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  1. Methane

    Is it time to panic ?

    Are you American ?

  2. Methane

    Is it time to panic ?

    I''m sure you''ll reel a few in !

  3. Methane


    Could the old codgers and part-timers who usually leave early on a saturday please note that the following excuses will be null and void:-

    1) having to catch a train (you''ll be lucky on a sunday)

    2) gotta get home for tea (match will be over by 3.30pm so that sunday roast won''t be going dry until at least 6pm)

    3) to avoid traffic ( see 1 above)

    This is our first premier game for years so lets try and last the 90 (+5) minutes if humanly possible.
  4. Are you removing a used jerry from under my bed?
  5. Norwich out of cup

    Leeds to replay

    Cardiff to replay

    Forest and Watford in 4th round

    Only QPR followed our lead in throwing a game to see through a promotion run.

    Now stop whining about yesterday and bring on the bluebirds
  6. Methane

    Yet More Lazy Journalism

    Can''t eclipse that one.
  7. Methane

    who's going to the orient game?

    Norwich Reserves?

    Ruddy, drury, martin, askou, whitbread, tudorboy, gill, smith, lappin, jackson, johnson with a youth team bench.

    Boys need a rest b4 Cardiff come to town
  8. Methane

    It's Parky out mate

    So Phil has been shown the Charlton door and entered the Valley of death.

    Couldn''t have happened to a nicer chap.....and it didn''t.

    Serves him right for dissing the Doc
  9. Holt spends more time on the floor than my teenage son, can''t win headers and is offside more times than not.

    Having said that he''s all we''ve got in the air so where''s the option.

    The boos ringing out when Martin came on for Jackson said it all though. 20000 can''t all be wrong
  10. Methane

    Re: QPR-Norwich on tv

    Thas norway I''ll be doon that lad,

    oslo davall bullocks
  11. Methane

    No Alcohol for U21 Game

    Yes he''s injured. Normally alcohol plays a significant role having a vintage left foot and a canny knack of hitting the spot.
  12. Park illegally in a quiet corner at Morrisons, avoid the women drivers who refuse to slow down on Koblenz way (they can''t all have left the oven on at home), avoid large puddles outside the river end (even in high summer), fit asbestos glove and buy overpriced match pie, go for a toilet break trying not to breathe in the stench of the unfit male urinals. Climb stairs to seat avoiding the stewards standing in the aisle they are supposed to keep clear. Whistle blows and all is good in the world.
  13. Methane

    martin or Jackson for the next few games

    Jackson deserves a break especially after today.

    Martin isn''t a team player so with nothing between his ears will probably ask for a transfer or smack someone in training. He''s had enough chances on and off the pitch and blown em. Leopards and spots