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  1. [quote user="Brightside"]Martin Jol? He''s not doing wonders at Fulham so what on earth makes you think he will be any better than Hughton? Replacing a bad performing manager with another bad performing manager is counter productive. Hoddle is a grade A tw@t but that aside I think he is a bloody good manager and if it comes to it could keep us up. Listening to his punditry he clearly knows the game even ten years out of management. I doubt very much Hoddle will manage again because of his stupid karma comments.[/quote] Are you forgetting the 3 clubs he has managed since he made those comments?   He made a mistake, he paid for it with his job.  Get over it and leave it in 1999.   I think hes a great shout.  Has a decent record wherever he has been and clearly knows his onions. Martin Jol - No.
  2. Long standing injury which wasn''t helped by Scholes tackle. Don''t shoot the messenger if its wrong. Just passing on what i heard.
  3. John Ruddy will knock you out,knock you out, knock you out,John Ruddy will knock you out,Just ask Drog-ba
  4. Why exactly are you fussed about us?  I don''t care about any other teams, let alone enough to track down a message board and post my thoughts on it. 
  5. Just been named in Wales team for next week.   Hopefully he has now recovered and we might see him tomorrow.
  6. Saw him today wearing one of these - http://www.physioroom.com/product/Aircast_SP_Walker/2247/35950.html Hopefully nothing major!!
  7. someone told me on Friday that we have replaced all the dug outs and the chairs have been designed by Lotus.  I reckon they might look pretty good.
  8. [quote user="Who Let The Fox Out"]That Chris Martin actually had a great start to the season?[/quote]That''s what I noticed the most as well.   Deffo worth keeping for next season.
  9. It was clear to see that Hucks runs 10 miles most days of the week at the gym.  He just got better and better.   Nice that he was allowed to wear yellow as well.
  10. I don''t think this would be THAT good of a signing.   It would be a kick in the teeth to Ruddy and I thought he was excellent for us at the end of the season.   It took him a while to live up to the standard that Forster had set for him, he even mentioned it in a few interviews if I remember correctly.How is he gonna feel if the ''messiah'', as some people seem FF, returns ?   It doesnt make any sense to have 3 very young inexperienced goalkeepers in your squad for a Premiership season.   Ruddy is already here and already our player.  He won promotion last year just as much as FF did the year before but for some reason people don''t hold them in the same regard.  Slightly baffling to me.
  11. Glad it wasn''t just me who was confused. Think I''ll go in the shop tomorrow and double check which 36 I''ve got. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.
  12. Does any know, to save me a trip to the Canary store, what age is size 36 for the kids kit?Reason I ask, I ordered what should have been a kit sized 7/8 for my boy but it totally drowns him and just says size 36 inside (which I guess is Italian sizes?)Anybody know ?
  13. Wooosaaaa!   Feel your pressure points footycanary
  14. According to NCFC Twitter........
  15. Couldn''t see a post on this already. Anyone else find it weird Drury came on yesterday when the other subs were Pacheco and Lansbury who were getting a farewell send off from the crowd. Was wondering if Drury was getting the same. I would guess he''s the biggest earner at the club and his salary is probably due to increase with promotion and is no longer first choice, so maybe PL doesn''t want his biggest earner on the bench. Perhaps we have seen the last of Drury. If so it will be sad but I trust PL.
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