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  1. Got my Tickets !! 😁 My first game of the season and a chance to take my boy and my dad to Anfield.
  2. Should be our 1st port of call this summer, He Loves the club, done great things at Rotherham now got Derby singing a tune. Would know all league of ones young prospects!!
  3. Welcome aboard, It's definitely a roller coaster supporting the Canaries. I'm also a big hockey fan 🏒 Let's go Bruins 😘
  4. I put a tenner on a month ago at 33-1 it's a long shot but we just need to get our name in the play off lottery... Then who knows
  5. Yep this picture is over ten years old. The said player was soon booted out of the Boston Bruins. For sleeping with a team mates wife....
  6. Can't find any info, does anyone know if away tickets are available on the gate for tonight's game ?
  7. The blokes in his 40s do you really expect him to never manage in England again ?? Think most people would be gutted it's it ends up at dirty Leeds though.
  8. I'll be there. It's my little boys 3rd Norwich game and our most local. Really hope we do a job on them. Have lots of Brizzle mates, hope to shut them up AGAIN
  9. I think the fact we get liverpool and Man City out of the way in the next 2 weeks helps us. Which makes the Palace game all the more important. Of the remaining fixtures our last ten games could be a lot worse
  10. I'll be there pretty local to me. Will be my lads 2nd game. He loved it last time and was even on MOTD. 🤣🤣
  11. My little bos 1st game today so a win would be nice. Gonna be a long 3 hour trip home if we lose !! 1-3 city
  12. Just bought tickets to take my boy to his 1st game. He is only 6 but he fell in love with football when the euros were on. Kids for a quid is a great way to get them to experience a real game and take in the atmosphere. Hoping we play a stong team and don't get stuffed!! 🙄
  13. Cantwell to Liverpool more rumours from 442 magazine https://www.fourfourtwo.com/amp/news/liverpool-report-reds-set-to-sign-todd-cantwell-this-month-at-bargain-price
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