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  1. I think the fact we get liverpool and Man City out of the way in the next 2 weeks helps us. Which makes the Palace game all the more important. Of the remaining fixtures our last ten games could be a lot worse
  2. I'll be there pretty local to me. Will be my lads 2nd game. He loved it last time and was even on MOTD.
  3. My little bos 1st game today so a win would be nice. Gonna be a long 3 hour trip home if we lose !! 1-3 city
  4. Just bought tickets to take my boy to his 1st game. He is only 6 but he fell in love with football when the euros were on. Kids for a quid is a great way to get them to experience a real game and take in the atmosphere. Hoping we play a stong team and don't get stuffed!!
  5. Cantwell to Liverpool more rumours from 442 magazine https://www.fourfourtwo.com/amp/news/liverpool-report-reds-set-to-sign-todd-cantwell-this-month-at-bargain-price
  6. So 48hrs to go who they gonna pull out the bag ? Ethan Ampadu 10mill with a chelsea buy back option. ( would be a decent signing imo )
  7. Bayern have never made an official bid the other two have. No problem glad to be of help
  8. Barca are 1.2 billion in debt. Bayern ?? Think you mean Roma
  9. Let arrons go 20million plus and get the defensive midfielder and center half finally sorted.... great kid but I honestly dont think gonna make a top side. Hes to small
  10. Agree with most comments Pukki isnt finished. BUT if we are going to play with wingers bombing on there needs to be someone in the box with a bit of an aerial presence. Think Sargent will become that man and see his minutes increasing week on week
  11. Very impressed with him. He was far better the then liverpool's Greek lad
  12. Idah reminds me a bit of a Dean Ashton type player hes a big lad (not like holty size) but theres definitely a presence there, his second last night was class. Hopefully he can make the step up. Big year ahead for him
  13. Would you be happy if we could get these 4 over the line? Plus keep Cantwell & Arrons. For me that would be a good summers works and a stronger squad than last time in the Premier
  14. Very Sad news. best wishes to his family and friends. He was a good member. I dont comment on much I am but a long time reader. OTBC
  15. That teams nothing without the fozzy flick!! And julian blellier to boot
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