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  1. Coincidentally that was my first game at camp nou too, and have to agree with everything Harry says. The loudest songs with most joining in were about Catalan independence.
  2. chrisr1606

    ooh, look what I have found

    I watched it straight from twitch, only lagged a couple times
  3. chrisr1606

    Home grown rules/man management

    How does dual nationality play into it? Surely someone like tettey could apply for British citizenship from living in the UK for so long. I''m thinking back many years from old football manager games but I thought it was 5 years?
  4. chrisr1606

    £3.5m Academy Fund - who's in?

    You can''t use the credit against season tickets. I emailed last night and had thus response...

    Unfortunately not, the Club Credit is redeemable against regular tickets, hospitality, club merchandise, kiosks and other club events, but not season tickets.
  5. chrisr1606

    Fifa on xbox live

    Not wanting to turn this into a fanboy type discussion but I''d be interested in one on PS4.
  6. chrisr1606

    Ricky Martin

    Been wondering that myself. I thought he did a lot of the stuff the new sporting director will do. So what tasks will now make up the technical director role I''m not sure.
  7. I always presumed any announcement would be towards the end of the week, hence Irvine being given two games in charge. A bit like when Neil took over, announced before the weekend but too late for the new person to be in charge for the game.
  8. chrisr1606

    Mitchell Dijks

    A right back rather than left, but was Jurgen Colin from ajax or psv?
  9. chrisr1606

    Projected £12m loss?

    I would suspect the figure is based on us achieving promotion with the loss coming from bonuses as is usually the case. Therefore we wouldn''t be in the EFL anymore and they wouldn''t be able to inflict any punishment.
  10. chrisr1606

    Toffolo on loan to Scunthorpe

    How much longer is olsson out for?
  11. chrisr1606

    Hoolahan signs new contract!

    Hopefully he can win the Barry butler trophy. Can''t believe he hasn''t won one yet.
  12. chrisr1606

    ALex Prichard

    Just out of curiosity, why do most people here rate pritchard so much higher than Bamford?

    Both had good seasons in the championship the year before last. Bamford ripped our defence to pieces up at Middlesbrough and for me was just as effective as pritchard was in the game at Carrow Road. And then both failed to make any impact in the premier league last season. Why is there such a clamour for us to sign him? Would be a bit of a risk if you ask me, unless there''s something I''ve missed.
  13. chrisr1606

    Russell Martin transfer?

    I''m sure he''ll get all the licks he wants down in Brighton!!
  14. chrisr1606

    Lookey likeys

    Timm klose and Mario gomez