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  1. It did look an awful surface but that can’t come close to excusing the poor tactics and performance levels.
  2. Indeed - Rail seating is what it is in those areas, all spaces still have a seat. People need to realise it is quite different to old-style terracing.
  3. Well, no, that does includes a lot of presumptions. For example, we tend to have the same price for all seats in the Barclay/River End, other clubs have various blocks/prices but the lowest may only be for a really small area. All I and Sheff are saying is that it isn’t straightforward, but clearly makes a good story. Edit: I don’t think I’d go so far as to say we not go so far as to say we are midtable in pricing, but the point is that we just can’t say.
  4. Well, yes and no. It makes a good headline/story, but as with all things to do with data you need to know a lot more before you can make any informed statements. I’ve no idea how things work elsewhere but the cheapest tickets could just be for one small block with a crap view, with the main lead price being quite similar to us…also, what concession prices are there/what is the age profile. And more importantly, do they have a ground with excess capacity (we don’t, many others do). I’d be far more interested in the actual yield. I think we all accept that our tickets aren’t among the cheapest, but these things aren’t necessarily straightforward.
  5. It’s horribly flawed if they have just averaged the prices (as is likely) rather than compared how many are at each price.
  6. My main concern here is whether this is a fair comparison in terms of tickets/availbility - these things often aren’t as they seem. But I think we already knew there are cheaper clubs to watch.
  7. It’s what they do these days - if the shot is on target, it doesn’t seem to matter how big the deflection is. This one was a perfect example of where that feels utterly daft - keeper had a fairly easy save to make, the ‘deflection’ made it go to the opposite corner! Meanwhile, I’ve been quite impressed by the refs so far in not showing cards all over the place - that was until this game where there seems to have been several given for nothing.
  8. Don’t care whether it is male or female, the option for ‘no’ commentary would be nice.
  9. It would be nice to be able to watch just with the crowd noise - it’s odd that it isn’t an option given technology and all the channels available these days.
  10. Well there you go - that does rather take my comments somewhat out of context. I wonder whether your (imo unfair) opinion of me clouded how you read what I was meaning. It definitely wasn’t intended as a ‘dig’. My point was not to make a huge deal out of it, as it makes it too ‘memorable’ a thing and the focus should be on other things. There are far bigger issues as a parent than overhearing a bit of swearing. Sad thing is that you seem to have attributed things to me that I never said or suggested - I largely agree with your final paragraph but could do without the suggestion that it’s beyond me.
  11. Wow. What a totally over the top response. No one was having a dig at anyone. My comment was talking generally and thought yours did too - I’m not psyichic and have no idea whether you have children. not that it matters. My opinion remains the same that (sadly) ugly language can be encountered all over these days. But I never remotely suggested that abuse at a pre season friendly (or anywhere come to that) was “ok” - you appear to have attributed someone else’s comment as mine. As for the other, it was nothing more than a misinderstanding and several years ago. I apologised for it at the time. But you miss no opportunity to dig at it like some sneaky little grass. I’ve posted here over 20 years and am not measured by one misunderstood post. Feel free to ignore me, you’ll clearly be happier.
  12. Coo, it only took two days for yours, good quick thinking and a stupid response to a perfectly reasonable one. Why bother?
  13. You could hear that word in many places these days. If you’ve got any sense you just say it is nasty word that only adults use, not to be repeated; that’s plenty enough for a 5 year-old. Tbh if you have a 5 year-old and don’t know how to deal with such things then god help you with everything else.
  14. He’s a decent keeper but way overrated by some on here - makes good saves but too many mistakes to be first choice in the PL; imo he’s probably at his right level.
  15. Presumably that would be the equivalent of CSF, so this dig is at them…I’ve always thought they do a good job but Essex clearly knows otherwise 🤔
  16. To be fair the tournament is part of Hanley’s pre-season, hoping he can find some fitness and form and take it into the season
  17. Why stop there - there’s some pretty well run non league sides….
  18. Wonder why Arsenal replaced him?! But let’s be fair, who actually gives a &£(* about this game?
  19. I think they did that by giving their manager a contract of £6m pa.
  20. Indeed - and had nowhere near enough energy to last for more than an hour. Not a good signing for the PL, certainly not at that time.
  21. We could take those figures and multiply them by a factor of absolutely anything at all - we would still come out with a load of garbage as no one knows the true amounts. At least doing a small spot of maths kept you busy.
  22. Indeed - I think it will continue to be a mixture of ages, we aren’t suddenly only going to be bringing in teens/20-21 year-olds, nor will we just get rid of all the older players - a certain level of experience is needed in all squads. For instance, the l/b Frese, who might or might not follow Hoff, is 26.
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