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  1. A bit like last season then... 3 losses in the first five games. We all know what happened after that...
  2. USA Canary

    Mr Farke

    Everyone has made mistakes, including Klopp and Guardiola... don’t be a killjoy!!!
  3. USA Canary

    Mr Farke

    Spot on!!! I totally agree with every word you just said...
  4. USA Canary

    Jamal Lewis

    Speaking of Lewis, does anyone have an update on the injury he picked up yesterday?
  5. USA Canary


    I agree... let’s look at it as a good preseason game and a good test. We will learn from this and gain some good knowledge from it. Many other teams will come to Anfield and get hammered. We have now got this one out of our way and now we can press on from here...
  6. Just went through a stressful live draft and this is what I ended up with... Do I stand a chance this season? Anyone else want to share theirs?
  7. USA Canary

    Favourite Songs Sung at Carrow Road

    I also thought the Javier Garrido song was quite good as well...
  8. For me I really liked the “We love you Paul McVeigh” song and “Moroccan all over the World” (Safri). They seemed to really get most of the crowd going! Which ones really stand out to you guys?
  9. USA Canary


    Will be interesting to see how committed he is this season... https://www.footballtransfertavern.com/premier-league/norwich-city/norwich-city-ralf-fahrmann-claims-he-wants-to-return-to-play-for-schalke/ Do you think he’ll be our number one?
  10. USA Canary

    That’s your lot!

    I’m with you LDC...
  11. USA Canary

    What about Hanley at DM

    Oh god! Please don’t remind me of that moment!!!
  12. USA Canary

    Fer to Sheffield United

    Swansea are giving warning as well... https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/07/24/some-swansea-fans-are-warning-sheffield-united-over-leroy-fer/
  13. https://the72.co.uk/139768/sheffield-united-could-hand-ex-norwich-city-qpr-and-swansea-city-man-a-premier-league-lifeline/ ...well that’s them relegated for sure then! Three prior relegations on his CV...
  14. USA Canary

    Fabio Quagliarella

    Anyone know how he''s doing these days? Could he fit the Webber/Farke mold?