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  1. The same people who moan about the prices will be the same ones that moan that we have no ambition and don''t spend big money on players.
  2. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]So, Charlie Wyett, who probably gets into games for free, is criticising Norwich supporters for moaning. Radio Norfolk is doing the same. If Liverpool had lost 5-0 to anyone with a performance like that they would be spitting feathers, the same as any other self-respecting set of fans. But not us...... Boo or show dissent at Carrow Road and we are soon shot down, why? The money fans pay entitles them to complain and show dissent. I referred to the malleable Norwich mentality on another thread as to why we roll over and keep turning up however much the price goes up. We can show dissent all we like and should be less tolerant. We came into this season unprepared. We have a collection of League 1/Championship strikers on Premiership wages and to make it worse we are not playing to the strengths they have. Ricardo, in hindsight, summed it up today when conceding the first goal inevitably led to defeat with no plan B. Expecting our supporters to be humble and not show dissent is the mentality of a small club.[/quote] I suppose I don''t boo because I''m a ''supporter'', not a ''critic'' of NCFC. I have my say on what went wrong but I recognise that booing and being negative doesn''t help. As fans we have the ability en masse to make a difference to a match by the atmosphere we generate. I try to do as much as I can to help the team. Booing is only counter-productive.
  3. The comment about ''rose-tinted spectacles'' and last season is spot on in my view. There were plenty of games last year where Lambo was pretty negative, just trying to keep the game 0-0 until the last 25 minutes and then trying to open up. We also went on a very ordinary run for the last 2 months of the season. I''ll grant you that we aren''t as attractive to watch this year. But Hughton isn''t Lambert and it would be folly for him to try to ''copy'' Lambert''s tactical style and it wouldn''t work. He has to be his own man and try to get 40pts in the way that he sees fit. So far he''s doing that job well based on 23 games. He''s not paid to play the most entertaining style, he''s here to get points and he''s doing that pretty well, even if some on here can''t see past the last 6 games.
  4. [quote user="Simo8686"]I actually agree with Hanniball. Whats ever way you want to try and use the facts you cant deny the fact that that we have lost more won less scored less and let in more. Those are facts. If you want to dress it up any otherway you are either retarded, deluded or both.[/quote] Even if those facts are all true, that still doesn''t take into account various other factors. You can use stats to make whatever point you like. I might argue that we''ve had far more clean sheets this year, and that in fact it''s better to concede 0 one week then 5 the next than 2 and then 3, because the likelihood is that you will pick up more points overall if you keep more clean sheets. Hughton has done that better than Lambert. You could also argue that Hughton''s signings have added more quality than Lambert''s. I defy anyone to deny that the likes of Bassong, Garrido, Whittaker, Tettey and Snodgrass haven''t improved the team in the positions that they fill. You might also have to factor in the impact of injuries. When we had our best XI available is when we went 10 games unbeaten, arguably no coincidence in that. So even if your facts are correct, that doesn''t in my view necessarily make Hannibal''s OP correct. But then by your rationale I must be a "retard"...
  5. I''d recommend to anyone to listen to Hawksbee & Jacobs between 1-4pm weekdays. As well as being a balanced and well planned show which always has good guests, including Mick Dennis, there is some quality humour and they also talk sense on other sports such as cricket. Clips of the week at 3.30pm on a Friday avo is not to be missed and shows why Hawksbee is a major contributor to the Harry Hill''s TV Burp show. No shock jock nonsense with them, just good radio.
  6. Well said Derby. A reality check is needed and considering the upheaval of Lambo leaving, I''m well pleased with 26pts from 23 games and 7 clear of the drop zone. We are once again doing a fine job with less resources than most in this division. Another season in the division and with the debt gone I can see things changing, this year is all about getting 40pts and Hooton is ahead of schedule at present, that''s what matters.
  7. I find this sort of McNally bashing thread incredible. The man is what he is, a hard-nosed businessman who has done his utmost to get the Club out of debt and standing on its own two feet. The Club charges more than it used to, it even sells a new shirt every season, but guess what, before we did those things we were over £20m in debt, we were begging Delia to put her own money in to keep us going, and we were in League One and on the abyss of administration. Some people have incredibly short memories. Lest I also forget that DM got rid of Gunn and brought in Lambo. Without that we could have been through administration and in League Two by now. I''ll take DM over Doomcaster every day of the week. The guy has done a great job, and IMO earned every penny of whatever incentives he gets. I accept that the Club is not necessarily a ''Co-operative'' as I think the Club does now try to make as much money as it can from the fans, but without doing that we were in a right mess and if that extra revenue helps us to sign a Gary Hooper then it is worth doing. 3 years ago we couldn''t spend £500,000 on a player let alone £5,000,000.
  8. Maybe you''re just on a wind up Hannibal, but if not I can only shake my head... How can we be ''targeting'' 6 points against West Ham? They are newly promoted yes but they''ve already spent far more than us and they pay far higher wages than us. They have players like Nolan, Carroll, Cole, Cole, Noble who are far more established Prem players than we have, probably worth and earning far more. Just think about things. Every game in this league is hard for us because we are down at the bottom in terms of the wages and fees we can pay. If we can establish ourselves in this league, which may take another year or two or batting to 40 points then that may change and we can maybe expect to be a side that can get 50-odd points a season, but we ain''t there yet and there isn''t a team in this division that we should ''expect'' to get 6 points from - if you asked any other team''s fans they''d be targeting points against us.
  9. I''ve listened to Talksport alot in the last 10 years as I do alot of driving as part of my job. The station has improved considerably over the years and has moved away from the days when it really was ''shock jock'' radio 24/7. There''s some quality programming in there now, particularly Hawksbee & Jacobs and I also like Goldstein & Cundy and Ian Danter. Unfortunately Adrian Durham is a throwback to the bad old days and I''ve never liked him much even well before this whole NCFC bashing phase, going back to his shows with Ian Wright. I listen to Talksport all day when I''m in the car usually, but come 4pm I put 5Live on as there''s a range of news content and not just 3 hours of ''let''s slate Club x or Player y'', which is what Durham does every day. I find it truly boring. As for his NCFC rants, he''s enjoying this little period where we are struggling but it makes no difference. We''ll stand or fall on our own performances and if it creates a ''siege mentality'' of players and fans then all the better, though I expect most of the players don''t really know who he is. I''m fully expecting results to improve through the run of games we have in Feb and March and getting 3 more wins is all that matters. With next year''s TV windfall, the days of competing on an equal footing with his beloved Peterborough will be long gone, if not already.
  10. You say, take out Man U and Arsenal, but if you did then it wouldn''t be the same run! The fact is that they are included and we beat both of them. Also, Everton and Swansea away were in the run, both games that we were expected to lose. Anyway, it''s all pretty academic. Why break it down at all, we are judged over 38 games. So far we have 26pts from 23 games, which as a whole is a more than acceptable haul.
  11. [quote user="Highland Canary"]Zipper - in my view - I simply don''t see us as a middle table side. Three out of Wigan, Reading, Southampton and us will go down - it''s that group we''re a member of.[/quote] You must think Hoots is doing a fantastic job then as we''re nicely ahead of the three sides you have mentioned.
  12. Yorkshire - nice to see someone talking some sense! We have 26 points, that puts us nicely ahead of schedule. It''s going to take several games for the Villa''s, Wigan''s and Reading''s to get to that total, we could probably lose another 4 or 5 in a row before they catch us up. The fact is that the 10 game unbeaten run came when we had strong availability. Take Holt, Bassong out of the team and we struggle, and that''s why Hooton is trying to add more quality. We are still nicely ahead of trouble and it looks to me as though we are now entering a run of games where we have a much better chance of picking up points, especially the home games. Try not to push the panic button yet...there are lots of teams who''d rather be where we are.
  13. We never went on a 10 game unbeaten run last season. I''d say we are going to stay in this league by getting about 40 points. Who we get them against isn''t of great importance, but just for the record we have a pretty decent record against the weaker sides in the league, I can''t remember us having a home defeat v Southampton (ala Villa) or Reading (ala Newcastle) this season. Games like Liverpool away certainly don''t define our season. I also think we may well see a relatively more attacking approach if one of Graham and/or Hooper come in. Hughton is not an inherently defensive manager, he started this season with 4-4-2 but his feeling seems to be that 4-5-1 is the best way for us to get to 40 points. That could change if new personnel come in. I certainly don''t remember him being negative when Newcastle romped to the Championship title.
  14. It looks to me as though we are steeling ourselves for a real go in the Spurs game, looks like Whittaker, Bassong plus Wes and/or poss new signings will come in for that one.
  15. It wasn''t great but we were in the game until Henderson scored a wonder goal and once you''re behind the game becomes very difficult away from home. We have to remember we are up against better players than ours and this kind of result can always happen. Suarez, Sturridge, Gerrard, Lucas are way better than anything we have. Results like today don''t define our season.
  16. Have to agree. He''s got alot of talent but we''re struggling to fit him into the system at the moment. I can only guess that Hooton felt Wes needed a rest, Wes hasn''t been at his best lately either. I''m just hoping that Graham and/or Hooper will allow us to go 4-4-2 with one of them alongside Holt.
  17. I don''t think the staunchest City fan would argue that Celtic aren''t a bigger Club. However, I''ll wager that Gary Hooper doesn''t just look at which Club is the biggest when deciding on his career future. He''ll be thinking about length of contract, weekly wage, opportunity to play in a top league, get into the England set-up, where he wants to live with his family etc. There are many factors and whilst Celtic are a bigger Club, right now we are certainly capable of competing with them financially. Which is why this deal could happen. I reckon around £6.5m-£7m might just be enough.
  18. I take your point Canary. There are definitely a number of our support who aren''t enjoying the Hughton style vs what we had under Lambert. Personally I''m realistic. If we have the best players in the league then we could maybe expect an expansive game. We don''t, and we need to get to 40 points as quickly as possible. Judging by results Hughton is doing the job he has been appointed to do and that is what matters to me, and to the board. I also think there is a slight exaggeration of how ''defensive minded'' we are. We''ve had several games with multiple goals, including 4-3''s v Swansea and Citeh in recent matches. The big problem at the minute is no Holt has stopped our system working as effectively as it did v Man Utd and Arsenal, and consequently we don''t look a progressive side, but judged on only a few games, looks can be deceiving...
  19. ''Beefy is a legend'' said: "What right have we as fans to expect us to beat Newcastle at home?!" Every right. We''ve beaten Arsenal and Man Utd at home. Won five straight at one point. Lost to Chelsea just 1-0 and scored 3 against Man City. We are formidable at home and Newcastle haven''t won any of their now 17 away games this season. A banker win if ever there should be. Phyxius, I think you misunderstand the point I''m making. Those 5 wins in a row were outstanding results, against the odds as it were, and just because we got those wins, it still doesn''t mean that we should expect to beat a Newcastle side which is worth far more, with more international players, on far higher wages, who have been established in the league far longer than us. We are capable of beating them, but we shouldn''t expect it and my criticism was of those boo boys at the end of the game who think that ''only a point'' isn''t good enough. To the other poster who said something along the lines of ''if we can''t beat Newcastle who can we beat'', that is a ridiculous argument. By that rationale, having beaten Man Utd at home we should win every single home game shouldn''t we?! We have a fine home record and as long as we are picking up consistent points at Carrow Road, particularly against sides outside the top six, then we''ll be fine. Compare our home form to that of Aston Villa (just lost to Spurs, Wigan and Soton consecutively) and I think you''ll agree they have much more to worry about than we do.
  20. Other games at home this season have been similar, ie QPR, West Ham and Stoke. The Stoke game in particular, the only difference today was that our set pieces weren''t up to the usual standard, which is where alot of our threat comes from. We set up to be hard to beat and to try to pinch a goal through a quality delivery. That''s the Hughton method and it got us a point again today, and let me tell you to anyone that booed that a point in this league is hard earned, whoever it''s against. What right have we as fans to expect us to beat Newcastle at home?! The lack of Holt has obviously been a problem in the last 4-5 games, Chelsea accepted. I''m sure we''ll make a striker purchase in this window but it probably, as with most, won''t come until near the end of the window. That is simply because the selling Club will typically stall to try to get other bids in and force the buyer into a higher bid as the pressure to purchase mounts. There is not much the buying Club can do to stop it and that''s why you tend to pay ''over the odds'' as Hughton put it earlier. I still look at the table and see us as a good 6 points ahead of schedule. That could be a useful point today, only about 4 wins needed from 16 games and still we have Reading, Soton, Villa, Fulham, Swansea, WBA to come at home and QPR, Sunderland and Wigan away so no need to panic!
  21. If you were making that bet you''d be losing. Under the current board and Chief Exec the Club has cut its cloth accordingly and our debt has been reduced from over £20m to what will be practically zero by the end of the season (all except loans owed to Delia, Michael and Michael Foulger and bank overdraft for cashflow reasons). I''m pretty proud that we''ve taken that approach and removed a millstone that has been around the Club''s neck for a good 20 years. Honesly mate you have come on here calling us carrot crunchers and now you''re getting the hump about ''treatment'' from NCFC fans. If you''re gonna come trolling show a bit of respect. I like most on here was pleased to see LTFC beat Wolves and am looking forward to the game, was also sad to see a Club with a good history fall so far, I still remember getting humped 4-2 at Kenilworth in the post-relegation days under Worthington so I am taking nothing for granted. We do, however, have a great strength in depth and I cannot see any way that you can come to Carrow Road and get a result. I think it will be a battle for us because your boys will give it absolutely everything but eventually expect us to come through.
  22. I can only be thankful for the job Lambo did for us and I''ll look back on those 3 years as the best in my time as a regular supporter. However... ...Lambo pretty much consigned his good standing with NCFC fans to the scrapheap when he decided that he would leave the Club and make it difficult for us to receive appropriate compensation. It is clear that matters were not handled ideally and the Club may have some part in that too, but when you compare the situation to say Dave Whelan & Roberto Martinez, both parties were nothing but honest with each other when Martinez went to talk to other Clubs in the past couple of years, and that will ensure that when Martinez does eventually leave, his good standing will remain intact. Lambert could, in my view, have done more to try to do right by NCFC and maintain his standing with the supporters but, whatever mistakes the NCFC board might have made, ultimately Lambo chose to do what suited himself and AVFC, and that is why the relationship has been soured. I would have liked nothing more than to cheer him onto the pitch at Carrow Road as a returning hero, as I''m sure we''ll do for Malky when he most likely brings Cardiff here next season. It''s sad that this relationship isn''t the same, but Lambo has alot of responsibility for that in the manner of his departure. I suspect he is a man who may continue to climb the greasy pole in football (irrespective of his current woes which may well set him back a few years), but I also believe that he is unlikely to leave behind too many friends at his old clubs.
  23. I have a real feeling that the binmen will win this game. If Lambert does pick Benteke and Weimann I will be shocked and it will betray his desperation to avoid another bad result. Surely with a League Cup Semi to come next week and vital PL games, Lambo has to give those competitions priority - quite simply I don''t think Villa can afford a further FA Cup run into the bargain. They have a number of important players injured and their fixtures look like this: 5 Jan Ipswich h 8 Jan Bradford a 12 Jan Soton h 19 Jan WBA a 22 Jan Bradford h 26 Jan FA Cup 4 29 Jan Newcastle h Two huge PL games in there v Saints and Baggies. Surely Lambo will want to prioritise? I can see an Ipswich win here.
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