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  1. I've just moved to Norwich and I still can't access the Radio Norfolk football commentary on my phone.I thought it would work as i'm in the catchment area.
  2. I assumed the adverts from Leo Vegas around the border are Pink Un paid adverts.
  3. I find it almost impossible to enjoy this site when bombarded with adverts.I appreciate the need for revenue but please can you tone down the hideous betting ads around the site.Thanks
  4. Any idea if the MSV Duisburg game will be streamed online/YouTube?
  5. What are the chances of today''s game being online?
  6. The messageboard has disappeared .Can anyone enlighten me?
  7. As much as I still feel grumpy as hell,fingers cramped from searching the transfer forums the simple economics are Henderson & Allen together cost more than our 16 players listed on today''s team sheet.I love City but we need to face the cold hard facts - We are punching above our weight with no rich owners and lower league players striving for success.(30 years a City Fan.)
  8. http://www.fanchants.com/football-videos/norwich-city-football-club-hurt/
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