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  1. Remember the game just last week at Coventry? Wes came on and was substituted pretty quickly. He picked up a dead leg and there were concerns as to whether he''d even be fit for today. So, I firmly believe that he would have started against Sheff United if PL thought he could play the whole game.Hoolahan is the most gifted, contracted player at our club and I believe he should be starting. However, what Lambert has done recently is firm up our midfield and made space for Lansbury. We''re winning games and I can''t really complain. Lambert has often alluded to how we need to be "careful" with Wes. I think he''s referring to Wes getting tired and subsuquently picking up injuries, which we wouldn''t want to happen hey?In my opinion, we''re fortunate that we now have a squad with more quality throughout, giving us these selection headaches. I also believe Wes loves the club and loves living in Norfolk and don''t think he''ll be going anywhere.
  2. I know Chris and I can honestly say he is a fantastic bloke. A great writer and also a very good laugh. He''s from the wilds of the Fens originally, so I''ll leave you to guess which team he supports!! (It''s not Wisbech!)
  3. [quote user="wrathsajoke"]we will be the only team palace double this season[/quote]Good job the game was called off then!It''s irrelevant anyway. We''re fifth and they''re in the bottom three. The season isn''t just about two games against one team.
  4. Yes, all of this talk about Holt going is doing my brains in too. It wasn''t long ago that a thread was started discussing why Holt wasn''t good enough for the Chamionship! I believe City Angel started that thread and now you''re all talking like he''s about to jump ship for a Premier side. I was very vocal on aforementioned thread, as I have always believed that Holt is exactly what we needed. In my mind he had nothing to prove after his amazing league one season and still doesn''t. As luck would have it, he''s a top pro and has shown recently exactly why we need him captaining the side. Sure, he scored 5 goals in two games and attracted attention, but I firmly believe he''s committed to City so can we stop with all of the rumour mongering please??!!!
  5. Surman is a fantastic player at this level, he just needs a run of games. He''s been unlucky with injuries so far, granted. It''s a shame because he''d started to show real signs of his quality when he sustained the first one.I think he''ll come back and be a massive player for us next year.
  6. After taking a look at the You Tube video I agree, he looks a good player. Absolutely ridiculous haircut though.
  7. Ha ha! It''s completely unrealistic, and I imagine wages would be a stumbling block, but I must admit that I have discussed this over a couple of jars with friends before!! Maybe just wishful thinking.... There''s something about quality players in the twilight of their careers that creates a magical combination when twinned with Carrow Road!Beckham though- I can''t see that happening. However I reckon the media frenzy would be fun to see unfold.A more pertinent question, going back to the point about wages, could be; Would someone like Beckham, who has made a lot of money outside of football (or invested well) be prepared to take a massive pay cut just to continue playing??
  8. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Holt got sent off for something that wasn''t a sending off, and we drew 3-3, it happens, and didn''t your manager even say it was a sending off? And does it matter if a goal was soft? a soft goal is better than a shot that was an inch or two away.... And you where cheated? Read the BBC article by Paul Fletcher, i think it says a deserved win by Norwich, and he''s not biased...and on the FLS last night wasn''t a similar thing said?[/quote]enI was going to bring this point up actually. The Holt sending off was ludicrous and cost us a game that we were cruising. Funnily enough, the Reading players remonstrated and complained too, while Ian Harte decided that going down like he''d been shot and rolling around on the floor would be the best thing to do. There''s no doubt in my mind that those players and the ref cost us the three points in that game. Holt was looking totally dangerous and the opposing team decided to do anything they could to get him sent off.My point to the Coventry fan is that this happens regularly in football. You don''t see our players acting up and complaining to the ref at Carrow Road very often at all. In fact, Holt probably displays the most "gamesmanship" out of all of them, and also moans a bit! It''s his right though. He''s the captain and that''s his style of play. He only does it because the spirit throughout our team is to show commitment and passion. The Holt red card I referred to was rescinded and correctly so. If they were to take a second look at the Gunnarson sending off, it woudn''t be rescinded and that''s a fact.I never moan when we lose games, especially not on the opposing teams message boards, so I think it''s best to sit back and see where your lot are come May. Good luck!
  9. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]R.I.P. Dale, so young -   http://www.thediamondsfc.com/page/NewsDetail/0,,10784~2244403,00.html   Some reports are suggesting it may have something to do with this -   http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2010/05/25/paul-terry-team-mates-want-john-terry-s-brother-dumped-after-affair-with-team-mate-s-fiancee-115875-22282926/   So tragic whatever the circumstances.  My thoughts go out to his family and friends [:(] [/quote]Well, Sky Sports News recently reported that Roberts committed suicide. Absolutely devestating news for all close to him.Hmmmm.... puts a whole new spin on the Paul Terry story doesn''t it?The media will have a field day, that''s for sure.
  10. [quote user="Bungay Canary"]talked to my cousin in Blackburn today hes pretty sure it will be Mr Patel who is presently the manager of the spicey chicken take away near ewood park new owners looks after there own[/quote][:^)]
  11. [quote user="marvin the martian"]Why would Delfounso or Ranger prefer to sit on our bench rather than at their own clubs ?[/quote]That''s a good point Marv!I don''t think there''s a problem with playing another "big man" up front with Holt.One of Holt''s most beneficial of assets is the ability to drift out wide, bring other people into play and get on the end of things from set pieces. As such, I don''t think it really matters if he plays with the traditional pacey striker or "little man", ya know?After all, Chris Martin isn''t blessed with blistering pace nor is he particularly little and those two have been excellent together.To have one of the aforementioned would give us cover when Holt isn''t able to play and, of course, add another element to our attack in general. Having said all of that, I know what you mean and actually think a striker from the lower leagues is more of a possibility (or maybe not one at all!)
  12. [quote user="ross welsh"]it was me winding up the hull coach, myself again winding up nugent... and throwing the ball back which landed nicely on Hermann Hreidarsson''s head , if u dont like it go sit over in the family stand or something (26mjw) football is all about the banter. he could have easily been booked... time wasting... winding the fans up2 ... he loved the banter b4 the game 2... going on how he has money etc etc... next will be richard wright when he warms up next home game lol[/quote]I know your mum, so be careful or I''ll tell her you''ve been winding people up on the internet (along with opposing players/members of staff!!) [;)]
  13. Whoever said Tierney from Colchester could be on to something. Definite links and plays in a position we desperately need cover for.I said Nile Ranger on loan in another thread, or Delfonsou from Villa. They''d be dead good.EEN reported the Ryan Harley rumour a while back, and got themselves into a bit of trouble, but I think he''s a fairly good shout too.
  14. [quote user="Salahuddin"]Sorry, nothing to announce, just wanted opinions...   If we could bring in a realistic star signing who would have a Hucks style impact on the club and help us into the PremierLeague, who would it be.   But remember, realistic... [/quote]I think it''s more realistic to presume that Lambert will be looking to bring in young, hungry players (probably from lower leagues) than some ailing Premiership "star" who just wants to sit on his ass and pick up his wage packet.Sibierski anyone? What a joke.If we did get anyone from the prem, I would assume a loan is the more likely option. Nile Ranger from Newcastle and Nathan Delfounso from Villa are both names that have been linked in the past. I would love to have either of them here as cover for Holt.I''d also be keen on Ryan Harley from Exeter (who has also been linked in the press before)
  15. You''ve gotta love Holty for being the only one to attempt what I would call a "trad ''tache" Everyone else has gone for the handle bar! I was going to do this, but never sorted out any sponsorship in time. My facial fuzz has disappeared. How funny is it going to be seeing them up close on TV when we play Reading?? Ace!
  16. This season has produced quite a few buttock clenching/heart exploding moments and Saturday was no exception!I sit right at the back of the Lower Barclay, area D, and when Crofts equaliser flew in the two rows in front of me pretty much collapsed!! I was jumping around like a loon and when I turned around again after giving the Burnley fans some friendly grief, people were literally falling over each other! Great scenes and thankfully nobody was hurt.Oh, and my favourite old Chinese proverb is, "Man with hole in pocket feel cocky all day"Lovely.
  17. Ha ha! I think it''s unfair to call him a pound shop Dean Ashton! Although I know you''re kiddin of course.[:)]Everything I''ve ever bought from a quid shop has broken pretty quickly you see. Grant Holt is built tough!I can''t really understand this thread. We''ve had Russell Martin bashing, Nelson berating (which I admit I was in agreement with at the start of last season) and now our player of the year and captain is getting criticised. For the record, I think he''s been great for us this season and most definitely needs to start. We don''t have any other strikers in the same mould.We''re not football managers, Lambert is and we''re sitting third in the table. I think that says it all.
  18. [quote user="the mole"]It''s very rare that I contribute to any message board as you will see by the number of posts I have to my credit. I do however spend lots of time reading other peoples contributions and on this subject I feel that I should add my opinion which is based a working knowledge and I will not expand any further on that.. If we start with the inclusion of the ground regulations that someone kindly supplied us with, regulation number 7 clearly states that fireworks, smoke canisters, flares or any article that may compromise public safety is forbidden. I don''t think anyone could argue that the smoke bomb you all refer to could have been included into any one of those catagories mentioned and therefore in contravention of the ground regulations. What was missing from the regulations posted was the piece at the very bottom which states '' published by the Football League'' which means that these rules and regulations are from the aforementioned body and not issued by Norwich City as some people seem to believe. All league clubs are bound to ensure that supporters comply with these Ground Regulations or face the consequences. The consequences could be heavy fines or even reduction to the stadium capacity, either of which means a loss of revenue to the club. Norwich City also has a duty of care to all it''s customers while on club premises and would be failing in its duty if it stood by and allowed a very small minority to simply disregard any/all rules and regulations, nowhere else would allow it so why should it be allowed to happen at Carrow Road? If we return to the issue of letting off smoke grenades/bombs/flares in the stadium and setting aside all the other reasons for not allowing them, has any one considered the possibility of the smoke activating the fire detection sytem? the potential consequences of this are that the game could be halted, what penalty would the Football League deem suitable for such an occurence? In any walk of life, Rules are made for a reason and many of the rules that exist for football stadia around the country are made because of tragedies such as, Ibrox 1902 25 dead 500 injured, Valley Parade 1985 56 dead 100''s injured and Hillsborough 1989 95 dead and 400 + injured. Am I being over dramatic? who wants to take responsibilty and say ''forget the rules'' will you put your hand up and take the blame when it goes wrong because you can be assured that it will at some point.             [/quote]Someone once told me to ''trust the mole'' so I''m going to say thumbs up to this post!Not over dramatic, just amazingly sensible and reasoned for this message board!
  19. [quote user="Beauseant"][quote user="NorfolkChance"][quote user="Robert N LiM"]Thing is, Edworthy was budget too. We haven''t had a really good right back since Ian Culverhouse. Martin is solid enough and has played well this season. But he offers nothing going forward, which is crucial if we are using the diamond. Whereas Adam Drury has, admirably, transformed his game so that he contributes pretty well to our attacking play, Martin rarely crosses the halfway line and never looks comfortable when he does so. (Just like Edworthy, in fact) Despite what it might look like, I''m not having a go at him, and it has nothing to do with him not coming through the academy or coming from Peterborough. He has given his all for City and you can''t ask more than that from an individual. I just feel that if we are to take the next step up and actually be promotion contenders, we need to pose an attacking threat down the right as well as the left. I think we can all agree, though, that Otsemobor was a complete waste of time. I seriously think I could have done a better job at right back than him - and I am rubbish at football.[/quote]But you don''t want both when playing the diamond, do you?If you have both fullbacks heading too far down field, you leave yourself exposed at the back. I always thought, one attacking type fullback + one defensive = balance.Anyway, I understand what you''re saying. Clearly due to geography, I don''t get to see us play. So, its to get some good info from those who do. [/quote] As someone who has seen him a lot I really don''t get the "he''s not good going forward" argument. He is always looking to get upfield (he scored at the far post at Donny!) and puts decent crosses in. I think that it may because,whereas Drury will regularly try to play one twos with Lappin and get to the touchline, Martin tends to drive to the edge of the box and then look for support and as a result tends to cross from deeper positions. However, to say that he''s reluctant to go forward is inaccurate IMHO. [/quote]Yep, I agree with this entirely Beau. I think Russell Martin has been great since he got here. He had a couple of really bad games in League One, but has settled in well at Championship level. I think he''s improving game by game actually! I know that he and Lambert go way back and it''s further proof that PL has some incredible man management skills. He knows how to get the best out of his players and how to inspire them. But, sticking to the point, I''ve seen Martin carry the ball out of defence and whip crosses in many a time! To say that he doesn''t get forward enough is quite ludicrous. He seems like a really sensible, quiet type of guy and those dudes usually fall under the "unsung hero" banner. He gets through a hell of a lot of work, without doing anything too flashy. It''s a real shame to think that he often goes unnoticed by fans (unless it''s to come on here and bash him!)Song, anyone? [;)]
  20. [quote user="Cluckbert Chase"]Bunch of pussies......Should have been in Nam with me then you''d really know what smoke and napalm was all about.[/quote]What?? Where?! FakeNhAM? [:)](Yeah, thought it was funny first time? How about now?! Ha ha..whoops)
  21. [quote user="Ed Miliband"]Okay, so we lost. Let us not stand idly by and consider the reasons, for despite losing, we dominated and won the key battles. Now is the time for us to move this club forward, to unite and stand firmly behind what we agree in, and to energise our grass roots supporters so they spread the word of what we believe - passing football, flowing football, attacking football. Together, working as a team, we can achieve great things. We can reach the promised land. And I, your new leader, will promise you this - right here, right now - there are better days ahead for each and every person who belongs to this team I am proud to call my team. God bless you. And God bless Norwich City Football Club.[/quote]I don''t know if you agree with me or not, but have you ever noticed how your brother looks like an evil version of Tim Henman? Yes, my friends and I refer to him as ''Tim Henchman''.Anyway, back to the game. We spurned some glorious chances yesterday and were hugely unfortunate not to win. However, we did not look sharp up front. As has been mentioned, Hull forced our strikers out wide meaning our most effective finishers were rarely in the box. Holt ended up laying balls off to Lappin from wide positions, Lapps was whipping a ball in and there were a distinct lack of yellow shirts in the key areas.We played some really nice attacking football but didn''t have that killer instinct. I also think our midfield (especially Crofts and Smith) looked class against some supposdly "superior" players. I didn''t even notice Koren until the little bugger popped up to score!
  22. [quote user="DENKO"]'' wasn''t that in the days of when ian rush scores liverpool never lose ? the week before arsenal put an end to that little proverb then we played them and absolutely put it to bed '' Yeah, Arsenal beat them in the league cup final on the Sunday, which my Dad (a gooner) took me too, then my Uncle (a city fan and the reason for my following) took me to the Liverpool game and I witnessed the Rush record being broken twice.[/quote]Can''t comment on the goal as I never saw it, but Dag Nasty!!?? Awesome. I''m a bit of a Dischord fan myself.
  23. I could have jumped in old Call Sign Viper''s car this morn, but he rang me at 7.50 when I was still fully in the land of Nod. To be fair he asked me last week, but due to unfortunate mix ups with dates on my part I completely missed out!If you''re reading this, I hope you boys have a good ''un!
  24. [quote user="Canaries Utd"][quote user="CallsignViper"]Thought he had a good composed game. Maybe headed a bit too much but at the end of the day, he got rid each time and it was with a higher percentage to our own players than to the opposition so you can''t ask for much more. Definitely think we should try and get him on a permanent deal. Whitbread is probably going to be very injury prone leaving us with just Askou, Nelson and Ward as our centre backs. I''m also really pleased with how Ward has improved and how good he''s looking now. Will Nelson get his place back if these two keep doing as they are?[/quote]agreed... he headed too much, he could of chested and controlled the ball on a few occasions.[/quote]Completely agree on both of these points. I saw Barnett practising his headers with great fervour in the warm up, so the coaching staff probably want him to do that more. It could even be that they''ve identified a weakness when he brings the ball down and tries to play it out. However, I do think that he''s a solid defender and he''s got a bit of pace too which is much needed!
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