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  1. anyone else noticed Ipswich play 5.30pm saturday which means finish about 7.30pm - just as the trains from london with us on it go through there........... #spicy !!!
  2. He seems to be the whipping boy........ until he scores and then the whips are put away for a week.
  3. love it sad thing is though if we dont go up this year we willl lose the decent players from the squad - which isnt a problem now as we are going up!!
  4. Funny isnt it - things go great for Norwich with WWWWWW and the board and CEO bashers hibernate. Will anyone have the balls to say well dome to DM for another great appointment or just wait until we lose a game and then get back on their backs - yep thought the latter. some of the abuse seen directed towards DM and the board for appointing Alex Neil and the supposed ''no ambition'' as we didnt go after the Warnocks and Sherwoods of the world was disgusting. Fickle bunch really.
  5. Nexus wtf is a thick average football fan? Are you saying you are above average in some sad point scoring keyboard warrior fashion? What they sing getting an atmosphere going and enjoy a beer - call the fun police QUICK
  6. treacletown07 - i am intrigued to know what type of fan you are. do you sing? wear colours? casual?
  7. Plenty of us heading into the City centre broad street area - look for the yellow shirts
  8. Best you get down the bookies and put your money where you''re mouth is then!
  9. Some of you are deluded - yes DM has made some business decisions which havent been to our liking but do any of you remember what our club was like under Doomcaster? We were days away from administration under that tool. Just remember the grass is not always greener.
  10. our atmosphere is terrible these days at CR. I have had a season ticket 22 years and we have seriously collated a new breed of fans who fill areas that used to be good for atmosphere - i was expecting a decent night friday and as usual we let ourselves down. within 5 mins of going 1-0 up it was as quiet as a library again.
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