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  1. Hog

    First Wizard

    So sad to hear this....

    Battles with Wiz were always a highlight :-)

    You will always be remembered sir
  2. Hog

    Utter shambles

    No CB.....speechless
  3. Hog


    So nobody in today and our POTS sold.

    What a frackin joke this club is fast becoming
  4. They were right, Delia has just announced that the Wake for NCFC will be held tonight in Yellows before the club re-brands itself as a League 1 club for the foreseeable future...
  5. Hog

    Most disappointing window...

    Yes, I agree its been a bad bad day....

    Was expecting a LOT more!
  6. Its not the end of the world Wiz, AN can provide back up to the GK position then....
  7. Strange our transfer dealings should be so poor this summer, especially as we recruited an experienced Head of Recruitment who was at Burnley last year.....

    Oh wait.....
  8. Well thanks for wasting minutes of my life....as if there is not enough BS already from more "official" sources!
  9. Never heard of him....but according to a journo we are in for him.

    Danish CB with Ukrainian parents, plays for FC Midtjylland. Bid has been made supposedly...
  10. Hog

    Benik Afobe

    [quote user="Canary Legend"]

    Looks like yet another badly managed, judged and highly public screw up in the transfer market.

    Our transfer dealings so far have been shambolic


    And this is hardly any surprise considering the track record of our new Head of Recruitment....
  11. Maybe our very public pursuit of Destro has given him cold feet....
  12. Afobe would be the only one for me as far as forwards are concerned. Really don''t want Jelavic...
  13. Hog

    Martin and Whittaker

    Thought he was immense today. Must be said though, he is best against "weaker teams" as his defending is not a plus point...

    Attacking though....sublime at times
  14. Hog

    Carlton Morris

    Worth a mention...scored a good goal today and had a very good game generally
  15. Hog

    A word of warning

    Lol used to it now and expect nothing less....

    Certainly doesn''t help attract quality players though....