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  1. Penguin- not our fault no one wants to visit Norwich. I''d suggest you aquire a history so that you can attract more fans.
  2. Not so popular this year, selling 1000 ish.
  3. Hugging random strangers! You crazy cats. Hope you didn''t tell the wife.
  4. Willy, Were you eating chocolate mousse this morning?
  5. Doyle has had some amazing games. Was immense at scum Trafford. Even better against Bristol.
  6. Prove he''s a great keeper? Good luck with that one!
  7. 2018 needs to offer some footballing history/stature. The right decisions were made.
  8. Would expect this kind of thread on a passionless family club site. Who''s your premiership team though?
  9. What team has led the league by 8 points, totally f--ked it up, then scraped into 2nd by the skin of their teeth?
  10. Is it possible to make a racist comment without intention? Are certain words inherrantly racist, regardless of circumstance?
  11. Are Norwich fans who live in Norwich more loyal than those from further away? Does it matter where fans were born? Memories of scousers beating up out of town Liverpool fans at the train station, are obviously an extreme example.
  12. So, back to the topic: is Norwich''s lack of black players due to a) A concerted effort by the board, or b) Black players'' unwillingness to join the club/move to the area due to the locals'' attitude.
  13. Can''t think of any full backs at present. We''d still beat your team with 9 men. Warner Radebe Rio Johanneson Dacourt Kammy Wallace Hasselbaink Yeboah
  14. Chill out amigos... Just a friendly discussion. I''ll tell you what, try to think of a Norwich FC all-time non-White eleven. I could easily come up with a Leeds team. You have until 11pm.
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