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  1. AndyCanary

    Keane shows confidence in Wes

    The way that you write your posts

    Makes me want to

    Bang my head against a wall and then

    Quit life.

  2. Good post.

    I think the good news is most of our high value assets are on decent contracts (Ruddy, RVW, Hooper, Fer etc).

    We''re not going to let any of those go for less than £5m IMO. And I''d like to keep them all should they be up for the challenge.
  3. ''U clearly one of the idiots I was referring to''

    The irony that you''d call me an idiot in caveman language.

  4. Wiz I thought you''d bug gered off!

  5. Perhaps he''s read your posts on here.

    Classing you as an idiot wouldn''t be his worse piece of judgement.
  6. AndyCanary

    Harry Toffolo

    Google doesn''t give much info except one site saying he''s contracted until next month..

  7. AndyCanary


    Isn''t using Gunn as an example of why an inexperienced manager could work like using Malaysia as an example of a country that could be good at finding stuff lost at sea?

  8. AndyCanary

    I DON'T KNOW WHY, BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Award not away

    Technology no ethology

    Edit button...
  9. AndyCanary

    I DON'T KNOW WHY, BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This forum wins the pound for pound away for most users on worst ethnology and lowest moderation award.

    This forum is what most decent forums would be like during a zombie apocalypse.

    The complete lack of moderation aside what sort of forum doesn''t work with Chrome and Safari!?
  10. AndyCanary

    The Adams Family

    He does kinda have a point. These forums have been embarrassing lately.

  11. AndyCanary

    I DON'T KNOW WHY, BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I DON''T KNOW WHY, BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i find this thread more disappointing than our relegation.
  12. AndyCanary

    The Adams Family

    I had a punt here but nobody bit:


    It all started,

    When Chris Hughton departed,

    He was new and uncharted,

    The Neil Adams Family,

    Glenn Roeder never believed in him,

    Lets see what we can achieve with him,

    He thinks we can win again,

    The Neil Adams Family,
  13. AndyCanary

    Pro-Adams man here...but

    He''s probably been just as frustrated as us with the negative football. I''d probably be the same.
  14. AndyCanary

    Not for not against, just asking.

    Brilliant post JF.