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  1. Right back depends on Aarons making the step up and Ivo Pinto staying or going. I think another CB is a must though if we''re going to be playing a 3, especially as Raggett has apparently been struggling to play out from the back.
  2. Husband was improving steadily during games last season before his injury imo. Still think he''ll have a hell of a job dislodging Lewis once he''s fit.
  3. Also if Norwich have spent 4 - 5 million on Leitner, Buendia, Marshall, Puki, Rhodes and Passlack then I look forward to seeing what they can manage with ''8''.
  4. I remember when they were excited about seeing the Mings money reinvested.
  5. We could of course appropriate it if the opposite of what happens last seasons starts happening.
  6. Did notice that when I heard it but I think he''s slightly more likely to be talking about Australia.
  7. Don''t think we''ve been told but it''ll probably be towards the end of next week.
  8. Lots of the folks around me in block c will be unhappy with this.
  9. [quote user="hogesar"]As if theyve let the summer intern do more than just make the coffee.[/quote]This is giving them too much credit, honestly.
  10. ''''A middle-of-the-ground stadium for a middle-of-the-table team.''''
  11. He''s a free agent now so perhaps he''s on trial.
  12. Maybe if he steps up at Leicester. I think he can.Also thin we need somebody that can put their foot on the ball and dictate from deep. Granted England never have anything like that.
  13. I''m also leaning towards optimism. I genuinely believe the signings of Marshall, Pukki and Rhodes indicate pragmatism from Farke and Webber. We needed to score more goals from crosses so they''ve gone and got somebody that can cross more often and more consistently than Murphy and 2 clinical box strikers, something we haven''t had in ages. Really hope it clicks.
  14. Unless they''re very confident Remi Matthews will make the step up I''d like another keeper.
  15. Martin''s only 32 isn''t he? thought he''d get another move before going into coaching. His reviews at rangers weren''t exactly positive last season, perhaps he doesn''t want to drop to the Scottish second division or below the Championship to get games.
  16. Last season Lewis beat out 2 new signings to make the left back position his own. If Aarons is close to the first team level then I''d only loan him out if Pinto isn''t sold.
  17. [quote user="Van wink"]Madders move helped him toughen up it was said, a good move for the lad imo.[/quote]Did Maddison say this himself? He''d played in 35 games for Coventry in League 1 before going to Aberdeen, can''t imagine it took him a move to Scotland to realise he''s going to get kicked a lot. He wasn''t exactly ecstatic when he was offered the chance to go back for the rest of the season.Phillips obviously needs to go and play games so I''m not saying it''s a bad move.
  18. Will probably do him more good than the loan to Scotland did Maddison tbh.
  19. No chance we''re paying 100% of his wages. Granted it''ll be a lot more than the fiver Hearts are paying for Naismith every week.
  20. Still our most dangerous player in the first half.
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