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  1. Minster Canary

    Charlton's Lookman signs for Everton

    Pretty sure the lad is a winger.
  2. Minster Canary

    Alan Pardew leaves Crystal Palace

    I''d have him as our manager in a heartbeat.
  3. Minster Canary

    Young Tom

    His middle name is Kelvin, he was born in Gravesend and his favourite band of all time is Shed Seven.

    That''s all I''ve got.
  4. Minster Canary

    Good Luck to James Maddison Thread

    Good luck for Sunday James.
  5. Minster Canary

    Well Done Jacob But!

    I thought we were congratulating Jacob Butterfield for a minute...
  6. Minster Canary

    Theoretical scenario.

    [quote user="hogesar"]If we win with a convincing performance I''m happy to see if we can turn it around with AN in charge. The hardest thing in management is getting out of these slumps but a good performance and victory away at Derby would be, potentially, a terrific turning point.

    Plus, for the first time in a while i''m actually going away so it''d be nice to see us win![/quote]

    Hogesar, bearing in mind you were quick to judge those who live far away from CR for not making the effort to go to all home games, it surprises me to see you don''t make the effort to go to more away games.

    Where is your loyalty? Or are you a plastic like us in exile?
  7. Minster Canary


    is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as...
  8. Minster Canary

    Team for Derby?


    Pinto Martin Klose Brady

    Ja Murphy Thompson Tettey Jo Murphy


  9. Minster Canary

    Please don't let it be him

    Alan Curbishley.

    He''s always at 33/1.
  10. Minster Canary

    Get David Wagner in

    Everyone seems to be speaking of the issue that there aren''t any credible candidates currently available should Alex Neil get the chop, so I suggest we do exactly what we did when we appointed Lambert/Hughton/Neil and poach another teams manager, and my number one choice would be David Wagner of Huddersfield.

    Granted, Huddersfield are hardly in a poor league position themselves, but their early season form seems to have fizzled out ever so slightly. There is, however, no doubt that David Wagner has a team punching well above their weight with his unorthodox methods, tactical nous and speciality in creating a tight-knit squad who want to play for one another. He''s learnt from the best in Germany and could be an excellent choice.

    Huddersfield are unlikely to want to part ways with him but we''ve seen before just how appealing Norwich City is to rival managers, the current playing squad (which in my opinion needs a radical overhaul), the stadium and the fan base. He''d be an exciting prospect for NCFC fans, interested to know others thoughts on him.
  11. Minster Canary


    Well I''m assured.
  12. Minster Canary

    I'm streaming of a yellow Christmas

    [quote user="morty"]Move house?[/quote]

  13. Minster Canary

    I'm streaming of a yellow Christmas

    Well I live in North Yorkshire Hogesar and that time of the year in particular is a busy one so any games that are streamed are a great plus for us (presumably) plastics who don''t have the privilege of living in close proximity of CR.
  14. Minster Canary

    I'm streaming of a yellow Christmas

    The latter three games are a given as they''re all live on Sky Sports, but good to know there should be a stream for the City/Brentford game on 3rd Dec. Thanks MP.