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  1. [quote user="93vintage"]Some teams have had heavy financial backing but failed, QPR being the obvious example. So it''s sour grapes to be annoyed (jealous) of a team which is very well practiced at playing an attractive passing game. The truth might hurt, but they''re better than us.Respect is earned. So we need to follow the lead of teams like Bournemouth and Swansea instead of hyping up inferior football and wrongly defending the board as has been the case in the past.[/quote]Correct. The gap between us and Bournemouth is just massive.How on EARTH will we claw back the point difference?! [:''(]
  2. In my experience as a Norwich City fan- going back to 2002- I can safely say that every time an opposition fan has mocked City before the game they have ended up looking like fools. Norwich 2 Man United 0Norwich 4 Ipswich 1Ipswich 1 Norwich 5Norwich 1 Arsenal 0Heck I can even include the FA Youth cup final in that as well- and there are other occasions, Leeds, Forest, Charlton. Confidence is only natural- healthy even but what I''ve seen on social media and from Norwich fans in general over the course of the build up to Sunday is confidence bordering on arrogance. This unsettles me somewhat- because every time I and other NCFC fans I know have been mocked going into a game, the opposition fans that have crowed about what they''re ''going to do to us'' just look like fools when it goes wrong.Remember how the blue and white filth were ''going to end our promotion bid'' on that April (not sure if it was April..) night at P*rtman Road? They wrote Paul Lambert''s pre match speech for him.Having been at the majority of Alex Neil''s matches - including Watford and Wolves- my confidence could not be much higher that we COULD get a victory againt the binners but I just hope that we dont go into derby day expecting a victory. The times we''ve come untuck this season are against opposition we''ve ''expected'' to beat and when the players and fans have believed the hype. As much as I hate to say this- Ipsw**h are above us in the league, they have the leagues top scorer and their defeats away from home this season have mainly been by the odd goal margin.Nothing is a given in football.
  3. Shows just how awful NEYUL was that we were 10 points behind when he left...
  4. I was quite critical of our Neil when we announced the appointment. I genuinely felt it wasnt the right appointment. However fair bloody play to the guy and his staff/the players.A remarkable start. Well done buh [Y]
  5. Hooper definitely has to be considered one of the first names on the team-sheet in my opinion. Out of Grabban, himself, Loza and Jerome (have i missed anyone?) Hoops is the best striker.
  6. During the first half on saturday I found myself getting excited at the prospect of Howson coming back. Don''t get me wrong, I wouldn''t drop Tettey, Johnson or Wes but to have the competition in those areas (O''neil and this fella we''re supposedly signing from abroad as well) is something that us fans should be delighted with. This time next week we''ll be very close to the end of the transfer window and knowing what our squad will be- I can see Hooper going but that''s about it and I think the squad has enough cover up front to cope with his departure.Leroy who?! OTBC
  7. I went to the match and I was quietly pleased as to how the two sets of fans reacted to each other. I walked in front of a group of them on the way out of the ground and it was all completely fine. It was FAR better that the coaches Norwich fans used, parked right behind the away section which meant it was like any other away game and that we didn''t have to get escorted through scumland by the police. Much preferred that!In my experience, Ipswich fans hate us a lot more than we hate them! So glad we got the victory! OTBC.
  8. Of all the derby day victories I''ve been lucky enough to go to that second half was right there in terms of how sure I was that we''d hold on.Wasn''t fortunate enough to go the 5-1 and my only visit to PR before yesterday was the 3-2 away defeat to basically relegate us.I just couldn''t see the filth scoring yesterday!
  9. I really dont get this arrogance and gloating.Having attended 4 of his 5 games in charge last season I wasnt happy with his appointment when we announced it earlier this summer. I don''t know a Norwich fan who WAS happy with it. It wasnt even really because it was Neil, I just felt a fresh new approach and a manager from outside of the club. I also went to Braintree away and then Wolves away. Braintree we played good attacking football and I was very impressed with Lafferty which was good but it was against a side we should be expecting to be beat.Wolves away was thoroughly disappointing. I''ve heard Neil say that we played well at Wolves. Sorry but we just didn''t- red card or no red we kept getting over run in midfield and we barely made their keeper make a save. HOWEVER I have also been to the Watford, Blackburn and blue filth games. Really well done Neil for sorting out the three wins on the bounce. I hope it continues.Why be arrogant and childish because "you got it right and others got it wrong"? People are allowed to their views, aren''t they?
  10. [quote user="Buh"]Now that I''m on a role is add people to the list "people that go on and on about where they have managed to park for free" some people seem to think it''s some sort of game to park as close to the ground as thy can without parking and will go to amazing, elaborate lengths to do so. Often explaining "therr wunt Noo sine sayun I cudunt!" They park in people''s driveways, their dining rooms, in obscure country lanes and seemingly in the gap between relative dimensions to avoid the £6 charge at county hall. The football is a secondary concern to these people. It''s all about the parking.[/quote]Brilliant! [:D]
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