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  1. Someone you think we should be looking at? Personally always thought he was overrated but does seem to have goalscorers instinct. Thoughts?
  2. For a CB, first impression on Ayala was he isn''t very strong.
  3. Is it just me who doesn''t understand why he seems to hold a regular starting place? I''m not judging him just on yesterdays performance either (despite him being bloody awful) Last season he never impressed me either yet many other fans seem to really like him. To me he is lethargic, weak on the ball, and somewhat pedestrian at times, am I the only one who thinks this?
  4. STILL haven''t got Premier League car stickers, they''ve missed a trick there.
  5. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"][quote user="mississauga_canary"]Fourth Official on Twitter, who has been right about Bennett, Pilkington and is claiming Lansbury is on the verge of signing says: Good news for #SAFC fans; Bramble could be leaving soon! Bad news for Norwich, it could be to them! #NCFC[/quote]He then later tweeted that he was reading rumours off a Norwich forum - so Fourth Official is getting his information off here. Nice reliable source then.[/quote] No, someone questioned him that he was doing it, and he put it in sarcasm.
  6. Croft was picked up from Man City, not Everton.
  7. As your a stats man, don''t suppose you could work out how many games it now is we''ve had under Lambert where we haven''t lost back to back, gotta be near 100 now surely? Gonna be tough to keep that going in the Prem!
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