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  1. Bungay Canary

    "Decent" attendance last night

    not that long ago they use to get 30 000 but may be it was a long time ago when were they last in the prem
  2. Bungay Canary

    No toy chucking necaessary tonight......

    how can johnson score some crackers from out side the box yet put it over the bar from a yard out . story of today so many chances so many misses
  3. Prehaps you could have middlesborough investigated by the F A for blatant cheating and docked 3 points happy then. we will still go up this season
  4. Bungay Canary

    Loan players

    When do loan players have to return to there parent clubs I thought it is the end of the season , not the end of the play offs think piswich won t put up a very strong side we only have Dorrans on loan
  5. Bungay Canary

    Rotherham Beamback

    remember the last beam back was it 1-5 oh joy and promotion could it happen again YES
  6. Bungay Canary

    Your final top 6 in order?

    nowich top or second as long as the scum are nowhere it makes it better still think we will finish on 85 or 86 points
  7. Bungay Canary

    Canary Call surpasses itself

    they think we are inbreds in Suffolk what the hell do people think when they here crap like that on the opening response after we just beat one of our promotion rivals i blame butler
  8. Bungay Canary

    whoever wins Sunday will go up...

    went to blackburn tuesday and if we can play that way for the rest of the season we will easely get 85 points just look at our remaining fixtures ,this season be honest with your self what do you think we will get. started with 3 points on sunday NC 5 Scum 0 then its only 23 points from the last 12 games easy..
  9. Bungay Canary

    Tell me it's going to be alright

    i am not now going to drive 500 miles to see us lose be positive city to win 3-0
  10. We will go up in second again ,dont even think about the play offs and certainly not against the scum they are doomed to another year were they belong second tear we will beat them on March 1st to help to send them were they belong
  11. Bungay Canary

    Dirty, dirty cardiff!

    lucky he missed jeromes hand ball before our third
  12. Bungay Canary

    Board slow today

    moved to goggle chrome from safari far better
  13. Bungay Canary

    Three home games

    just remember our previous manager won by 5 and 6 at home it was just shocking away would be nice to beat cardiff by 7
  14. Bungay Canary

    Short changed by coverage.

    Dont know were you are in the country but try radio norfolk on mw 855 got commentry as far north as scarbough west at birmingham and london start at 855 then go up or down the scale
  15. Bungay Canary

    Who else wants a play off final?

    What if wolves were our opponents we would have to play in the sh1t kit again you saw what happened today if we go to wembley lets go in yellow