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  1. No.Some issues are bigger than even my beloved Norwich City.NO NO NO and NON!!!
  2. Does this mean he is on the move and removed his account from the trolls?Nonsense on Twitter says he is on the way 2 Norfolk to sign??In this weather???
  3. Agreed.However i''m slightly worried about QPR.Would hate them to escape.
  4. How did Butterfield play yesterday?
  5. I kinda agree with you about finances but am still shocked how we looked like deer in headlights.We made an average Liverpool look like the 1980''s Liverpool.If you don''t believe me I will put money on them losing next week.
  6. I was shocked on thursday when sitting down to read the Guardians football reports to find our match v Doncaster was not mentioned!!! Every other match had a big write up!!
  7. ''''@FootyAgentKing Anichebe looks Like he has chosen Wigan as his next destination with a deal agreed for around 3.5 million'''' Thank God. Bye
  8. Will there be a stream or highlights on tv tomorrow night?
  9. Man you r such a downer.I have ulcerated colitis and i feel a flair up coming on.OTBC
  10. Just watched the excellent doc on racism by Clarke Carlise on BBC3.I remember as a kid watching City in the late 80s with the genius of Fox & Gordon playing and horrific chants directed at opposition black players.Does anybody else remember this? I dont remember this behaviour in the early 90s so was this behaviour halted by zero tolerance or cctv?
  11. Just signed up for the Canaries Player and the guy doing the commentary sounds just like Ricky Gervais?Anybody else agree? Also surprised to see the friendly got fairly heated (Chris Martin)!
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