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  1. Did he get a top job at William Hill compiling odds ?
  2. It was announced on the tannoy at Hillsborough quite soon after the match ended, The chap congratulated Norwich on being promoted.
  3. http://www.goalsaim.com/norwich-vs-blackpool-4-0-highlights-2015-championship/
  4. If Norwich and Watford pick up 3 pts on Saturday you''ll have the top 6 streets ahead from the rest on goal difference. A stat that doesn''t lie on who will be there at the end.
  5. Looking well on F.A cup live match, just rolled in from a gay nightclub ?
  6. Really ? Try Lenny Henry or similar for more side splitting belly laughs then .
  7. You put some good stuff on here but you are your own biggest fan and you know it
  8. Now that is truly a poor attempt at being funny. Oh dear
  9. Thought this might be up Ricardos street. They will publish the best ones tomorrow,no more than 80 words though. Check BBC football for more details.
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