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  1. Hi, Any idea if we can watch Leeds match for £10 stream on club player? I can't see any info.
  2. Will the QPR game be available online / club site?
  3. Hi, Will the Cup game be available on YouTube / free stream?
  4. Any info re streaming for cup match? I can't find any info on main site.
  5. Hi, I have updated my payment details and then the account will not allow me to start membership or use live TV link.The accounts just state coming soon.Can anybody help?
  6. Will a live stream be available tonight?
  7. Will the matches be available on the Canary Player like the last spell in the Championship(£10 per match) or just commentary ?
  8. Any info regarding match on YouTube or Canary player? I'm clinically vulnerable so not heading to Carrow Rd tomorrow night. Thanks in advance.
  9. The Reading game has not been made available for a match day video pass on my iFollow. Will the match become available closer to Saturday?
  10. I've just moved to Norwich and I still can't access the Radio Norfolk football commentary on my phone.I thought it would work as i'm in the catchment area.
  11. I assumed the adverts from Leo Vegas around the border are Pink Un paid adverts.
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