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  1. Just need him to come and acknowledge the traveling fans after a game now, then we'd really be on to a winner!
  2. It’s a minor point in the grand scheme of things but have found it a bit odd that Smith has not once come over to the fans after a game - perhaps we were spoilt with Farke but a bit of appreciation would be nice. That, along with comments such as this, isn’t a great way to go about enamouring yourself with a new fanbase.
  3. Erm, no he isn’t. As much as I loved Wes, there is a reason that the best club Wes played for was Norwich, whilst Emi will play Champions League football (and no, not because of loyalty). A different league.
  4. Solely looking at ourselves, I believe that we can string some wins together and have a much better second half of the season. The main concern in terms of our survival hopes is finding 3 teams we'll finish above. Watford have got going under Pearson, Southampton improved, West Ham will surely have enough to drag them away from the mire and the dull likes of Burnley/Newcastle will likely grind enough home wins. Got a keen eye on Bournemouth, and Villa will be down there, but not sure of a 3rd.
  5. Mings is a brilliant CB. Clearly a bit of a prat, but I don’t see why Norwich fans seem to think he is rubbish. £20m will prove great value for Villa I think, although not quite as good as Godfrey for a few hundred thousand of course...
  6. Not getting much praise, but I quite liked what I saw. Strong, powerful and comfortable on the ball. Not saying much, but he was definitely one of our better performers despite the odd moment of understandable rustiness. I think I would certainly feel more comfortable with him patrolling in front of the back 4 than Trybull. Harsh to judge Idah, but I was a bit disappointed. Scuffed a couple of decent half chances and wasn't massively involved. Certainly not the worst performer out there though - think Mario and Kenny would be fighting out for that one.
  7. Tettey isn't in the squad tonight - family reasons. Suspect that means Amadou in CDM, hope he impresses.
  8. It’s surely got to be time for Amadou, especially with how exposed our midfield looked yesterday? Can see Farke going for Tettey/Vrancic combo though. Fahrmann Byram, Klose, Hanley, Heise Vrancic, Amadou Roberts, Cantwell, McLean Srbeny I know it’s only the cup but still can’t see Farke throwing Idah straight into the starting line-up. Lack of wing options without Onel.
  9. Zimmermann + a CDM I feel. Trybull constantly bypassed as if he isn’t there, running in treacle. Hopefully Amadou is the man.
  10. Must win game for England and won't get a better chance in Smith's absence. Anyone know what sort of wicket Headingley is known for?
  11. Always felt the attacking side of Lewis' game was a bit lacking but it seems to have come on leaps and bounds recently, particularly his dribbling (his crossing could still improve). I actually think he has the attributes to go further than Max (obvious physical advantage, what an athlete), despite him receiving a lot less of the limelight. Looks at home in the PL.
  12. Got Day 4 tickets, so was pretty happy to see yesterday washed out. Just hope there is enough play between now and then, and that the game develops fairly quickly, so that it's not just petering out for a draw come Saturday. Can always rely on England's batting to oblige!
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