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  1. Matthew Rush Big signing in 1995....ruptured his knee within 3 days and only played 3 games
  2. How does everybody find this to use? I find it pretty unresponsive, often freezes when I want to read a particular story. Kicks me out fairly regular to relog in....though takes you to an io site...piano.io None of my other apps are so old fashioned or unweildy.....what is piano anyway? I have Samsung 21 pro so it's not a phone thing. I hate it
  3. There never has been a level playing field. Last season we were the Elite and overfunded of the Championship and the envy of 23 other teams. When was the time you referred to that there was one?
  4. No mate.....we deal in millions. We buy lower league youngsters for millions (or for as little as possible), loan them out and then sell them for for even more millions eventually. In this regard we are no different from other Premier league clubs, in fact, we are better than most of them at it....because we have to be.
  5. Eh? we have 18 players out on loan and a ft loans manager. We have a more sophisticated loan system than a lot of Premier league clubs and indeed has been credited for saving the club more than once.
  6. Are they only sold in shops Pete? Is mail order and online being considered?
  7. ...they don't think they are actually that far behind I can understand our fans being more comcerned with ourselves of course.....not when you live on the borders or indeed over them.
  8. I share an office with two binners on our southern borders. We've been slagging each other for years however just the other day I stumbled upon the most effective retort yet.. ...they mentioned UEFA cup on Monday and that we will never achieve that...straight off the bat i said ....Uefa cup....!! I'd be more worried about never appearing on MOTD2 ...was like an exocet Hope it's actually true, from what i see it started in 2004
  9. ...and to add to your list of "The only thing that you can reasonably say is that promotion to the Premier League benefits the income of Norwich City, and potentially Norwich City and its - perhaps increased number of full time and part time - employees spend a portion of that increased income loc´╗┐ally" 1 The huge increase in salaries of all playing and non playing staff...and their continued and increased spending for at least a year. The increase in visitors, friends and family all staying and spending. More new players with their increased spending, new houses etc. 2. Away fans. More of them. Spending more. Staying in hotels, air b and b, pubs and restuarants. 3. The bump to all sales at Carrow Rd and the bump to all suppliers (local) and their expenditure and increased labour. 4. You may not believe this but people and businessmen, especially from abroad, and more so the far east go crazy for the Premier League. 5. Press and media increase and relevant expenditure in the local area. 6. Advertising. the mere increase in mentions globally and on social media....it makes a difference. I could go on but you get the drift. Economics innit :-)
  10. ...are you basically saying you don't believe advertising works?
  11. ..go from here...for any game https://www.reddit.com/r/soccerstreams/
  12. [quote user="king canary"]He does seem to really not like them. Wonder how much of that is the famous managerial abilities of Roy Keane.[/quote] Keane didn''t much like his old man so it was felt it was personal to get rid of a young Jordan for peanuts and basically untried (considering his promise)
  13. [quote user="BobLoz3"]I know the chap who made this tune and is ''rapping'' on it. He''s a good ol boy! Don''t know why I didn''t post it! I bumped into him the day before he released it and he told me all about it... Pretty fun.[/quote] His timing is spot on - good job
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