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  1. This seems a very logical appointment; sourcing new talent within budget is vital for any successful business. Within his field, this guy appears to be high quality too! I wonder what kind of ''recommended shopping list'' Ewan Chester will arrive with next Tuesday?
  2. [quote user="TheNewBoy"][quote user="Jim Smith"] The fact that Blackpool have somehow (deservedly) scraped into the prem does not automatically mean their players are any good. Personally i think that their team has been a classic case of the whole being better than the sum of the parts as most of their players looked pretty bang average champ players to me and uunless they buy a whole new team they will battered week in, week out in the prem. DJ Campbell for £1.6m is a prime example. he is rubbish. [/quote] That''s not really a ''prime example'', the figure being mentioned is now more like £1m. Small change for somebody who has scored 11 goals in 18 games for you in a promotion season, and 9 goals in 20 games the year prior in a relegation battle. That is 20 goals in 38 games for Blackpool, not all starts. Find me a better striker, pound for pound, and I will give you a pound. If any of our strikers managed 17 goals in their next 35 games, for example Grant Holt, we would all be screaming about them being worth £3 or £4m. I would take him for a million quid, thats a snip, for more than a goal a game. He is a striker, his job is to score goals, he has a much better scoring rate than Robert Earnshaw at Nottm Forest (£2.65m). Do you expect Grant Holt next year to do any better than DJ Campbell in terms of goals? I don''t. Would you take £1m for Grant Holt? Enough said. [/quote] But 20 goals in 38 games is not ''more than a goal a game'' is it? Granted, one goal in two is still pretty good though!
  3. Nelson & Whitbread are ''blocker/get it clear'' types; Askou & Elliott also have those qualities but they are also ball-players. That will be vital in the Championship - when did we last have Centre Backs who can find someone in the same colour shirt 10-15 metres ahead of them?
  4. [quote user="GJP"]. . And if we were to now sign another centreback (like McCarthy) you''d have to fancy that Jens would be the first out of the door. [/quote] Mick McCarthy stopped playing years ago?...
  5. Coventry took Greg Downs, Robert Rosario and Craig Bellamy off us too...
  6. ''we will always be the champions of Europe''.. But Leeds have NEVER been champions of Europe! Wherever does this bizarre ill-truth stem from? Since 1955 Liverpool have won it 5 times, Man Utd 3 - and even Forest have won it twice! There''s no mention in the history books of Leeds being previous winners whatsoever. It''s all a bit daft!
  7. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="can u sit down please"]Geoffrey Watling Near the club shop. . [/quote]My choice also...............not ruddy Delia before some clown says so.[;)][/quote] I must be a clown then? - I''d love to see Delia over anyone else.
  8. What''s wrong with a 112-word sentence?!
  9. No, never heard of him either. To be frank, no opposition player really stood out to me when we played Brighton... PL should know what represents good value though?
  10. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]I can''t undertstand why so many people seem to assume we will finish in the top 6 next season or at least be challenging for a top 6 place. What the heck do you base this on?[:^)] You need quality, or you will struggle. Heaven forbid if we did finish in the top 6 and went up via the playoffs. I think we could be looking at some kind of points record in the Premiership[;)] [/quote] A top 6 expectation comes directly from Adam Bowkett''s declaration - refer to the Chairman''s message on www.canaries.co.uk
  11. Although he''s a decent footballer, I don''t like him as a player. Niggling, fouling, leaving his foot in and comes across as a generally unpleasant character on the pitch. It''s between him and Nicky Bailey as to who is my current least favourite player. Shaun Derry sounds pretty similar to Zak Whitbread then!
  12. Best to ignore him. Cowlings focus is on making endless appointments at his club - but that''s hardly a surprise if he''s in the recruitment industry is it? I''d rather we concentrated on winning games to get ourselves up the league - and that''s exactly what we have begun to do. Even if it has cost a few quid, surely it is well worth it? Colchester remain where they were, while Norwich have moved onwards and upwards. Even Cowling must have noticed that?
  13. Note to Colchester, it is up to the selling club to agree compensation BEFORE giving permission to a club to speak to their manager. Spot on - well said! The words ''Cart'' and ''Horse'' come to mind!
  14. PL seems to keep his cards close to his chest (which is surely the best way when negotiating?) and the media have found it challenging to pre-empt much in the past. Most paper talk is so off-beam it''s embarrassing. Best to chill out and wait for some (hopefully) pleasant surprises!
  15. With so many rumours currently flying around, it may be worth bearing reference to Alan Bowkett’s comments (Chairman’s Message currently on the NCFC site): “We will enter the Championship with a budget that will allow us to compete for a top 6 position, NOT to consolidate”… That suggests we should be in a financial position to compete with other clubs (like Leeds?) for Fraser Forster should he be available – and to acquire some other decent players too? With the Chairman clearly stating Norwich are aiming for the top 6 in the Championship surely that''s the type of message fans want to hear!
  16. If Koren survived the coaching mastery of Peter Grant he must be robust; sign him up!
  17. The board plan an assault for a top 6 place next season - why doubt it at this early stage? Ye of little faith!...
  18. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="wrathsajoke"]2 WORDS- LEAGUE ONE[/quote]There are 24 football teams in League One. Each has (usually) two centre backs, which makes 48 players to select from.Doherty was one of the two best centre backs in that league last season, if he made Team of the Year.Don''t you think on that basis he deserved a shot in the Championship?[/quote] Exactly - this PROVES The Doc is HIGHLY thought of by many others doesn''t it? It''s an incredible decision - PL must have a gem of a player on lower money lined up methinks? There can''t be too many about in that category - mind you, based on past performance PL will know who to get in...
  19. [quote user="freddyf105"][quote user="Captain Holt"]He''s looked dire every time I''ve seen him.[/quote] Agreed [Y][/quote] Yep - not seen much to get excited about there! Doc for me over Whitbread so far. Mind you Zak is rusty in fairness but there won''t be much time to warm up in the Championship - he needs to hit the ground running in August...
  20. I was more amazed/amused that they are keeping Bryan Laws. Me too! Taking Sheff Wed and Burnley down in the same season takes some doing - not exactly a winner is he?
  21. [quote user="followtheboyzinyellow"]Just thought that I would point out that I actually know Danny. However he came accross on the radio he is actually a decent bloke and went out of his way for our fans when he was at our club. Things didnt work out for him here and yes it seems he does still have a bit of a chip on his shoulder about it. His family still live in Norfolk and he comes back regularly. And he has also done a lot for the game, even after suffering a personal tradgedy[/quote] What personal tragedy?
  22. [quote user="Carra_Rud"]I used to only comment on the 606 boards, but after months and months of childish insults and the same old debates, I thought I would come on here, and see what is was like on The Pink''Un. I still spend most of my "debating" time on 606 but always look on here and now and again give my input.The thing is, its probably worse on here, but the sad thing is, the WUM''s on here appear, on the whole, to be Norwich fans, which I can''t get my head around.Any thoughts? [/quote] What''s a ''WUM'' please?
  23. [quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]Give it another season and they will be in the championship. The way they treated Zola was a disgrace. Not a happy club with not a happy future[/quote] I agree - some bad karma around Upton Park lately; who in their right mind would want to work with those two slimey Pearly Kings? I know they''ve inherited a juicy wage bill (is Kieron Dyer really paid all that whilst unfit?) - but it was their choice to purchase the West Ham wasn''t it? Providing PL stays with Norwich he could well pass the next Hammers manager coming the other way into the Championship next season anyway. Lambo''s job at Norwich is a nice job in a pleasant area - I think he knows that already...
  24. The Arsenal Academy lads are top, top, top with their technical skills - have you seen them play at u12? My son played for Norwich against Arsenal, Spurs & Fulham last season and I saw first hand that Arsenal have talent in spades! (It was Norwich 0-2 Arsenal in the game my lad played - seen as a good result given the quality of the opposition). Any player not taken up by Norwich but accepted at Arsenal must surely be ''one missed'' by us? Since Norwich still haven''t taken my son into the Academy, perhaps I should request a trial for him at Arsenal in the close season? One of my other u13''s is going to Arsenal for a 2-day trial in July - perhaps there''s a trend building here?...
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