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  1. Stop creeping round them northhants FFS, they have turned us over by dropping their prices so they can rip people off with Delias pies and make their profit that way. No pies for me, or if I do have one I will get it from the petrol garage before we go in. And that is if I get a blooming ticket!
  2. Oi oi, I am not on a wind up. I am on the banter bus, so suggest you hop on board. Why do we keep changing our colours? F### knows! Orange is probably to do with easyjet. I Ong to return to black and white at home and orange away. When did you guys stop using xasara (think that was it) for your kits. Always thought they produce a top drawer kit.
  3. By only giving us 4000 tickets! Still you will only get 1450 for the replay!
  4. Wrong pal, 100% Luton and proud. I was born 200 yards from maple road
  5. Looks like I won''t be the fattest hatter
  6. [quote user="Mister Chops"]...even if we''re not in it....Why on earth is the FA Cup final being played before the end of the football season?It used to be the domestic cup showpiece and the formal end of the season. I know playoff games have superceded this in recent years, but why is the final now being held before the end of the Premier League season?The FA can hardly complain about clubs putting out weakened sides when they are prepared to devalue the cup''s importance by making it subordinate to the Premier League in terms of focus & importance.Shoddy.[/quote] Errrrr you not in it, not getting past round 4
  7. I am going for 1-1 and we beat you in the replay.
  8. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I moved up to Carlisle in the Lake District to improve my standard of living, but would return to Luton at the drop of a hat. Ethnically diverse, we have embraced multi culture and are a shining beacon of how the country is shaping.
  9. [quote user="spencer 1970"]did you follow Luton in the 80''s J?[/quote] Yes, why?
  10. And when we leave we will sit for ages on the A11 that they cannot be arsed to dual carriage any further than Thetford because Norich is a boil on the uk''s bum
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