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  1. Cheers Chris My mum and dad have booked to come over here in Sept and it was great to be in UK to spend time with my Grandma for her 90th. I often call her.
  2. Pig & Whistle, Riverside, Brisbane. We''ll start getting there 9.45pm for Man U v Spurs followed by Norwich v Palace at midnight. Follow us on Twitter if you want to see pictures of people sitting in a pub in Brisbane watching Norwich. https://twitter.com/BrisCanaries
  3. I don''t personally do the tipping. if you''re in NZ have you joined Canaries Down Under? It''s the OZ and NZ supporters group
  4. Give us a follow and if you''re ever down these parts and fancy meeting up for the game then give us a shout. https://twitter.com/BrisCanaries
  5. Pig and Whistle, Eagle St from 8pm for second leg.   https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=433667266806116&set=o.43718317019&type=3&theater
  6. Come and watch it with the Brisbane Canaries at the Pig and Whistle, Eagle St, Brisbane. From 8pm for 9.15pm kick off
  7. Haven''t signed up Jackman as yet. He''s too busy polishing his talons
  8. Hello Robstar. Yes we''ll be there both legs from around 8pm at Pig n Whistle Eagle St. We meet most games that are shown live on tv. If you haven''t done so far, join Canaries Down Under (link in first message), it''s a really good way to link up with fellow Norwich fans in Oz. Cheers, and look forward to meeting you Saturday week for the second leg.
  9. Saturday 9th May from 8pm. Pig and Whistle Eagle Street, Brisbane. Watch one of our biggest games EVER with fellow Norwich Fans. You have to be there! Here''s a link  to the Australisian NCFC supporters group Canaries Down Under https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/CanariesDownunder/?fref=nf   See you on Saturday  
  10.   Quite a few NZ based Canaries on Canaries Down Under https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/CanariesDownunder/?fref=nf
  11.   I’ve seen many things in my life so far I’m sure I’ve seen a monkey driving a car I saw Prince Charles once at a rolling skating rink Had a skunk in my backyard, it didn’t half stink! Climbed to the top of Ben Nevis and I saw a lovely view And something you wouldn’t believe, but I swear that it’s true Please just believe me and do not think I’m at fault But I saw Bryan Gunn sitting at a table in the Feathers at Holt!   I promise to you that this is no fable But there was Bryan Gunn sitting at a table! I stood there amazed, knocking at my knees As I stared at Bryan Gunn eating steak, chips and peas He wasn’t in goal as I thought he ought to be He was sitting by a table right next to me! He wasn’t wearing gloves and making a save(y) He was sitting by a table pouring out some gravy!   My eyes went blurry and I started to shake There was Bryan Gunn sitting by a table, for goodness sake! I’d have taken out my phone, and took a photo for sure But this amazing event happened in 2004 I did have a phone then, but it wasn’t able to take pics Of Bryan Gunn sitting at a table, instead of between the sticks So you’ll have to take my word that this story is true One day seeing Bryan Gunn sitting at a table may happen to you!
  12. I''ve never seen Bryan Gunn sitting at a table but I have seen him sitting.   I saw him sitting on a train and he was wearing a woolly hat. I couldn''t believe my eyes.   Anybody else seen Bryan Gunn having a sit?
  13. Hello Herts. There should be a few going and we''ll start getting there around 7.30pm. There is a thriving supporters group in Australia called Canaries Down Under, we have around 200 members and it is rapidly increasing. There is a website but if you haven''t seen it already go to the Canaries Down Under facebook page and request to join the members area.
  14. We''ll be meeting in the Pig and Whistle, Eagle St, for the derby on Saturday night.
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