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  1. Maybe we should play him up front and maybe he'll score some goals for us...
  2. Wouldn’t it be better to have your 2nd goalkeeper at least be “homegrown” to help with those numbers?
  3. Quite annoying to be honest! Typical BBC! They get the rare opportunity to broadcast four premier league matches and still manage to **** it up! 😡
  4. Just wanted to check and see how this thread compares in size to the Coronavirus main thread...😜
  5. A bit like last season then... 3 losses in the first five games. We all know what happened after that...
  6. Everyone has made mistakes, including Klopp and Guardiola... don’t be a killjoy!!!
  7. Spot on!!! I totally agree with every word you just said...
  8. Speaking of Lewis, does anyone have an update on the injury he picked up yesterday?
  9. I agree... let’s look at it as a good preseason game and a good test. We will learn from this and gain some good knowledge from it. Many other teams will come to Anfield and get hammered. We have now got this one out of our way and now we can press on from here...
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