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  1. Bws Cat

    Yobo loan

    A bit underwhelming, but I''ll reserve judgement on him when I see him play.

  2. Bws Cat

    Christian 'Group' Idea 2

    Good to see you back Graham.
  3. Fantastic report as usual Ricardo, I agree 100%.

    The atmosphere was terrible today. I was sitting right next to the away fans today (Row MM) and we were being totally out-sung, it was pathetic. A blind man would think Carrow Road was as empty as Nick Griffin''s bank account.
  4. I hope you''re taking the piss.
  5. Bws Cat

    Trouble outside Jarrold

    Hopefully his intended victim/ victim is okay.
  6. Bws Cat

    Tag Yourself

    I think i''m the only one wearing glasses in the whole River End.
  7. Bws Cat

    Tag Yourself

    I just tagged myself too, I do look awfully serious for some reason. Luckily the tag blocks off most of my face ;)
  8. Bws Cat


    Merry Christmas one and all, time to have a good drink.
  9. Bws Cat

    sunderland predictions

    2-1 to us.

    Cameron reckons we''ll win 2-0. So we''ll probably get thrashed.
  10. For the record, I thought Johnson was fine today.

    He''s by no means a brilliant player, in fact sometimes he''s shocking, but he does put in a good shift most of the time. Today was one of those days.
  11. Bws Cat

    RVW rumour

    A load of crap
  12. Bws Cat

    a christmas carol

  13. Bws Cat

    Song for Hooper?

    "His name''s just oh so frightful,

    and his goals are so delightful.

    his shots are just that super,

    Gary Hooper Gary Hooper Gary Hooper. "

    I approve of this festive chant :)