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  1. Rumour coming in on season long loan... Right Back from Spurs
  2. Hi, If anyone is interested I have 7 old shirts on eBay, just 19hours to go. Have a look.
  3. Hi, Just put the above on eBay if anyone out there is interested! Signatures includes Huckerby, Dublin and Drury
  4. Back in the UK, after a lovely time at our honeymoon, in Maldives. Up to Norwich... #Love #BackToBusiness Up to Norwich???? Does that mean he is saying it is up to Norwich if they want to sell him?? Or just the journey home?
  5. Any news on the above? Or could that appointment be a big surprise???
  6. Hopefully bring in Phelan as part of coaching team???
  7. Do we play better when Snodgrass is not on the wing?? He does like to try and beat his man more than once!! With the others, they seem to beat the man once and then deliver!!! Which is then beneficial to the players in the box! Just an observation.
  8. What about if Van Ginkel was apart of any Ruddy deal? A season long loan. Would this soften the blow?
  9. Moyes to Man U.... Leaves the Everton job vacant... Another stepping stone for one Paul Lambert!!!!
  10. Newcastle or Southampton for the drop, we will beat West Brom, then hopefully a complete rebuild of the midfield!!
  11. Hughton objective this season was to stay in the premier league, and we will stay up! Next season hopefully will different. I can only see the following as our main core of players next season... Ruddy, Whittaker, Bassong, Garrido, Tetty and Snodgrass and Possibly Pilkington.
  12. We are always linked with centre halves... Centre forwards... But I think we need a class centre midfielder too. That must be priority too in the summer. Someone like James Mcarthur from Wigan. Someone who can pass and tackle. Then perhaps a 442 we be more likely!!!
  13. Because of the non reserves now, would it been ideal to have played the u20 format with a core of first teamers?? Is that the forward in cup completions now?
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