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  1. Tilly, I dont want a fan on the board to represent us regular 25,000 fans who turn up at CR thanks, can''t think of anyone who is qualified to do that job or who I would want to speak on my behalf !!
  2. Good to read on twitter today some nice comments about the pinkun magazine and the pinkun launch. See the pinkun isnt all bad is it, though you''d think so reading twitter sometimes. As Mandie said in the pups thread if it wasn''t for this forum a lot of friendships wouldn''t have been formed at the pinkun social dues at the Bayer Social Club in the good old days
  3. Bye Bye Mrs M, loved reading your posts and said you''re leaving though not surprised people leave when a few people continue to derail threads and spoil it for others. Be healthy, happy and do pop into one of our fans social club events if you''re in Norwich next season xx
  4. Arsenal to win at home Redmond to score anytime Good luck NBS and Nigel Finally thanks to Nutty for all your hard work
  5. Im fairly close to the directors box and saw Delia, Lambert was definitely not in the box so just another made up rumour.
  6. Loved Alex''s interview, thought his total honesty in that interview was a credit to him. He''s the man to lead us back into the Premier, there''s no doubt in my mind
  7. Never been prouder to be a ncfc fan than I was last night, the fans were brilliant especially the Barclay/Snakepit who led the way. We''re down but this club is by no means out
  8. Hope he gets another year, thought he was brilliant last night but then again Im biased lol
  9. Thought his interview with Chris Goreham was honest and refreshing, admitted he had made some mistakes this season and talked about what else had gone wrong, have a listen if you havent heard it Obviously our relegation has hit him hard , hope he stays, learns from his mistakes and has a great season with us next year http://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/alex_neil_takes_full_responsibility_for_norwich_city_s_premier_league_exit_1_4532095
  10. This mornings canary call special was quite amusing too, fast forward to 1:38 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03scntk For you Morty the tonights is here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03tlxsc Not sure if the links will work, but no doubt someone will fix them
  11. Like Nutty I will miss him too. I have got to know him really well these past 12 months, he was a great help to me personally in helping me set up the fans social club and he has been very supportive to us volunteers since. He has attended nearly all our events and has been in constant touch to encourage us and ask if we needed any help and we wouldn''t have achieved what we have without him. But more than that he has achieved so much for our football club which he was passionate about over the years and if anyone thinks we''ll be in a better place without him then they ought to be careful what they wish for. A very sad day for our football club
  12. [quote user="hogesar"] Im more concerned at our fan base having read some of the tweets. Shameful and disgusting doesnt even cover it.[/quote]Quite agree Hogesar, I always stick up for our fans when people criticise them, but some of the tweets to him tonight have been really shameful
  13. If he was going to resign it would be on the club''s official website , he would hardly announce it to a fan on twitter would he?. Looking at the abuse he''s had on twitter tonight it does make you ashamed to be a ncfc fan at times
  14. West Ham home win for me please For Norwich bet Redmond to score anytime Good Luck Crabby and NBS and pups
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