him back.
  12. Looked a bit like watching Scottish fooball on ALBA. One camera , poor football and commentary in a foreign language.
  13. Definitely need someone sold . There will be a lot of wages to pay otherwise plus some unhappy players who can't get a game . We don't want to blow the parachute payments on wages for lots players who are not playing.
  14. Having a year out with knee ligaments can't have done him any good. I think league 1 or squad player in the championship is about his level.
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