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  1. [quote user="CanaryJames"]Schmeichel going for £1million suits us down to the ground. With Kilkenny/Johnson having already gone, and Schmeichel on the way out, I''d imagine a number of Leeds players will become disillusioned before long. Personally I can Snodgrass handing in a transfer request once Gradel also leaves, allowing us to pick up Snodgrass for around £3million plus add-on''s. Leeds relegated next year. No keeper, no central midfield, no wingers, one striker (oh, and Billy Paynter)...[/quote]why would schmeichel leaving "suit you down to the ground"???????????????kilkenny leaving will most probably be a relief for most players as he never stopped moaning and blaming everyone else for his own mistakes.i liked bradley as he gives one 100% but he is not a very bright lad who thinks he is better than he is...... norwich will suit him.gradel and snoddy may leave but i think snoddy would have more sense than to join a club that so far has signed a part time cripple, a league 1 winger and a non league player from millwall for 2.8 million.leeds relegated......................... hehenorwich  4/6 favorites to be relegated....... fill your boots and pay for your 2012 championship season ticket. look at the players lambert has signed championship players written all over them..... see you in 2012
  2. At least we have a history. go anywhere in the world and people know of leeds united.................. mention norwich and they ask if its near london.we are"famous for going from champions league semi-final to divi 1 in 6 years" at least we played in europe before ending up in league 1.the only way you will go to europe is on your hols. Oh well i can bask in our history. you can continue to dream of a history.enjoy your trip to old trafford where you can listen to them singing about us a true rival. 
  3. born west end street then lived in west earlham moved to costessey now live in the golden triangle. next move Corfu for an early retirement. life is so good.
  4. and the last time you were champions of england was??????????????the last time you won the FAcup was??????????????????the last time you won a european trophy was????????????Oh sorry i forgot small minded club with no history and small minded racist fans who verbally attack their own players. I hope you are proud ........ it must have players ringing their agents with requests to sign for norwich(as long as their not black). Is it true that Nick Griffin is your new public relations officer?????
  5. [quote user="Badger"]Must be taking you ages to type all this drivel one handed, Norwich White.[/quote] typing is easy as I''m from norwich and have 6 fingers on each hand.
  6. [quote user="LeJuge"]If you think that McNally and Lambert would give any Championship player £20k a week then you must be an awful judge of character and I would hate to meet your friends.  If your midfield is really so great, then why didn''t you win automatic promotion from the Premiership? Our squad thrives on being continuosly under rated by opponents, and long may that continue. If it means that the big four play reserve teams against us next year, then you can expect some surprises.I note that you are a Norwich based Leeds fan, I would be interested to know just how many times you have been to Leeds and Norwich games in the past 12 months. Being married to a Leeds season ticket holder, I get dragged up there whenever Norwich are playing away.Having watched every single Norwich home game last season, and at least 6 Leeds home games, including the 2 games that we played against each other, I can categorically state that none of the Midfielders that you just listed are as technically gifted as Wes Hoolohan. I''d take Snodgrass and Gradel, I have to question whether Howson is really as good as suggested, I would suggest that Korey Smith has time to catch up and exceed him in terms of development. Kilkenny is nowhere near as good as Crofts in terms of all round game. Comparing a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 with our diamond formation is probably the most pointless activity possible however, like I said.... Lambert is a better tactician than Grayson..... who probably wouldn''t even have been capable of working Hoolohan into a strategy. The league table doesn''t lie. There is no way that a team with a weak midfield could finish in the top 2, or even the top 6, and whilst I would agree that the middle of the park is the strongest area of the pitch for Leeds, if you are going to slate our squad then you need to be looking inwards to work out what part of the pitch Norwich are superior in. The table doesn''t lie, we have a better squad than you, and with millions to spend our squad is only going to be getting better. Looking at your squad, I can honestly say that I would take 5 of your players into our squad, and even then a few might struggle to get game time. I''d have Schmeichal but I doubt he would nail down the number 1 spot ahead of Ruddy, I''d probably take Kisnorbo, but only to complete a group of 4 centre backs, I''d take Gradel but only because we don''t have any wingers, Snodgrass is class and I suspect that he would compete for a place (but still wouldn''t be the star man, Hoolohan owns that title), and I''d have Howson even if it could be argued that we don''t need him.The rest of your squad consists of distinctly average defenders, a few league one quality players, and Becchio who is a decent striker but wouldn''t be needed at Carrow Road now that we have 4 good strikers plus Chris Martin, on whom the jury is still out. Not that I ever expect a Leeds fan to be humble and acknowledge that they just aren''t good enough for the top 2, the best that you can hope for is to sneak into 6th place and play at your very best for every play off game. My wife acknowledges that, probably the only Leeds fan who does, at least Leeds fans who never go to games. [/quote]Lejuge for your information me and my sons did 22 games last season 14 aways and 8 home games i also went to both games against norwich and paid for 3 other norwich fans to go in the north stand at ER.in both games you should have been buried by halftime.our problem was not our attacking midfield it was our defensive midfield(bradley johnson) our defence and our keeper.you said you would have schmeichel.......... you can have him. 1million will do and we can sign kieran westwood from coventry. schmeichal is a good shot stopper but does not control the defence or box.defence..... we missed kisnorbo who is a true leader.bruce, o''brien, naylor and bromby did not give you any confidence when balls came into the box.left backs.......... bessone , BJ(notice a feature here) and McCartney were all shit and allowed the crosses our central defenders and keeper could not deal with.right backs.......connolly and lichaj both did wellwe were second top scorers in the division behind yourselves but our defensive record was crap.we lost 2 games to any of the top 6 teams but were woeful against teams in the bottom half.we did not deserve a top 6 finish but the best team in the league went up via the play-offs.i believe swansea, Qpr cardiff and forest were better footballing sides than yourselves but you had the consistency.the players you have will struggle in the premiership and your signings i believe are championship at best...... maybe your manager is preparing for next season in the championship like WBA  did for 2 seasons when relegated then promoted but from this have become stronger.4/6 about you being relegated will pay for the family hols next year. playing for leeds breaks a lot of players as we are still seen as the team to beat.... we are still a lot of teams cup final. 14 teams had their best crowd when playing us which proves we are still a big attraction. I did not want promotion as our team is nowhere near good enough and from a personal point of view i do not want to go back to the premiership. with expensive away trips and soulless  grounds with glory hunting fans. i went to old trafford and the emirates in the cup games and was disappointed with the atmosphere from the home fans. to many happy clappy types in the premiership for my liking, i prefered my tips to the likes of yeovil, orient and gillingham when we were in league 1.you mention hoolahan who was brought to english football by who???????????????????????? simon grayson.your so called superstars holt and hoolahan were not signed by your current manager. who you make out is a god.you all know that lambert will desert you when a big club comes calling..... he is a mercenary with no loyalty. will he be at the club this time next year?????????? i doubt it.
  7. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]At Leeds Bradley Johnson had a completely different working environment.   Now he''s joined Norwich, he will benefit from more inspirational management (PL), better coaching (IC), he''ll be surrounded by more technically gifted colleagues, he''ll work at a top-quality training ground, he''ll have resounding support from passionate fans who are not living in yesteryear but in today''s modern Premiership. This club is in harmony - the one he left most certainly isn''t!   Just like Tierney, when he gets his chance he''ll come in and add some toughness to the team - when we''re playing the Stokes of this world he could be a Godsend!   PS: Those comparing BJ with Gill; isn''t BJ a left-sided midfielder and Gill a right-sided midfielder? If so, BJ''s main competition for a place is likely to be Simon Lappin and Andrew Surman. [/quote]more technically gifted players my arse.our midfield bar BJ are all internationals. howson under 21, snodgrass-scotland, kilkenny- australia and gradel- ivory coast.howson, gradel and snodgrass would all be starters in your team.BJ is a grafter but his passing is very limited and his shooting is woeful.if bradley had a brain he would be a reasonable player but his intelligence seems very limited(hence joining norwich)be prepared for plenty of suspensions for yellow and red cards.club in harmony........................... until bradley arrived on a huge wagebradley was on 4k a week at leeds we offered him 6k a week in november he turned it down as he wanted parity with other players wages. bates transfer listed him....... no offers came forward.we then offered him 7k a week but he wanted 11k a week.he stated publicly that he did not want to leave leeds he just wanted paying what he believed he was worth(bates and grayson had other ideas).if the rumours are to be believed you are offering him 20k a week(haha) for 3 years as he is a free agent and no signing on fee. the reason he has delayed signing is that his agent was waiting for a bigger offer from sunderland.... this has not arrived so he will settle for norwich.bradley has made it quite clear he is following the money. 20k to sit on the bench........ goodlucksee you next year in the championship
  8. remind me whats in your trophy room??????????????A carpet and an award for a Delia pie and maybe a picture of J Goss scoring a goal against bayern in your only trip into europe.small minded team with small minded racist fans.
  9. [quote user="Thecanaryfan"][quote user="norwichwhite"]I will. peterborough still has a standing terrace and will have a better atmosphere than old trafford and highbury where we have been to in the last two seasons nothing but money pits. look forward to your premiership days at bolton, blackburn, fulham, wigan Qpr and west brom happy clappy clubs with happy clappy fans. you can all discuss the music they play to celebrate your scoring of a goal. the only teams i would look forward to are spurs, barcodes and stoke. proper grounds with a proper atmosphere. not a sanitised american theme park with middle class wannabees. we have great away days to come @ cardiff, millwall, west ham, birmingham, portsmouth and boro[/quote] Pathetic. You are subhuman Leeds scum - without doubt the stupidist and crudest fans in the country. I know I used to steward and work the turnstiles at Elland Road and it amazed me everytime how truly stupid Leeds fans are. I used to eject your fans, absolutley loved it. I used to cheer the visitors in the family stand. I could because the upper tier was ALWAYS deserted because you cant fill your stadium. Cardiff and Millwall great away days? Hmmm, I wonder what that makes Man Utd, Chealsea, Liverpool and Arsenal? You idiot. And if Johnson is so rubbish why did your pathetic club offer him a new contract? A contract he turned down because he realised he was playing for a hopeless club with zero chance of returning to the PL because they have a manger who bottles it when the preassure is on, and always will. You need to off load Grayson if you want to get back in the prem. I suggest Glen Roeder as the replacement. And Chris smalling 3rd choice CB? Ahead of Oshea and Evens? Really? [8-)] I feel for you. [/quote] visiting fans have either had the southstand corner or the southstand never the family stand...... dickhead. the upper tier at elland road is closed due to the fact that bates gets a discount off the council tax. we have had higher aggregate attendances than you for the last two seasons...... fact we are the best away supported club outside the premiership.......... fact 14 clubs had their best attendance against us and we took 73k fans away last season and sold our full allocation against all but 2 clubs. took over 5k to coventry, reading, barnsley and 9k to arsenal. was at old trafford when we beat the 1-0 in the cup last season was also at the emirates when we got a 1-1 draw. both stadiums have a shiite atmosphere. we had more fun at yeovil and wallsall. bradley was offered what we thought he was worth and he thought he was worth more..... he has openly stated he loves it at leeds and did not want to go anywhere else. we will not meet his estimation of what he thinks he''s worth. some small club will pay him more than he is worth because they will struggle to get any players of real class. i will come back and remind you on the smalling subject at the end of the season when he has started 15 games for scum because rio has been unable to play because of his back injury and o''shea is playing at another club. look forward to meeting you again in the championship in 2012. small club with small minded racist fans. on the ball city oh we have scored a goal.....so lets play music because our fans don''t sing
  10. I will. peterborough still has a standing terrace and will have a better atmosphere than old trafford and highbury where we have been to in the last two seasons nothing but money pits. look forward to your premiership days at bolton, blackburn, fulham, wigan Qpr and west brom happy clappy clubs with happy clappy fans. you can all discuss the music they play to celebrate your scoring of a goal. the only teams i would look forward to are spurs, barcodes and stoke. proper grounds with a proper atmosphere. not a sanitised american theme park with middle class wannabees. we have great away days to come @ cardiff, millwall, west ham, birmingham, portsmouth and boro
  11. [quote user="Thecanaryfan"]Well it looks like the forward line is fixed. Snodgrass wont happen. Lambert wont pay over the odds. Not £5m. Elliot Bennett is just as good and half the price. I think Lamert will go after him at some point. Johnson would be a steal on a free. I think we need a right back opposed to a left back. would like to see us splash the cash on Bertrand. £4 perhaps? Or Gavin Hoyte from Arsenal. Get perhaps Chris Smalling on a season loan loan as a first choice CB? Dont see why not. Lansbury on another loan to offer more options in midfield. And finally more big cash on another wide player. [/quote] i have read some crap on this site in the last few days but this idiot takes the biscuit. Chris smalling will be 3rd choice CB for scum next year and will go on loan to no one. "Johnson would be a steal on a free" Explain how you steal something thats free?????? How often have you lot watched bradley?????? in the last two seasons i have watched him play over 40 games in various positions. He is an energetic player but lacks a brain. passing is not his strong point and often puts the team in trouble with missed placed passes in dangerous areas. wins his fair share of headers but his shooting is woeful. averages about 1 in 20 on target(sit in the lower barclay and you should be safe). We would not pay him what he wanted as we did not believe he was worth it. good luck. snoddy is a good player who lacks pace. his energy levels are suspect and in the last 2 seasons has played well till xmas then has disappeared in 90% of the games after the new year. rumours that drink is a problem and likes a bet. the drinking could explain the massive losses in form. looking at your signings so far it seems that lambert is building a good team for the championship in 2012 2 strikers(morison & vaughan) who are just about championship level. bennet who has played only league 1 football if you are signing snoddy and BJ you are signing two midfielders who failed to get us in the play-offs last year. Gradel and Howson are our best midfielders. those players do not say to me we are building to stay in the premiership but we will be ready for the championship. if you give us £5m for snoddy then i will drive him to colney for you. £5m for snoddy and keep gradel looks good to me. well good luck and if anyone will give me evens to a couple of grand instead of the bookies measly 4/6 on norwich being relegated i would be grateful.
  12. We get shit policing every other week. herded from pub to ground and from ground to station. why bleat about it....... it happens....... why???????because twats like you lot on here cry because big bad leeds had the audacity to wander round your city..... murdering kids and raping grannies.the problem is..... this was your fans not ours http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/norwich_fans_banned_for_anti_social_behaviour_1_762280 and those arrested were not the main boys and i could name at least 4 that were on the bridge and a couple with banning orders.on attendances lets not let facts get in the way of your agenda. then again http://soccernet.espn.go.com/stats/attendance?league=eng.2&seasontype=4&cc=5739small happy clappy club with no history. i have lived the dream with my club and have the memories............... you never have and never will. a year in the prem for you then back to obscurity. enjoy your trip to old toilet where you will hear the scum sing our name not yours.we are and always will be missed by those at the top table
  13. what a bunch of fooking fanny merchants you lot are. would you like the local plod to supply you with a stannah stairlift from the station to your seats in the ground. so you dont have to come face to face with the bad people who make you late for you first class seat on your little choo choo.happy clappy fans from a happy clappy club. the sooner you lot join the rest of the sterile clubs in the premiership the better.footballs not about sitting in your seats while the dj plays music to let you know you have scored. when you get promoted go on the pitch and celebrate in style..... oh no..... i forgot its Norwich and you will sit in your seats and clap like demented seals. hopefully west ham and wolves will get relegated and Norwich, QPR and Reading will get promoted. eeal grounds with real supporters instead of middle class happy clappers.
  14. thank god was worried he would miss the game and you would play someone like jackson who has pace.
  15. just been told holt missed training and is unlikely to play tomorrow. anyone heard this or is this just a wind up???????????????
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