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  1. No chance that one is legit. Don''t think this game is being streamed anywhere.
  2. Anyone got a link for the interview? if not, what did he say?
  3. Don''t have to worry about Pukki getting pinched next season because we''ll be in the premier league.
  4. If we lose and teams below us how many places could we fall?
  5. I liked the one after Ipswich about the defence being so young they should be behind the goal collecting the balls. Yeah, he''s funny.
  6. After seeing the start to Pukki''s season you really still think thtat?
  7. Or he remembers how young Carlton got injured in his playoff final last season.
  8. Just trying to get his 5 mins of fame. At least that Arsenal fan that rants on youtube is a little bit funny.
  9. There will be times later on in the season where he will be ''managed'' but yeah. He even missed all of pre season this time and is only just really back up to full speed.
  10. Tettey has just had 2 weeks without a game,  I''d imagine he''s going to play in both of the next 2 games and then take the midweek cup game off.
  11. Honestly I think this team can play a lot better, with confidence hopefully it won''t take too much longer to get to those levels.Leitner was my man of the match today.
  12. Nelson Oliveira dug his own grave at Norwich City. If he had the attitude of a Rhodes, Pukki or Srbeny then he''d be in the squad (or at a bigger club than Norwich tbh).Players get ''frozen out'' at most clubs when a new manager with new ideas comes in. You don''t actually think we''d be a better team with Yanic WIldschut and Russ Martin in the team do you?
  13. He didn''t say he took a pay cut. He had the chance to earn more money at other clubs and he chose us for footballing reasons. That says somthing both about the player and the current set up at Norwich City Football Club.
  14. That''s a bad one but I suppose it''ll be Godfrey''s creal chance. With 10 games between now and the end of October I imagine they''ll both get a decent amount of games though. Looking forward for seeing Godfrey''s world class potential at CB.
  15. Unless something has happened I''m pretty sue he is. Just hasn''t been in the game much.
  16. Tennis is sexist imo. Women play less sets at a lower quality, earn less money for the tour and still get equal prize money.
  17. After Dean Kiely left I''m sure Eddie Wooten was the goalkeeper coach, not heard anything on that since then.
  18. Doubt it''ll be the full 12 points but they aren''t a london team so they''ll probably get something.
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