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  1. younger and hungrier he''s only 26 for god sake thats the prime of most footballers. I don''t remember too many people saying he''s done nothing when he scored the winner against Manure. i''m not sure how you can call him disruptive when he clearly wants to play and the manager makes a load of BS about him being injured.
  2. Stupid piece of business making one of our competitors to go up stronger. This could really backfire if he propels them back up and we linger on.
  3. Adams is nothing more than a yes man. He is effectively a puppet on a string for McNally, who has been frightened off bigger characters than himself after the Lambert debacle. While McNally is still at the club we will never progress again. If we were serious at wanting to come straight back up with would of gone with Mackay who has a proven track record at this level.
  4. Con air, The Rock, face off and gone in 60 seconds are all awesome films don''t know why your hating on the Cage
  5. Opinions are like a$$ holes you''ve we''ve all got one so i guess we will see who is right come christmas. I said after 5 games last year we would struggle and got chastised on this board for daring to say what i though so we will see i hope i am wrong though.
  6. i feel so deflated at this signing its untrue. No only is he no better as a target man than Becchio who in his last half season in the Champ scored 20 goals before Jan it probably means one or more of our other strikers will leave. Who would actually do a much better job in the Champ than this beanpole. Anymore like this and the season ticket will be returned faster than those two who threw them at Gunn!
  7. Could it be Roberto Di Matteo if his wife decides she does not want to move to Frankfurt? could that be what we have been waiting on?
  8. Malky had to get in 20 players for Cardiff when he arrived they only had 5 players on the books. How can you assemble 20 players without it costing a fair few £ these days? The signings he made this season were good signings i would of rather we went for Caulker than Bassong or Yobo. He got sacked when they were outside of the bottom 3 and good old Ole done worse than Malky. As for playing style most managers have to work that around the players that have at their disposal =. square pegs round holes and all that jazz. Anyway given the time frame of within a week to appoint the new manager that pretty much confirms that it will be someone who is not currently employed as there will be no long negotiation on settlement fees. Malky, Clarke or the like will be where we are looking would love Moyes but its not a serious option is it
  9. The easiest reason to give you is that he has no managerial experience in the Championship. That being said neither had Lambert. Given that the board of said a manager will be announced within a week i highly doubt it will be Lennon as negotiations with clubs tend to take a lot longer. Its a straight race between Adams and Malky if we are only looking at a week time frame.
  10. So why is Malky not a viable option? He has won the Championship, is available, would love to manage here. Doesn''t take any BS has proved with Cardiff he can rebuild a squad. For me he is the stand out candidate for the job. Its worth mentioning that sometimes unfenced managers click at a club. Mclarren at Derby, Bruce at Hull, Dyche at Burnley none of whom would be welcome to manager here my general concenses
  11. They all have a contract they should make them all stay and rot in the reserves with the exception of Snodgrass who we should cash in on with only one year left on his contract.
  12. Hate to say i told you so but JR called this from the start. Maybe he does know a thing or two after all
  13. When we go down do you suppose the club will offer rebates to us season ticket holders? I see no reason to be paying PL money for Championship football.
  14. didn''t he have an article the other day saying he wants to stay regardless of the league we are in? Saying something along the lines of he owes where he is to Norwich. Other than who would need him most Prem teams have solid keepers.
  15. Warnock likes the club, made it clear he wanted the job on more than one occasion. May not be everyones cup of tea but he knows his way around the championship. Who else is there other than Malky available who has won the Champ? Di Matteo went up with West Brom but would he want to come after what he has achieved?
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