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  1. Don''t get me wrong I like Portland until recently my sister in law lived there. I loved crater lake (the mossies loved me more) I enjoyed the climb up mount hood although the pulled pork BBQ sandwich at timberline lodge left a lot to be desired. I bought a box of donuts from voodoo donuts and particularly liked the caramel and bacon variety. That said it is not enough to make me a timbers fan. So I encourage you my plastic friend to get down the jeld-wen field and support your local team
  2. I am feeling morally outraged by this thread . I am off to have a lie down to recover.
  3. [quote user="pete"]A number of supporters fail to get the facts about the club. The Club not AP has the option to further extend his contract for a further 12 months at the end of this season. Therefore if Liverpool or whoever wish to sign AP they will need to pay the transfer fee. I presume City will get AP to sign new contract before the end of the season as it has done with Bradley and Elliott recently. I suggest you research a subject before you get the other know nothings agitated, you can readily get the info here.[/quote] The first sensible post on this thread
  4. The heart is being ripped out of our club and it will have long term negative consequences. This is yet another example
  5. I wonder many times he got caught offside in his career
  6. [quote user="refjezdavies"]Yeah because you touch yourself at night[/quote] That''s a bit random my plastic friend
  7. [quote user="Alwyn B"]I don''t contribute to this MB very much and a key reason is the way that threads rapidly degenerate into unpleasant slanging matches and IMO two of the most self-opinionated, vacuously nasty and spiteful posters are Herman and Mr Chops.[/quote] Well said the 2 worst trolls on the board. Don''t feed them
  8. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="Herman "]What''s everyone having for their lunch? I''ve treated myself to some mussels.[/quote] Wrong time of the year, you''ll poison yourself................. [/quote] Wishful thinking
  9. I blame hughton he sets the tone of how he expects the players to behave even on international duty. Yet another reason to get shot of him
  10. No Norwich game to go to today. About to be dragged round the shops by my Missus and Daughter. What a soulless existence it is being a plastic. Thank The Lord it only happens a few weeks in the season It got be thinking what does a plastic get up to when the footie is on?
  11. Slightly disappointed in this thread I thought it was going to be the first hughton out thread of the weekend. I may have to do it later if know one else does. Hughton out
  12. Like mcnasty I am humiliated by hapless hughtons efforts to date. Hughton out
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