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  1. hope so-he brings nothing to the team and his hearts not in it enough.good riddance
  2. yes i have-to hear you lot talk we a nailed on for the play offs-take another look-2 games without any points and we will be in a more realistic place. 7th or 8th
  3. 5 points dropped against palace-says it all really.
  4. with barnett,lansbury,ward all out we cannot possibly beat qpr..........4 nil them
  5. prob be the next game drury plays in-always been abit of a sicknote
  6. we will be the only team palace double this season
  7. i believe we beat preston 1 nil-i was there
  8. some of us have longer memories than a goldfish you know
  9. Chris lol- bad losers,you must also know deep down next 2 games = 0 points-lamberts never lost 2 in a row will be blown to pieces,be atleast 3 games
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