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  1. I have set up a league Password is NCFC13 Pin is 8021796
  2. Is anyone here on the season ticket waiting list? How long have u been waiting and where are you looking to sit?
  3. I don''t understand any of the negative reviews that seem to be swimming around a lot of sites. It is similar to MW2, but then it always was going to be. If you''re like me, you will be happy that it is similar with different maps and weapons and a few different features. There was never any need for drastic changes to one of the most successful gaming franchises of all time
  4. Ok so Naughton has played one game and already he is beng labelled as binng fantastic and the next big thing? He hoofed the ball away a lot of the time against stoke. Not saying he had a bad game, he did look solid, but its far too early to say he should be straight in ahead of Martin! Martin has had a year and a half of being fantastic for us. Against Wigan, he had some problems. But it was his first ever Premier league game and he was up against Moses who is a tricky winger. It was clear and sensible that his priorities would be defending and not bombing on. He has been great for us and for me should get the nod as our own player ahead of a loanee
  5. The other player we were rumoured to be interested in was Darren Ambrose, stated by a usually reliable source
  6. Love this as a verse! With more verses, could possibly catch on?
  7. How about this, seeing as Surman has no song; To the tune of ''come on come on'' ''''Surman Surman....Surman Surman....Surman Surman Surman SURMAN'''' Feel free to add the extra verses!!!!
  8. Holts family did move down with him when he first came, but never settled. Theey moved back upto Carlisle in the summer. They have now moved back down again, but whether they will settle this time is debatable seeing as she is from up there.
  9. used for croft a couple of years ago, not a great one to get going considering he alredy has a couple of songs, one being a lot better
  10. he is a good little player, as is the younger son. looking forward to hopefully seeing them play at carrow road one day. believe the eldest scored 5 against the binners a year or two ago from the left
  11. [quote user="Beauseant"] [quote user="cityangel"]Meant to say  so who would want him to sign in January ? or would we rather give Askou or Whitbread a chance assuming they are both fit then.[/quote]   Askou''s not got enough quality at this level (as Lambert has recognised by bringing the loanee in over him )and Whitbread''s fitness record is exasperating. Barnett has impressed me more and more since his debut at Forest and I think that he''s a "must sign" in January. [/quote]   im sorry but how can you possibly say that askou hasn''t got enough quality at this level? have you seen him play at this level? before he got injured he was class, i know that was in league one but there is no evidence at all to back up your commment of him not having quality at this level!
  12. [quote user="Northerncanary"] Kick off, throw it in, have a little scrimmage, Keep it low, a splendid rush, bravo, win or die; ontheballcity.com never mind the danger, Steady on, now’s your chance, Hurrah! We’ve scored a goal. [/quote]   binner?
  13. Gordon and Oakley according to the official website?
  14. does anyone know who the two youngsters who replaced mcnamee and and dawkin late in the second half?
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