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  1. The pinkun link does not work but I can get in by doing a google search.
  2. Good luck to them - Kenny was being prevented from moving forwards by the defender and was trying to free himself, his arm came up but was it deliberate or part of the reaction to try and free himself from the defender who was fouling him. It was a clear foul after all and in that case should have been a definite penalty. This kind of nonsense goes on all the time and even though they talk of clamping down on it, they never really do. A little pushing and shoving might be ok, but when it is a case of wrestling holds on attacking players going on, it should be called out and penalised. Penalty - and if the ref had blown up for that, Kenny would not have had to try and wrestle his way out of it. Totally agree . It should have been a penalty. The referee was not doing his job and was then taken in by some very over the top play acting.
  3. I'm not sure that Krul was better. I agree with those that think that Gunn should be given a chance in his place.
  4. More than a touch biased. I think Terry Butcher always played well for England I saw a few local derbys around that time and Butcher unfortunately for us was usually the best player on the pitch, and I don't remember the others being too bad. I believed that we were once interested in Mariner before he signed for Ipswich.
  5. Sophistry The use of clever but false arguments with the intention to deceive. I had to look it up. Its the sort of thing we have been hearing from politicians pundits and spokesmen for years but I never realized that it was called sophistry.
  6. I know that there is a lot of speculation over the terms of the Gilmour loan and whether he has to play if fit . Is it speculation or does anyone actually know and what the penalties would be if he wasn't played. It would be nice to know the truth. That being said Gilmour will not be here next season so I think that he should not play again and the manager should concentrate on players for the rest of the season who will still be with us.
  7. There's a bit of a gulf between under 23 and premiership as others have found out. Back in 1998 Adrian Coote couldn't stop scoring for the youth team and reserves. He couldn't manage to start scoring for the 1st team.
  8. Lies, dammed lies and statistics . Goals against number of appearances is not particularly relevant if most of those appearances are as a late sub when the player only gets a few minutes of game time. Much more relevant would be goals against the equivalent number of full matches played which is typically 97 or 98 minutes per match. The same goes for other players when unfavorable statistics are quoted. That being said I don't think that Hugill is good enough. At least we did not pay as much for him as much as West Ham. I think the fee paid by West Ham influenced people into thinking that a big club like them can't have got it quite that wrong.
  9. I think he would have been a better prospect for us to sign in the summer rather than Sargent. He has a definite physical presence and can score goals as well.
  10. I think that after being sacked from a job any manager needs at least a few months off for rest, recuperation and reflection before taking over at any new club. They can then come in refreshed with new ideas. Dean Smith could be a good manger for Norwich but not at this moment.
  11. I would say that the valuation of most city players has dropped significantly this season already. Cantwell most of all.
  12. Would we have been better off blowing roughly the same money (give or take a few million) on just Armstrong, Billing and Ajier? I think we would have been better off. Better to have a very good 1st eleven . You need some strength in depth but not two players of equal ability for every position.
  13. We have definitely been poor at producing a threat from corners in the last few seasons. It needs to be addressed asap. We should be getting an extra half dozen goals per season. ( Bring back Malky Mckay )
  14. I fully expected us to sell Cantwell in the summer to pay for new players and I would not have been too disappointed if we had as we now have a surfeit of attacking midfielders. As we saw on Saturday there was no place in the team for Gilmour, Rashica, Tzolis or Cantwell. Unless there is an injury crisis they are never all going to start in the same team. Our transfer policy should have concentrated on getting in fewer but better players rather than two for each position some of whom do not get a game. I know some previous managers also believed in the philosophy two players for each position but we don't have that luxury. Strength in the first 11 should have been a priority over strength in depth.
  15. My thoughts also. They should storm the championship next season.
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